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Spanish Open dictionary by Margarito Cázares Guerrero

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Margarito Cázares Guerrero

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They are things or characteristics that identify a person or thing and make them different from the others


Plural of unwavering, which possesses a lot of strength and therefore does not bend easily in the face of adversity


It is short for translator, tr . , with dot at the end

aparte o a parte

The right thing to do is apart the a is part of the word


It's about the different breeds of dogs


It's the same as helped or supported by


Person who has attitudes that bother


With an "agendid" accent, include in an agenda

cubrir un faltante

Reintegrating or replenishing something to the appropriate location

a gusto o agusto

It must be tasteful, the letter a is part of the word

hierbas curanderiles

It is most common to say medicinal herbs and are those that have medicinal properties

soldado de a pié

They are the soldiers who do not ride either on horseback or in any other means of transport

a favor

It is used before mentioning things or situations that favor in something that is intended to achieve


They are openings in the terrain, shallow and elongated in shape. It is usually done to sow some kind of seed

a la ruca

It's usually a derogatory way of referring to women, even more so if it's something entry in years


Plural of synonym, is when one word means the same as another


Plural of anonymity, is when one word means the opposite of another

ser muy picudo

It is the person who always wants to profit by harming others is stung or stung


It is a common name given to the intestines, which are part of the digestive system of people and animals


Preparing compost, made using plant waste and used as a plant payment


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