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John Rene Plaut

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fake new

FAKE NEW error by FAKE NEWS, Anglicism, literally fake news expression that has become very popular because of the huge amount of fake news that is published on the networks

origen indeterminado



CASACAS pl . of CASACA, loose jacket of sporty cut, which can be elegant leather or synthetic and very economical. Many times elasticated at the waist and even at the wrists, and with zipper as a front closure, in order to prevent as much as possible that the wind or the cold penetrates, or that there is heat loss.


JADEHOLLANTE relative to or belonging to JADE HOLLAND, a British fashion designer who in 2018 married Julian Dunkerton the co-founder of Superdry, a £100 million annual company. Jane's mother was a prestigious designer, who made costumes for Elton John.


PREFILOXERICA I estimate that 20% of the entries in the dictionary are junk. Misspelled words and expressions due to obvious typing or spelling errors, like this one. Other times asking for the meaning of a dream or entering plurals and variants that will never be consulted by anyone such as, for example, "consultant consultant", "consultant-consultant", "consultant, ra", "consultants". In addition, the number of entries is greatly and unnecessarily increased by inventing words with well-known prefixes or suffixes such as , . for example, PRE and POS (or POST), which do not contribute anything to the knowledge that has not already been done by the word base, in this case PHYLLOXERIC


CASINERO who is a frequent casino player, whether roulette, bacarat or other type


POMPONISTA cheerleader, teenager who performs pirouettes and show figures with pompoms to stimulate the players and audience of his team


READAPTATIVA that has the ability to adapt again to new circumstances


SUPERTECHnological that is technically very advanced or sophisticated: The manufacturing process is supertechnological: not a single human being intervenes since the plant is activated.


PILIGANO licopodium saururus, common name of a plant endemic to Brazil, of the genus Licocopio. 2 . Village of Italy 3 . Hashtag of a twitter user

águila cuaresmera

QUARTZ EAGLE Buteo swainsoni name given in Colombia to busardo chapulinero or sparrowhawk. It is a bird that lives in Canada, the United States and Mexico in summer and in Chile, Argentina and Brazil in winter.


AUKUS alliance between Australia (AU), the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US) that Joe Biden has put at risk with his awkward handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. This alliance assumes . share AI, quantum and cybernetic technology, industrial applications and supply chains. It aims to curb China's advance in the Indo-Pacific area, a threat affecting Japan, South Korea and India. China outraged, has responded with economic threats against Australia whose big buyer is China and the United States has pledged to provide nuclear-powered but non-nuclear-powered submarines, which until now it only shared with England, and armaments to Australia. This has outraged France, which has had a contract since 2016 for $50. 000 million to sell him 12 French submarines, a contract that has now been revoked.



sacarse la cresta

TAKE OFF THE CREST Colloquial verbal locution. Pronominal way of breaking the chrism with the reflective enclitic. In Chile: get rid of the dirt, descrestarse, exert yourself in an extreme way


YOQUETA derived from Jockey, race rider, woman riding racehorses


ZAMIR from arabic, masculine of the biblical name Samira, which means to converse at night.


PIMPINELO Spanish, whose real name is Jacinto. He posts reviews and bugs in movies, mobile and retro video game games, and variations on his YouTube channel Random Channel. The channel's content has more than 162 million views. The channel was launched in June 2014. In his first video for the channel, he analyzed The Dark Knight Rises to find bugs in the film. The most played content on the channel were videos of bugs in movies such as World War Z, Fast Furious and Spider-Man 2.


BONACION spelling error for donation ( blood )


ZORRINOS plural of ZORRINO . In Chile we call it CHINGUE or ZORRILLO


SKUNK, Mephitidae skunk, chingue They are a family of omnivorous mammals, of medium size, inhabiting mainly in America, with a genus in Southeast Asia.


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