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INAGUANTAR unbearable, suffer for something in an extreme unbearable way


INAFECTED participle of the verb INAFECTAR , which has no effect


APPEARANCES what gives the impression of being, what appears to be

sistema híbrido

HYBRID SYSTEM a computer, machinery or object that combines two independent operating modes. Typical case is that of hybrid vehicles that run on gasoline and also by electricity.


YULEIDY female proper name used in Central America, derived from YOU, MILADY form that slaves refer to their mistress.




EXAGREGADO official who ceased to have the position of aggregate in a delegation or embassy (from a country)

toy boy

TOY BOY anglilicism meaning TOY MUCHACHO . o MUCHACHO TO PLAY , is a Spanish television series that aired on Antena 3 and that Netflix introduced in 2020 with great success. .


Female LADRONAS, plural of THIEF, person or animal that steals




UNTRINGGULIS masc . spelling error by INT-NGULIS of Latin IN, in and TRICULIS, ablative of TRICULAE and dative of TRICAE, entanglements; 1 . Colloquially, something overlapping or hidden that is supposed to involve an action or a person. 2 . Difficulty or complication (of something )


EVIL acts that cause small damage and are performed for fun, usually executed by children. Sometimes they can end up in a tragedy.


AUTOETNOGRAPHY of self, own and ethnography, science that studies and describes the various peoples and their customs. Therefore, it is the biography of the people the study itself.


CONSOLIDATOR that consolidates, which makes firm, that solidifies. 2 . In accounting: the new constitution aims to agglomera, which sums up


DESASTRADOS plural de DESASTRADO , ( you saw ) disastrously, disorderly, in a very careless way


DRAMEDIA neologism and anglilicism derived from DRAMEDY, contraction of drama and comedy. It refers to works in which formal elements of both genres are mixed and in which the protagonists make use of comedy in a formal work. Comedies or sitcoms are about 20 minutes long. Dramas tend to be twice as good. The dramedia is located between the two.

flor morada

FLOR MORADA the purple flower transmits tranquility, calm, self-control and is a symbol of dignity. The church uses it to identify its senior dignitaries and the ancient Roma reserved it for the aristocracy. The , typical plant is the mavándula, of which there are 30 species. There are also others such as diamelo, violet, agapanto, veronica spicata, jacaranda and leticia.

contenido nodal

NODAL CONTENT in Argentina : a subject is constituted by global sections or contents, which contain sub-themes related to this subject. For example, the Pacific War is a nodal content that could encompass the subtopic saltpeter in the 18th century, origins of conflict, every battle fought, results, consequences over time. The bone system is a nodal content that you can have as subtopics. the parts of the skeleton, the spine, the skull, the limbs, the chest.

kimono de entrenamiento

KIMONO TRAINING kimono is a Japanese word that comes from KI carry (over shoulders) and MONO, thing. It is traditional Japanese clothing and there are for men, women and children. The training kimono is tighter, tied with a belt, single color, usually white, and used to practice judo, karate and other martial arts


PATIALEGRE : in Colombia : promiscuous woman .


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