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Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

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Cisneros , is a surname of Spanish origin.


Migue , affectionate way of calling or referring to Miguel.


Miguelito : 1- Diminutive of Miguel . 2- Loving way to call or refer to Miguel .


In colloquial language the name jar is given to the human head.


Microphon (male noun) Hit given with a microphone .


Cachaquita : Puppy diminutive . In Colombia, affectionately, a little woman is called a little girl, usually of small or medium stature, born in Cundinamarca and other departments such as Santander and Norte de Santander.

caca de caballo

Horse droppings,, horse still.


Quick : 1- Quick diminutive . 2- Moving very fast, fast.

fruto prohibido

The forbidden fruit, also known as fruit of good and evil, is the fruit that, according to the biblical account was produced by the tree of life, which was planted in the center of the garden or paradise and which according to the express instruction given by God to Adam and Eve, the latter should not eat for any reason. It can be said that the Bible does not mention a specific fruit such as apple, as popular belief suggests.

roberto dinamita

Carlos Roberto de Oliveira (Roberto Dynamite in Spanglés) is a former Brazilian footballer who played as a striker and participated with his country's national football team in several world championships.

alfa ocho

Los Alfa 8 is a Colombian music group; performs mainly tropical music.


In the colloquial language in Colombia, a peñonera is a confrontation between two or more people, in which stones, rocks and rocks are used.


Live , is an English word that translates into Spanish : live .


Guatemala : 1- Central American country . 2- Name with which the capital of that country is known and whose official name is New Guatemala of the Assumption.


Sheep, is the name of a municipality of Colombia, located in the department of Sucre, 50 kilometers from Sincelejo the capital of said department.


Matracazo : ( male noun ) 1- Hit given with a matraca . 2- Hit with your hand, fist or blunt object.


Kelme is a Spanish manufacturer of footwear and sportswear.


Gaston 1- Own male name of Spanish origin . 2- ( adj . ) It wastes, it spends a lot.


Connector , is an English word that in Spanish translates : connector . A connector is a part of a device or part of a system that is used to connect to other systems or other devices.

gentilicio ecuadoriano

The Gentile of people born in Ecuador is "Ecuadorian", although it may be, that in some regions of that country, they colloquially call them "Ecuadorians". In this regard, please request that any contributor or reader of this Dictionary clear this doubt.


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