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Spanish Open dictionary by Margarito Cázares Guerrero

Margarito Cázares Guerrero

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The person who speaks a lot and many times it is not clear what you want to convey is rollero or rollera


Be in a bad mood

echarse las manos a la cabeza

Show desperate

falto de objetividad

Saying and doing things without sense, without a previous analysis of the subject or topic


Ill-formed body and robust woman

antonimo de aspero

Soft, silky


It is the part of the or of the drawers of furniture that is used to open them, comes from the word pull or stretch

santo que no es visto no es adorado

It is a Mexican saying that means that you may not wish to a person who is not often

a boca de jarro

Expression used to indicate that something is close


Have compassion of self or self pity

entrar con buen pie

Start something with good luck


Guatozo or guatoza, person who likes to do scandal for any reason


The word is usually used to refer to event where there was blood, usually injured or killed


It is a surname


They are things of any kind too much, after using part of them


It says the person, animal, thing or place, arranged in the best possible way.

la palabra renundara en beneficio de su hijo

The sentence includes a misspelled word, should say "it is". The phrase refers to an action that will bring benefit for the child to perform


Dormant, but not quite. Between asleep and awake


They are small plants of a few centimeters that recently sprouted from the Earth, after seed germination

único en su especie

It is an expression that describes someone or something like unique, unrepeatable. It may be to highlight qualities or defects


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