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Spanish Open dictionary by Margarito Cázares Guerrero

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Margarito Cázares Guerrero

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They are the sexual organs of people

ser la media naranja

The half orange is a person who is sentimentally the complement of another

andar mal de la azotea

It's going out of your head, not being in your right mind

café oscuro

Dark shade of brown, otherwise it would be "light brown color"


It's the part of the tobacco cigarette left after you've been smoked, you may have something that can be reused


Gacho or porridge, person who refuses favors, does not support others in any way


Man who acts and looks very manly, comes from the word "male"

sin cuernos

Hornless animal when it would normally have them


Touching another person's genitals or other intimate parts without their consent

lavadora de dos patas

Woman who washes clothes by hand


In Nuevo León, Mexico is a trademark of furniture

camión de carga

They are trucks used for the transfer of materials and goods, not suitable for the transfer of people


It's a flour-based edible pasta


They are exchanges of goods or services made between individuals or institutions

ser la gota que colma al vaso

It is an expression used to indicate the arrival of a fact that causes something to exceed a tolerable limit

sacar con fuego

Eviction by means or use of firearms


They are the institutions or small businesses in relation to others on which they depend for their operation or operation

casi siempre

It serves to express a fact that happens frequently, not "always"

entre dos fuegos

It is when a person or group of people is between two difficult situations to solve


It is when two or more cases that require attention have been given attention and their solution has already been envisaged


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