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Spanish Open dictionary by Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

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Alvino Volpi Neto is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a goalkeeper and has provided his services to the Deportes Tolima team of Colombia.


Twelve: ten and two.


Figueredo is a surname of Spanish origin.

cáliz de salvación

In the Catholic religion, Chalice of Salvation is the name given to the small cup-like vessel into which the priest pours wine during the celebration of Mass.


1- Woman driving a tractor-trailer. 2- Woman driving a motorcycle trailer.


Argue stubbornly and tenaciously.


Jet is a word of English origin that translated into Spanish means: jet. Hence the name "Jet", given to that aircraft that flies or moves by jet propulsion.


Photocuring is a dental procedure in which a damaged or decayed tooth is repaired using a special resin material that hardens with ultraviolet light.

monchy capricho

Ramón Javier Demorici, better known by his stage name Monchy Capricho, is a Dominican singer; he was the lead vocalist of a group called Mermelada.


Tomy, is the affectionate way of calling or referring to Thomas.


Nun : A woman who belongs to a religious order and lives in a convent.


In a motor vehicle, a caliper is a part or device that is installed in the brake rotor, which receives hydraulic force from the master cylinder and moves the piston to press the pad against the rotor.

pan nuestro

Our daily bread, also called the bread of life, is the bread mentioned in several biblical passages and in the prayer of the Catholic Mass known as the Lord's Prayer, in which the following request is made to God: "... . . Give us this day our daily bread. . . "


Weeping (and weeping). Person born in the municipality of Lloró, in the department of Chocó in Colombia.


Controlling: 1- Woman who controls something or someone. 2- Air Traffic Controller: A woman who is trained and specialized to guide, order, monitor and supervise the take-off, flight and landing of aircraft, from a control tower.

lima mike

Lima Mike India (Lima Maik India 2933) was the name given to the LAMIA airliner, which was transporting the players of the Brazilian club Chapacoense, and which crashed belly into the El Gordo hill near the city of Rio Negro, Antioquia, in Colombia.


Taxiing is the action of driving a taxi.

azul turquí

Turquoise blue is the dark blue color.


Superbien: Very good, excellent.


Blow given with a brick.


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