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PLURAL HISTORIANS of HISTORIADOR person who is dedicated to historical studies .


TELEMACO (and not Telemaco) is a character created by Homer, author of the Odyssey. He is the son of the protagonist, Odysseus, and of Penelope. He returns home after a while, but does not recognize his father because Athena had made him a beggar.


Billion plural BILLIONS of BILLON in the decimal metro system equals 1 million. Every 10th 6th it becomes a trillion, 1 quadrillion, 1 quintillon

raspar la olla

SCRAPE THE OLLA Expression to indicate consume the last resources, spend the little money that (you ) is left.


PREFERI Spelling error by PREFER , first person of the indefinite preterite verb PREFERIR choose , select , choose .

no rogar

DO NOT beg, beg Some synonyms, words or similar expressions may be not be begging, not begging,

inicio de actividades

ACTIVIDASES HOME In Chile : Management that is done before the SII (Internal Revenue Service), which grants a RUT (Single Tax Role) and a turn of activities, and after a verification of address, remains the legal representative authorized to do the start of activities.


ARDEAL is the other name with which it calls the region of Transylvania, in the central northwest of Romania.


CAZAPOTE medicinal plant from Europe, Asia and North Africa, called artemisa and more commonly AJENJO

de buenas costumbres

OF WELLEDED CUSTOMS Honored, person without vices.


CITIZEN English palabtra meaning citizen. 2 . Japanese watch brand, based in Tokyo, founded by Schmid and Takamazi.


CLONABLE That you can make a faithful copy of the originsl . The term is a generalization of the genetic concept of reproducing a living being, that is, millions of cells, from a single, with the genetic attributes of the latter.

no diáfano

NO DIAFANO , It is opaque, it is not transparent, it lacks or lacks clarity.

encavalgamiento léxico

LEXICAL ENCAVALGATION Typing Error BY LEXICAL ENCABALGATION . Literary figure given in poetry and part of the subgroup of position FIGURES of the group of DICTION FIGURES and is also called TMESIS or TEMESIS . See E]LEXICAL SETTING .

comer desaforadamente

EAT UNAFORADALY Swallow voraciously, with great anxiety. Swallows without measure and avidly, with great greed


PATRIOTA Plural PATRIOTS Person who deeply respects your homeland or performs an act of patriotism.

encabalgamiento léxico

LEXICAL ENCABALGATION or LITERARY FIGURE fears that together with HIPERBATON, ANSTROFE and SYNQUISIS make up subgroup 1. 4 GROUP POSITION FIGURES 1 DICTION FIGURES . Tthesis comes from Greek and means cut, separation or part. It consists of a word or phrase in which other elements are inserted that divide it into two . They can be phrases, words, or even pauses. Tmthesis is a typical resource of writing that passed to the oral and/or musical plane is striking and humorous. Unlike poetry, the pause in the song is obligatory, since it is given by the pause of rhythm, or so the feeling of lexical sling in the breaking of the word, so in all cases the tmesis highlights, highlights and attracts attention. The word inlale undergoes a jolt that renews its significance and can also be used as a rhyme. This figure can be used to express doubt, emphasis or generate suspense. It is also a way to avoid trivial rhyme or achieve a comic effect. Many other times it can appear or be used as a trivial comment, an interruption of others or a way to plot a doubt. The most common forms of intervention are: a ) by entering another word in the middle. E.g.  "Viet-fucking-nam!" , "fan-fucking-tastic, "unfuckingbelievable", "incresuperible"b ) Using a metric pause separating it, this is known as extreme routing. E.g.  "This is super. . . great"c) Splitting a word between the end of a verse and the beginning of the following: "It was a genius, it was im-pressing. . "The most popular use of this resource appears in the series "How i meet your mother", in which the character Barney uses the phrase: "Its gonna be legen. . . wait for it . . . dary!!" . In Spanish, "this is going to be lengen. . . Wait a minute. . . dario!"»


AFRODISIA Aphrodisiac Quality . Activation or increase of the lipid . Derived from aphrodisiac, it raises the sexual appetite and this from ancient Greek Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, sensuality and love.


COVIDIOT Term introduced in the American urban language to designate those who mock the recommendations of the health authority or perform absurd actions such as not consuming Corona brand beer for fear of catching. The Spanish equivalent would be covidiota. One of the biggest covoidiots was a Londoner who, being positive, spat in the face of two Metro officials on May 3, 2020, who were infected. One died intubated at 3 days.

baruj espinosa

BARUJ ESPINOSA Portuguese way of writing the name of the Dutch philosopher, father of modern philosophy. See BARUJ SPINOZA and BARUJ DE SPINOZA


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