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Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

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último hombre

In football, the "last man" is the last defender to stand in the way of a player from the opposing team who has projected himself to the attack and who has eluded the other defenders. In the event that the "last man" knocks down or commits a serious misdemeanour against such an attacker, he will be exposed to the red card. If the foul is within the area, the referee will penalize maximum penalty or penalty.

primer hombre

According to the Bible, Adam was the first man to inhabit the Earth. It was done by God on the sixth day of creation.

última hora

Breaking news is the latest or last-minute news broadcast on radio or television, sometimes interrupting the normal programming that is currently on the air.


Aventarse : ( v . Pron. ) 1- Fill one thing with air. 2- Take the escape or leave a place hastily. 3- Risk someone to do something that could bring you some kind of problem or inconvenience ( This last definition is widely used in Mex . )


Nortesantandereano ( na ) is the gentiliof people born in the department of Norte de Santander, in Colombia


North Korean : 1- Gentilite of people born in North Korea . 2- Belonging to or relating to North Korea, Asian country.

gasolina extra

Extra gasoline, also known as premium gasoline, is a type of gasoline that is characterized by being thinner and much cleaner than running gasoline. Another feature that makes the difference between extra gasoline and current is octane, which in the first is much greater.


A person who makes the script for a film or a radio or television show.


Corozaleño ( ya ) : Person born in the municipality of Corozal, in the department of Sucre in Colombia.

call girl

It is an English expression that in Spanish literally translates : call girl. A call girl, also known as lady-in-waiting, paid escort or companion girl is a sex worker who can be contacted or summoned by phone.


The word prostitute the same as the synonym "whore" are slightly swear and pejorative terms, especially when applied as adjectives to those women who practice prostitution. That is why, to protect the dignity of these women, they are now often called sex workers or paid escorts.

radio recorder

It is an English expression that in Spanish translates : radio recorder.


Carmelites are religious who belong to some of the orders that follow the rules of Carmen or Our Lady of Mount Carmel.


This verb is widely used in the country region of Colombia, and means : carry a person lumps, sacks or coasts on their back or shoulders,


Bultero : ( colloquial ) Person carrying packages, sacks or coasts .


The correct term is to desfondar, and means : Remove or break the bottom of a container or anything else.


The self-retracting selfie camera is the novelty that incorporates the Huawei brand in your Y9 phone. It is a front camera located at the top of the phone and that is displayed when the "front camera" option is activated.


Yampier, is the Castilian form of the male proper name of French origin Jean Pierre.

pierre iván

Pierre Ivan is a masculine proper name. It can be inferred that its origin is French or Spanish, since it is composed of the name Pierre (own name of French origin) and by the name Ivan (own name of Spanish origin).

del solar

1- Chemo Del Solar is a former Peruvian footballer who served as a midfielder and currently serves as technical director. 2- Los Six Del Solar, was a musical group that performed mainly "salsa" and that accompanied the Panamanian singer-author Rubén Blades. They became famous for the album "Looking for America", where the songs "Father Antonino and His Monaguillo Indres" and "Decisions" appeared.


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