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ganga ibérica

Bird of medium size, slightly larger than a Partridge, plumage multicolored and cryptic, of the family of the pteroclidas, suited to the steppe and semi-desert areas. In decline still seen in las Castillas, Extremadura and Andalusia. In my childhood we saw it in flocks in the fields of cereal in my alistana perfectly land, where we called it cotreza. White cortizol Galicians and Basques ganga azpizuri pterocles alchata ornithologists.


Nightingales in Sephardic. The pink enflorece is the title of a cantiga de love and absence of the Sephardic community of the island of Rhodes, transmitted orally: rose enflorece / in the month of may / darkens my soul s / suffering from love. The bilbilicos sing / sigh of love / passion kills me / muchigua my pain. Joaquín Díaz version is slightly different. The pink enflorece is a beauty, poetry that reminds us of our history.


Emerenciana hipocorístico, feminine proper name. According to tradition, thus the great-grandmother of Christ, Santa Ana's mother was called. Great-grandfather's name was Hortolano. I don't know if unfortunately, names no longer be seen as well of compelling.


One of the first philosophers belonging to the cynical School of the fourth century a. (d). (C). born in Thrace Maronea, companion of Crates of Thebes, shared lifestyle of philosophers dogs giving up their properties. Hiparquia, without giving it any importance, was one of the first feminists of history wanting to match the men even in the knowledge.


Prefix an - and aidos aidous, shame, modesty and regard Greek: shamelessness, provocation and irreverence. In mythology, personification of shamelessness, daughter of Eris (discord) and hubris (vanity). Characteristic of the philosophy of the cynics parrhesia (openness in speaking) and the adiaforia (indifference). The anaideia has is you compare the cynics with dogs (kyon) for his irreverent, shameless, and contrary to the conventions of social behavior.


Panocho adverb, the murcian dialect, far away and downhill. They also say abajote and abajontes.


These adverbs of place calasparrenos are very funny because it seems that they are mentioning a Greek philosopher. Way, arribotas, lenjoteles and arribotelas.


Name, patronymic of Volusius, Roman gens. In some villages of Castile there is still this name, perhaps taken from the Christian Saints. Thus a Roman Emperor of the 3rd century who reigned jointly was called also with his father Trebonianus Gaul from the 251 to 253 in which were killed


Liquor brandy of Extremadura, Andalucia and other parts of Spain which is mixed with infusion of Chamomile, herb Louise and saffron and orange peel. Well known in the region of la Serena, where also make delicious cheese cakes.


Libellus, book, letter, booklet. So called Christians of the early Church carrying the libelli, supporting documents having sacrificed to the pagan gods and have obeyed the Emperor, certified getting judges for money for not being disturbed. The libelaticos or certificate of apostasy (false) Christians appeared in the middle of the 3rd century the persecution of the Emperor Decio accusing them of being the cause of the plague of antonina and then plague of Cyprian, probably measles.


Outdated, border, boundary separating two spaces, cultures, Nations, situations or anything else that stands in front of another. The educational front puts these two realities that are autoafirman to face. I remember a teacher of philosophy in my Seminary days, speaking of the Existentialist idea that man is a being to death, used to tell us: guys, we live in educational! But, of course, this educational denied the atheism of the existecialistas, as it could not be less in the formation of a seminar.

castrillo mota de judíos

Small town of Burgos to the West of the capital, near Castrojeriz and the Montaña palentina Fromista, in the camino de Santiago, with more than 50 neighbors, which changed its name in the summer of 2015, as since the 17TH century they were called Castrillo Matajudíos by pa of the Jewish converts to the Inquisition. Had created the village a community of Jews expelled from Castrojeriz, a speck or mound close to the Odra River, in the 11th century, then calling Castrillo of the Jews.


Term coined in 1997, combination of magician and UFOlogists, of great acceptance among speakers of the Hispanic community, skeptical and critical of the seudociencias and all kinds of Wiles. It is synonymous with our pure-blooded haggler. It also applies to the gullible or bobo believed all those stories.

el camello y la aguja

All we have ever heard the biblical phrase (Matthew 19-24): is easier that a camel by the hodon of a needle, a rich come into the Kingdom of heaven. Clear that it is not the same interpretation that makes a Marxist than a defender of capitalism does. For a Marxist refers to all rich. Well the phrase in question is a poor transliteration of Greek to take kamelos (camel) by kamilos (rope, thick rope). Despite all the Church has maintained it.


Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt, national political school, centers of secondary school of the Hitler youth to form to guarantee future leaders of the Aryan race, educated physically and intellectually in the Nazi values: awareness of race superior, always obedience to the Führer, physical strength, rejection of compassion, sense of inferior beings. From 1933 to the 44 38 napolas, the Aryan race elite schools were created.


Guantanamo: Cuban Province located to the southeast of the island off Jamaica and Haiti, where is located the base military from Guantanamo Bay, which the media talk about very little subject to the North American blackout, which this country has and has exercised economically especially in food and medicine on Cuba, now Venezuela and shall exercise on any country that plant him face economic as before Chile did with Allende. Let us hope that we do not impose another Pinochet (now have more crude).


Historiographical assumption about our ethnic origin, who have mostly stood some Basques, placing our ancestors in the biblical figure Tubal (2 10 Genesis), fifth son of Japheth and grandson of Noah. Tubal would have emigrated with his family from Asia minor to the area of the Caucasus (Eastern Iberia) and from there to Western Iberia. The hypothesis would also be based on eponyms and toponymic names of both Iberias.


Bable or Asturian Lomb say: he said the vieya to February: Ay Febrerin, Febrerin, per very malu you are yes very piquinin! And diz February: Ay vieya, vieya cun ventiochu days of tengu and four that lends me my March amigu, tengu facete twist the rabu well.!


Own name derived from hippos, horse, and the verb lyo untie: that loose horses. Title of a Euripides tragedy about the son of Theseus and an Amazon, lover of hunting and the violent arts, spurning the goddess Aphrodite, who became the love of his stepmother Phaedra in revenge. This committed suicide to be despised. About Hippolytus wrote also Ovid, Seneca, Racine and Unamuno.

cancro del castaño

Also canker mycotic, from the latin cancer, crab. Fungal disease of some trees that blocks the passage of the SAP, causing the death of those areas of the tree in a process similar to the Dutch elm disease of Elm. The cause of this lock is the Ascomycete Cryphonectria parasitica, which can penetrate wounds, such as the pruning of. It must be disinfected tool with alcohol of 70 degrees!


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