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Spanish Open dictionary by Margarito Cázares Guerrero

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Margarito Cázares Guerrero

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Docile, which can be treated, handled or driven easily, may be referring to people or animals


Any kind of insect, mainly harmful. In plural bugs


Covered or splashed with mud


Diminutive of the male name John

irse de pedo

Leave the house in order to go to consume alcoholic beverages, usually accompanied by friends and/or friends

recorrer con la mirada

See from one side to the other or in all its extent to a person, animal or thing

temperaturas suaves

It is when the temperature is pleasing to people that are not very hot or cold


Kitchen cabinet where utensils used in food preparation are placed

hacerla de pedo

Applies when a person gives importance to a situation or makes it a problem


In the strict sense of the word means orient yourself, locate yourself in the physical environment


Is to act and do things correctly and opportunely, the word can be used in a positive and negative sense


Instructions on how to do something or get some goal


Plural of longing, desire to obtain or achieve something


Is when the person takes a bath very quickly

andar de fachas

It is to walk without being arranged, not to be presentable to go out to the street


It is when the couples of lovers are lavished many samples of affection in public

de pipa y guante

Used when man or woman dress elegantly


Activity or work that requires a lot of care to be done properly


In ordinary language person with big feet

siesta dormir

Sleep for a short time, usually in the afternoon.


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