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BEGINNINGS beginnings ( of an event or activity )

fondue china

FONDUE CHINA is commonly known as the Mongolian pot. It is referred to as Huoguo in Traditional Chinese where hu? It means fire, and gu? refers to a pot. In the West it is common to call it "hot pot" which means hot pot and has a very Chinese intonation. In Chian they also call it "bian lu" which means "to hit on the side of the pot". The "hot pot" is a set of meals that are cooked in a hot broth located in the center of a table. Foods from a hot pot include meat, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, wontons, egg dumplings and various seafood. The cooked food is usually then smeared in a kind of sauce. It is more common to be served in winter. The origin is presumed Mongolian, but in reality modern Mongolian cuisine has no approach to this type of preparation. Moreover, it requires diverse and complex implements, which makes it doubtful that a nomadic people acquire customs that would force them to carry a lot of equipment in their transfers. The pot is placed in the center of the table and normally heated with propane gas, coal or electricity. Frozen meats are cut into thin strips and inserted with vegetables into individual chopsticks. The cooking is very short and lasts between 15 and 30 seconds. There is another style that introduces a whole load at once to the pot and then takes it out to wait for the soup to be reheated. It is accompanied with various sauces.


SUPEREXPRESS Ultra-fast, very fast


DIMINUTIVE blanket of blanket, blanket or blanket.

chilli pepper

CHILLI PEPPER English expression misspelled because the correct thing is CHILI PEPPERS, pepper is pepper and chili peppers is chili pepper

pregunta del millón

QUESTION OF THE MILLION comes from a contest of the American television, in which the prize was increasing after . Each question answered correctly, if you managed to answer them all you earned a million dollars. It became an allegory indicating a need for a solution or key response to a problem.

al tasajo

AL TASAJO (dish) prepared with dried meat. TASAJO is usually horse meat dried and served in strips. In Chile we call it charqui.


PINCHERADITA diminutive of PINCHERA, colloquial way of calling CYSTITIS, microbial infection of the urethra, bladder and sometimes kidneys.


PROPYME in favour of SMEs . SME is the acronym for Small and Medium Enterprises

usted no sabe quien soy yo

YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM typical phrase to tell a policeman and another authority to have respect because you are in front of a powerful person and who could be getting into trouble


ELUSIVITY Quality of elusiveness. Ability to use legal mechanisms to reduce tax payments.

mamá ripio

MOM RIPIO in Dominican Republic : Woman of 30 years or more who is naughty with her gravel and is always willing to do everything in order not to look old and finished.


RIPIO in Dominican Republic : Penis , virile member

bel air

BEL AIR galicismos which means GOOD AIR. 2 . Elegant neighborhood in Los Angeles , California 3 . TV series in which a boy from Philadelphia moves to Bel-Air, where relatives belonging to high society live. 4 . Malice Mizer 5 song. Lana del Rey Song 6 . Chevrolet model between 1953 and 1975


CUIJINICUIL of the Nahuatl CUAJINICUIL, Nahuatlism of Cuauhicxinecuilli, "crooked foot tree". Guamo . MIMOSA-like legume


COINVENTOR inventor who has participated jointly with third parties in an invention. The prefix CO- stands for "in conjunction with another(s)"


PANBLANDO In Colombia : term derived from PAN BLANDITO , famous Colombian recipe of very fluffy bread


BOCACHANCLA In Spain: it is said of the person who has the habit of saying things that he should not tell, usually gossip about other people. It alludes to flip-flops, to having a very large mouth. BOCAZAS In Chile we call them mouth of jug, mouth of jar, snout, tongue of viper


ENSURE reflective form of the verb ASSURE . Take shelter . Be cautious . Acquire the security of something by some action.

comprador compulsivo

COMPULSIVE BUYER A person who has irrepressible impulses to buy when he is with the opportunity.


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