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Margarito Cázares Guerrero

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It is assigned or considered a lower value than the real one, you may be talking about people, animals or things. The opposite is over-valued


United, side by side, when talking about objects you can try to have them attached with some glue; if you talk about people it's not that they're glued, you don't talk literally


People who live or live in a certain place


They are part of the male reproductive organ, usually each man possesses two and colloquially it is called eggs or eggs


They are containers that are used to package or store different products, containers can be glass, plastic or other materials


They do not contain water or moisture. The opposite is wet, wet

la mera neta

It is an expression to reaffirm that what is said is the pure truth


Command is synonymous with pantry, a set of food items for consumption in the home


The errand boy also runs errands in offices, businesses, institutions, etc.

corre ve y dile

They say that's the person who likes gossip, nothing is kept everything goes and tells it


A man who has sex with another without having a formal relationship with the same


Coordinator , person coordinating or directing an activity or activities of an institution or company


Relative term regarding quantity, small quantity . The opposite: a lot or a lot


Person who is not well with his mental faculties

sinónimo de retardar



Poorly made haircut that results in hair looking bad

am pm

Before meridian (before half a day) ; meridian past (past half day)


Quick bath using a shower

ser muy paciente

Who has the gift of being patient, be patient in his dealings with others


Delegate a responsibility to another person


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