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Welcome to the largest Spanish educational and research project on the Internet. This open and editable dictionary aims to offer a tool where, on the one hand, users broaden knowledge about the different meanings that each of the words and expressions of Spanish can adopt. And, on the other hand, give the same community the ability to expand the database with new words, unknown or unregistered, or expand the different meanings that can adopt the existing words. For identical words and according to which country of the world we move, it is very frequent to find completely different uses, that is why, once the official definition is mentioned, the dictionary allows users to expand it with new meanings or nuances. In short, a dictionary edited by users and for users. Daily among all the meanings uploaded by users will select one of them as word, expression or theme of the day. This meaning will appear on the home page just after this presentation for at least 24 hours. Finally, we have made the project extensible to words from other languages ??or disciplines, you can access these dictionaries through the drop-down that appears next to the search box and the operation is identical to the main dictionary. Hoping that the use of the dictionary is to his liking we say goodbye.

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How has the dictionary evolved?

First of all, we want to thank all the collaborators for their help, since without them and them this project would not be possible. Since the ship sailed there in 2010 we have received a total of 129,110 Contributions to define 85,812 different words or expressions that have consulted more than 100,000 readers and have directly helped 4 people who asked the dictionary for a word that was not Registered therein.

Meaning of the day

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Felipe Lorenzo del Río


It is an anti-covid-19 drug, created by the nuria Monserrat team of the Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia in collaboration with other Swedish, Austrian and Canadian scientists. I think it consists of the genetic alteration of the ACE2 protein that the coronavirus uses to enter the cells, that is, they would spoil the lock whose key uses the crown. I believe that scientists use CRISPR techniques (grouped and regularly interspaced short palindromic clusters) to alter the DNA sequences of the ACE2 protein.


New Meanings collected in the dictionary

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impulso biológico

BIOLOGICAL IMPULSE Idea or sudden and spontaneous desire that most human beings experience and that involves acting moved by some emotion (rage, joy, sadness, anguish) without having mediated a prior deliberation of reason. If there is no erotic impulse there is no reproduction and life is over. And if there's no aggression, the gentleman next door will eat it. I don't know how you could live without these biological impulses. .

john Image


EXDISCIPEDES, plural of EX-DISCIPLE, prefix ex- that was and ceased to be . Tell yourself who has been a student of a mentor or educational precinct.

john Image


CACHURERO It is said of those who gather and accumulate many used items and of dubious utility and value, called vulgarly.

john Image

mantener la boca cerrada

KEEP THE MOUTH CLOSED Expression that involves shutting up and not telling what is known, keep a secret, be discreet

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Shit! Interjection that has both positive and negative connotation depending on the context in which it is used. If you tell an artist, performer or composer, before a function is synonymous with wishing you luck. It comes from the eighteenth century when the audience attended the opera in floats that, when stopped in front of the theater, left the bostas on the pavement. The more bostas the larger the audience attended and the greater the success of the play. It is customary to say in French to this day. When it is said in a moment of anger, the outrage or anger of the one who expresses it stands out. .

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CONTEMPORARY CONTEMPORARIES . From the same time, or from the present era. Miró, Monet and Manet were contemporary. The contemporary age began in the early S. XIX to this day

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