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Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

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Cuatrofilos is the name of a species of banana that is grown mainly on the Colombian Caribbean coast.


club. ( v . Tr. ) . Hitting someone with a or any other blunt object.


Get over it. ( v . pronominal) Hitting someone with something.


The Lebron Brothers is a musical group created in New York but of Puerto Rican origin, and performing "salsa".

chevrolet 56

The 1956 chevrolet model, better known as the chevrolet 56, was a car manufactured by the automotive company Chevrolet.


Tomb (and tomb) 1- What a tomb. 2- Worker who cuts wood for construction or for carpentry. 3- Avivato that by trickery takes over the money or belongings of one or more people.


In Cali, Colombia, because of the crisis caused by the coronavirus, some nightclub-owners invented what they have called "early tetecs"; is to open your business from 4 : 00PM to 8 : 00PM, complying with all biosecurity protocols.


Eloy is a male proper name of Spanish origin.


Eloísa , is a female proper name that is believed to be of French origin, but that could actually be of Spanish origin. It could have been derived from the male proper name Eloy.


It is known as El Bogotazo to the revolt starring a large number of people in Bogota, Colombia, on April 9, 1948, as a result of the assassination of Colombian politician Jorge Eliécer Gaitán.


1- Rodney Sebastian Clark, better known as El Chombo is a Panamanian executive producer and composer of reguetón. He was producer for some time of the musical group called THE TALES OF THE CRIPTA. 2- THE BLACK CHOMBO, is the title of a song performed by Joe Arroyo with the group of Fruko and his Tesos.


Ibaguereño (and Ibaguereña). Person born in the city of Ibagué, in the department of Tolima in Colombia.


Santodomingo is a surname of Spanish origin.


dirty. ( v . Pron. ) . Lay with grime, dirt; soaking in oil, grease or mud.


Bart Simpson, a fictional character in the cartoon series The Simpsons, is a ten-year-old, strange-looking, sometimes rude and irreverent.


Yosef Bar Kayafa, better known as Caiaphas, was a Jewish high priest, of the group of seducers. He was one of the leaders of the conspiracy that achieved the condemnation, crucifixion and death of Jesus of Nazareth.

willie bobo

Willie Bobo was an American percussionist of Puerto Rican ancestors. His first name was William Correa. He was part of the orchestras of Pérez Prado and Mongo Santamaría.


Cristi, is the loving way to call or refer to Cristina.


Royal. 1- Word of English origin that translated into Spanish means : real . 2- Royal, was the name of two cinemas in the city of Barranquilla : Royal Center and Royal Plaza.


Cartagena, also known as Cartagena de Indias, is a city in Colombia, located in bolivar department. It has a population of approximately 1 . 000 . 000 inhabitants.


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