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Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

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Epson is a Japanese manufacturer of computers, printers, video projectors and Televisions.


Malay : ( and malay) Person who takes advantage of the carelessness or distraction of others to steal or appropriate one of his belongings or to steal some money from him.

ciudad gótica

Gotham City is a fictional city set in an imaginary universe. This city was an epicenter and witness to the frontal struggle that Batman and Robin fought every day against the criminal organization called "Legion of Evil", whose main members were El Guasón, El Acertijo and Gatúbela, among others.


In underworld jargon they use this parabra as a synonym for themselves.


In Mexico, the word grouper has several meanings, among them : 1- Better . 2- Pure .


Gigabyte (pronounced yigabait and abbreviated GB) . In computing, it is the storage unit of a memory, equivalent to one billion ( 1 . 000 . 000 . 000 ) of bytes .


It is a very small particle of something, which can only be seen with the help of a microscope.


Edson is a male proper name that is believed to be of English origin, but which could actually be of Portuguese origin.


Tite is the well-known nickname of former Brazilian footballer Adenor Leonardo Bacchi, who is the current technical director of the Brazilian national football team.

súper feliz

Very happy, super happy, super cheerful, very happy

olla podrida

1-stew made with beef, chicken, pork, and otos ingredients such as vegetables and legumes. 2-way of mentioning a situation of corruption, deceit or cheating.


Maranguango: (M. ) 1-concoction, bebedizo, potion. 2-Maranguango water: drink endowed with certain magical powers because it has been elaborated with various medicinal or curative herbs.


Wedge against: (v. ) Place a locked door or window inside to prevent it from opening. Synonym: Latch


Medicine that is capable of eliminating amoebas.


Mido, is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer company, founded in 1918.

por las malas

Violently or by force.

hablar pestes

Speak ill one person of another person.


Ocañero: (and Ocañera) person born in the municipality of Norte de Santander, in Colombia.

número nueve

In football, number 9 is the front center, also called the attacking center. Its main function is to score goals. It must be a good gambeteador, good head, skillful with the ball and fast.


It is the gerund of the verb maman. In colloquial language, when it is said that someone "was sucking" means that it was left with the curly facts, which was "seeing a spark"; is to be a person waiting for something to happen that will never happen.


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