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CHOZÓN It is a country structure dating from the Middle Ages in the regions of Spain. It is built with Sabina wood so in Castilla la Mancha they are very popular and are known as sabineros huts, where they can be seen in the reserve of the Parque del Tajos, in groups of 4 to 8 units. They were used to enclose goats and other cattle. As detailed in the Network of Protected Areas of Castilla-La Mancha, they are found in groups of four to eight huts "as small seasonal populations". They are constructions made of juniper wood and limestone, so they are "the only building materials present in the rocky parameras", Although they have evolved slowly you can still see some primitives formed by a circular perimeter wall of dry masonry of limestone, raised around a large juniper. To this juniper was joined a radial network of logs that would form the cover. "All this timber was done by simple assembly, without nails or clamping ropes." Finally, there was a fence with smaller branches on the goats that were renewed every two or three years "to prevent water from entering the hut and deteriorating the structure". With the passage of time and the change in grazing techniques, the huts were also changing, being built with square plan, adding corrals and "reaching the most evolved structure of room type without using pillars to increase the useful space".


MAPUDUNGO derivation of MAPUDUNGÚN, an unwritten language spoken by the Mapuche of Chile and Argentina. MAPUDUNGO is a town located in Copiapó, 806 kms. north of Santiago

gusano del cerdo

PIG WORM the scientific name is Trichinella spiralis, and is a species of nematode (or nematode) of the class Adenophorea that produces a disease known as trichinellosis, trichinosis or trichinhiasis. It encapsulates inside the muscles producing great pain causing death if left untreated. For this reason and because there was no cure in ancient times, the Jewish and Muslim religions prohibited the consumption of pork, giving religious arguments to provoke fear of sinning.


NATIVE f . and pl . of NATIVE , native , native


CERNÍCOLA possible error by Leonardo SERNICOLA . Italian footballer born in 1997. He plays as a left back (2023) in Serie A side Cremonense. Another possibility is that it is a transposition and it is intended to mention the KESTREL, also known as red falconcito or cuyaya , common falcón or quilico , ? Falconiform bird of the family Falconidae. It is a bird widely used in falconry


MINETEAR del lunfardo , used in Buenos Aires : action of sucking and licking the vulva or clitoris to excite and cause climax. 2 . Make the MINETA


CANOBO Canarism . Large rubber container with handles, which takes the shape of a basket.


PIRIGUIN , ( col ) , Chilenism , error by PIRIGÜIN , small penis , usually that of an impuber . See PIRIGIN, tadpole or parasitic worm


PIRIHUÍN Chilenismo by parasitic worm, tadpole. Animals that get sick when they drink water contaminated by parasites are also called that. This word comes from the Mapudungun pudhuin (sometimes written: pudguiñ) with the same meaning.


PIRULÍN Chileanismo by small penis, undeveloped. It comes from pirihuín, tadpole, and this, so turn, MAPUDUNGÚN pudhuin, with the same meaning.


ZALETA Saleta is a Spanish surname of Basque origin meaning place of meadows or abundance of meadows. Its initial spelling in Chile was Zaleta, as it appears in civil and ecclesiastical registries and in the press of the second half of the nineteenth century in Santiago, where more than seven of its generations have happened.


Augmentative spleen bath, a large lymphatic organ located to the left of the stomach. 2 . Place in La Coruña, Spain. See BAZON 3 . Google APP, system to market products. 4 . Instagram site (@bazónmx) that sells varieties of new products and claims to be the largest bazaar on Instagram


BAZON Name of German film director Bazon Brock (The Year Zero) 2 . Artist Odilon Redon's cat at Museum Quality canvas created with ultra-precision printing technology inks and fade resistant. 3 . Carved and polished semi-precious stones (see Etsy .com)

fracciones no semejantes

FRACTIONS NOT SIMILAR fractions representing different values . 4/3 and 8/6 are similar because they represent the same value


MONARCHAL relative to or belonging to the monarchy


FESTIBUGA national and international song festival held annually in Buga, Cauca, Colombia The history of the festival begins in 1971 when several Bugueños took the initiative during the National Agricultural Fair in Buga, to make a romantic music meeting to improve trade and promote culture.


TENCHO is the nickname of Hortencio. Tencha is also from HORTENCIA. By extension it is sometimes called TENCHAS to the flowers of the hydrangea. Tencho would be a mistake

estar de acuerdo

AGREE Agree, match

no echar en saco roto

DO NOT THROW ON DEAF EARS As we said yesterday, do not despise (the advice)

gerente de equipo

TEAM MANAGER Entrepreneur who invests capital in a sports team such as basketball, ice hockey, rugby or baseball.


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