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Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

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Julita: 1 - diminutive of Julia, female name. 2. affectionate form of call or refer to Julia.

correo de voz

Voice mail, also called voicemail is a system of receiving and storage of audio messages. A service provided by mobile phone companies, in which the user can retrieve messages stored once empty line or turn on the cell phone.


The inner surface of Palatine, also known as lingual surface, is the face of the tooth facing the inside of the mouth, i.e. towards the language.


A smiley, also called emoticon (in English emoticon) is a drawing of a human face with periods, hyphens, and other symbols of the language to represent different States of mind.


Stoned: Plural of groggy.


TRANS: 1 - is a prefix that means "the other side" or "on". 2 short or short for transgero or transsexual. A transsexual or transgender is a person who has resorted to some hormonal or surgical treatment for the physical appearance of people of the opposite sex.


The acostumbrador is a type of inner garment for girls aged between nine and thirteen years. It is a small bra of soft tissue, which as its name suggests it serves to make the girl go familiar and accustomed to wear this.


In Venezuela, a bachaquero (ra) is a person who traded illegally with products of first necessity and gasoline, which acquires in Venezuela to transport them to other countries like Colombia, and sell them at a higher price for higher u usability taking advantage of the exchange rate difference by the devaluation of the Venezuelan currency.


Proclaim itself: (v. pron. ) Declared someone invested with office, authority or merit, especially when it does so in a public way.


A technologist is a woman specialist and qualified to play in the field of technology or in a specific technology.


A nutritionist is a professional expert in food, nutrition and dietetics.


A hot chocolate is a social event in which there is a high consumption of chocolate, mainly based on this food beverage.


Turbaquero: (and turbaquera) person born in the town of Turbaco, in the Department of Bolivar in Colombia.


Hookers: Plural of a bitch. Derogatory way to call a woman who engages in prostitution. This adjective is still more disparaging than "prostitute". Therefore, to protect the dignadad these women, now are often called "ladies of company".


Suck it: (v. pron. ) 1 - in the colloquial language, bored or tired someone of something. 2 get drunk.


Numerologist (ga): someone expert in numerology.


An innocent is a joke that makes someone the day of the Holy Innocents.


The graduates, is the name of a musical, very popular in the central area of Colombia.


Orito is a municipality located in the Department of Putumayo in Colombia. Population: 55. 000 inhabitants.


Aliser, also called desriz is a treatment or cosmetic procedure that modifies the structure of the hair from curly to smooth. Synonyms: straightening, smoothing, desriz.


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