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fracciones no semejantes

FRACTIONS NOT SIMILAR fractions representing different values . 4/3 and 8/6 are similar because they represent the same value


MONARCHAL relative to or belonging to the monarchy


FESTIBUGA national and international song festival held annually in Buga, Cauca, Colombia The history of the festival begins in 1971 when several Bugueños took the initiative during the National Agricultural Fair in Buga, to make a romantic music meeting to improve trade and promote culture.


TENCHO is the nickname of Hortencio. Tencha is also from HORTENCIA. By extension it is sometimes called TENCHAS to the flowers of the hydrangea. Tencho would be a mistake

estar de acuerdo

AGREE Agree, match

no echar en saco roto

DO NOT THROW ON DEAF EARS As we said yesterday, do not despise (the advice)

gerente de equipo

TEAM MANAGER Entrepreneur who invests capital in a sports team such as basketball, ice hockey, rugby or baseball.


XIHUITL of nahuatl Astronomy. Figuratively it means warrior, hero. 2 . Grass


AXIHUITL Eupatorium aschembornianum King Rob; another name is ageratina conspicua Schauer; from Nahuatl, a, 'water' and xihuitl, 'grass'; is a perennial herbaceous herb endemic to the State of Morelos used in traditional medicine for its bactericidal attributes to treat pain, infections, gastritis, ulcers and inflammations, as well as as a healing agent. It reaches up to 3 meters in height and blooms from November to February

mirarse como hormonas

LOOKING AT ONESELF AS HORMONES It is not understood what is meant to say. Looking in the mirror and looking like a hormone? It doesn't sound rational. Perhaps it is about looking in the mirror naked or semi-naked and investigating each part of the body, as a useful therapy that helps overcome bulimia and, in addition, manages to reduce the levels in saliva of cortisol, a steroid hormone that is released in response to stress. Every day doctors' concern about women's corresponding unhappiness with their bodies increases. That is why researchers from the University of Granada compared two different techniques: the guided exhibition, in which the participants must remain observing their body in the mirror while describing it in a neutral and objective way (as if a painter had to make a portrait of him being absent from the room), compared to the pure exhibition, in which the participants also observe their bodies in the mirror but can express the feelings and thoughts that provokes them . As a treatment for 29 women with bulimia nervosa, both procedures gave positive results, but the second increased the patient's body satisfaction and reduced more cortisol production.




GABALDÓN Spanish surname originating from the municipality of Gabaldón in the province of Cuenca, Spain. 2 . Diana Gabaldón is a writer born in Arizona, USA. USA. He has written a prestigious outlander saga about historical fiction, the first FORASTERA won that 1991 the prize for the best romantic novel of the year. In 1992 she released TRAPPED IN TIME. In 1993 he published VIAJERA, set in Jamaica, 1736-1756. Then came Autumn Drums, which also takes place in the eighteenth century with Jamie and Claire, parents of Briana Fraser decide to flee Scotland and the wars and go to the only safe place in the United States, North Carolina. But time is inexorable and catches up with them. The Burning Cross is volume 5 of Outlander, published in 2016, where Claire is again faced with the dilemma of protecting her husband or provoking violence between the crown and the 13 colonies. Volume 6, WIND AND ASH also came out in digital version Run the year 1772, in the days close to the American Revolution, and the long fuse of the rebellion is already lit; in Boston there are dead in the streets, and in the remote areas of North Carolina isolated cabins burn in the darkness of the forest. Claire moves in time and knows what is coming. Volume 7 is called ECHOES OF THE PAST. In 2018 a new series begins with SEVEN STONES TO RESIST OR FALL


DOXXIAR anglicism derived from doxing, doxxing action of doxesr, or doxeo, term describing the act of intentionally and publicly disclosing personal information online about an individual or organization, such as their real name, physical address, their work or identifying data, usually through the Internet.




PHARMATON is a drug based on energy supplements, recommended for moments of decay or needs of greater effort and intellectual performance. Also recommended for decay or lack of energy in cases of being affected or for example by the changes of seasons.


EXFETEN one of the three magic words ACOTOS, EXFETEN, CANOBO to start a ritual of cleansing or witchcraft. Watch videos on tik tok for more information.


MEATSPACE in English is a play on words, as meet 'meet' and meat, 'meat' are pronounced the same The physical world and the environment especially as opposed to the virtual world and cyberspace, or cyberspace. Introduced in the English dictionary on September 17, 2022, it will break its time to appear a traditional term such as carnespacio or realespacio

activo físico

PHYSICAL ASSET Real goods, belonging to someone, which exclude physical money and securities.

hasta pronto

SEE YOU SOON farewell


JAY Artistic name of Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, dancer and producer José Ángel López Martínez, born in April, 1994. 2 . Latin spelling, phonetics informal English greeting Hi, 'hello'


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