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Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

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Pulse oximetry is a study that involves placing a small device at the tip of your fingers to measure your blood's oxygen level.


Abecé : ( s . M. ) 1- Set of letters or symbols used to write a language. Synonym : Abecedario . 2- Set of basic knowledge of a science or an activity.


Axel , 1- Own male name of Hebrew origin. 2- Axel Patricio Fernando Witteveen, better known as Axel, is an Argentine singer who performs mainly ballad music.


A narcocasete is a cassette that contains audios in which conversations are heard between two or more people who speak issues related to drug trafficking.

medicina crítica

Critical medicine, also called intensive medicine is a specialty of medicine that deals with the management of those patients whose critical condition suggests an inminithing life risk.


Intensivista : Physician specialized in intensive medical care .


A nevecón is a large fridge or refrigerator, usually equipped with three compartments, one on top to freeze, and two at the bottom to keep food fresh.

mamá gallina

In colloquial language, a "hen mom" is that mom who loves a lot and overpoteges her children.


Socolita : Diminutive of socola . 1- Socolar action. 2- Portion of land disassembled .


Socola : ( s . F. ) Socolar action .


On the Colombian Caribbean Coast in popular jargon is called "agachate" to that section or small ventorrillo located in a market square, where the merchandise is displayed on the floor, so the potential buyer must bend over to take the item.


Tiffany (or Tifany), is a female proper name of Greek origin.


Utilitarianism ( s . M. ) 1- Modern philosophical doctrine that considers utility as a principle of morality. 2- Actitutud or tendency to put utility before any other quality or aspect of things.

costa brava

Costa Brava is the name of a Puerto Rican orchestra that performs "salsa" music.


ACME, is a fictitious company that produces a wide variety of products and explosive devices, widely used by El Coyote to violate the physical integrity of El Correcaminos, in the popular cartoon series. As a curious fact, The Road Runner always emerges unscathed from the multiple attacks carried out against him.


In medicine, an immunocompromised patient is one whose immune system has no ability to fight infections and diseases.


Cienaguero (and cienaguera ) Persona born in the municipality of Ciénaga, in Magdalena department in Colombia.


Diminutive husband.

débito automático

Automatic debit is a financial transaction or transaction in which a bank automatically pays utility bills every month, subject to authorization by the accountholder.


Arrear : ( v . Tr. ) 1- Stimulate or spur a cavalry to speed up the step or start the gallop. 2- Stimulate the donkey to walk or to do it faster.


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