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fake news

In English, false news, hoaxes spread across media, radio, press, TV, social networks, and others with desinformadora and manipulative purpose. For this reason we should not call them fake news but faked news, falsified news. Specialists in these matters have always been those who control economic, political or any other type of power. So when they say, as Mr. Trump often that something is fake news, surely is a truth that you don't like them or annoys them because it could affect their privileges.

caldo bordelés

Prepared fungicide copper sulfate (10 grams) and cal (10 grams) with a liter of water who invented the winemakers of Bordeaux at the end of the 19th century. Currently used in organic farming as a bactericide and fungicide with certain limitations. The homemade recipes to treat mildew and other diseases of the vine and other plants should be very careful and well-informed.


In Galician, whistle, whistle, pipe. Also whistle, sound the whistle or produced to gather the lips and expel air or other many ways as blowing air with the mouth on the husk of the Acorn situated below and between the toes bent index and heart.


The Greek verb auxo, increase, grow, Latin augeo. Phytohormone, plant hormone that creates and regulates the growth of stems, root, flowers and fruits. They are also present in bacteria, fungi and algae. In my country it is customary to embed a seed of barley in the cuttings of geranium that wanted to be transplanted. Most of the people still does but doesn't know why.

cantiga de berce

In Galician, Lullaby, Lullaby

el lobo de esgos

Also the werewolf of Allariz, the sacamantecas (sacamanteigas) or sacauntos, (home do unto), Manuel Blanco Romasanta Peddler or perhaps Manuela as it was registered in the parish in 1809. He was sentenced for 9 murders, although some attributed up to 17. The fat from the corpses sold to Portuguese apothecary, said the people. At the trial he confessed that he suffered from Lycanthropy, and that Queen Isabel II commuted her death sentence.

suso y yuso

Also ayuso. Adverbs of old Castilian mean up and down. Before very seldom used. The monastery of San Millán de la Cogolla live Augustinian monks recoletos itself consists of two monasteries: St. Millán de Suso, above, in whose caves lived in the 6th century St. Millán and his fellow hermits. Currently nobody lives there. It is State-owned since the confiscation of Mendizábal. In San Millán de Yuso, which was built centuries later, now living the Augustinian Friars and it is international research center of Spanish.


Also caborniu, cabornu, caborno, caburnu, caburno. Bable. From the latin cavurna and cavern, cave, cavity. Large, hollow trunk of old, mostly chestnut trees once pruned to the trasmoche. My land there are still some trees in whose cavity is possible to protect yourself from the weather.


Also acierpe in Andalusia. Rod, nipple, mamon, which springs in some trees or shrubs of the base of the trunk, main branches or root and stem that consumes energy unnecessarily preventing a good fruiting. Farmers removed them with selective pruning.

se queres

Another beautiful song of Luar na Lubre, fruit of his ethnographic research in Galician and asturleonesas areas: want that either truck sing / take or bido eixo /, treitoiras carballo as / e as sangubino wedges. If you want the cart to sing, put a shaft of birch, the treitoiras of oak and sanguino wedges.

o carro cantadeiro

The singing, truck wooden, traditionally used in rural Galician, Castilian and asturleonesas steep, as a means of transport of the products of the field, dragged normally by cows or oxen quite slowly. My perfectly ground shaft was iron, but in Galicia used to be wooden and turning on other pieces of wood used to emit a characteristic sound that identified its owner.


With many other variant phonetic in Galician, Birch. They also say bidueiro, bidueira, bideiro, bidalo, biduo, drum, vidoeiro, properly betula alba.


Oak wood parts compressing shaft truck that turn emitted a sharp and characteristic sound.


Sanguino or frangula. A shrub that usually grows on the banks of rivers, flexible wood and purging toxic berries. Its bark has been used for tanning leather. Also say you sangobin, sangobino, sangubino, sangomino, sangrino, sangumin, sangumo, avellanillo, Black Alder, purple honeysuckle, smelly, salguera del Bierzo, sangreda, sangueno, azare and many other names. In my homeland, sanguin.


Briquero and gacería also. Jargon of the trilleros and traffickers in the segovian town of Cantalejo.


Barallete, the breasts of a woman in

humor inglés

A couple visit their padres-suegros end-of-year festivities. -Are you bored, love? It seems that you look much at the clock. -No, no, dear, only I looked at the amount of hours that we have been enjoying.

cantiga de camariñas

Beautiful song of Luar na Lubre, verses of the popular memory, also singing Luz Casal, Julie Fowlis and others. "Or go through Camariñas, by Camariñas singing." "as Camariñas girls are in rio, they are not washing River"


Gibberish used in street trades, sharpeners and umbrella stands of the Ribeira Sacra and neighbouring areas, in their adventures by any part of Spain. The master (naceiro) and his apprentice (mutilated) used to use this speech to adjust prices, communicate any danger or make fun of a pusher. They used words of Galician, the Basque and even German. Milcos you ticen, non gaurra chegues e guchia do xibas you escorromeles! Wolves eat you, at night you won't and you desparrames to the door of the priest.

os tafenos da gaurra

The IMPS in the night of the Ribeira Sacra. Magic song of Luar na Lubre. "A dog na porta e a nun truck Wolf, unha pita branca e a moi tolo castron e os wel.network da noite ao dancing are da gaita galega." . " . A dog at the door and a wolf in a truck, a white hen, a dumb kid and the Devils of the night dancing to the sound of bagpipes.


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