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Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

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salsa brava

1- The brava sauce is a hot sauce typical of the gastronomy of Madrid and other cities of Spain. 2- It is known as "brava sauce" to a genre of music "salsa" that is characterized by loud sounds and fast rhythms. Initially, orchestras and music groups "salsa" mainly performed this musical genre. Songs from that era such as "Bomba Camará", "Richie's Jala Jala" , "Download Caliente" , "La Flauta" , "Doce Cascabeles", Amparo Arrebato", among many others are part of this genre.


A chocorazo is a hit with any cooking utensil.

patinar el coco

When you say someone is "skating the coconut" it means it's out of the mind.


Temy : 1- Affectionate way of calling or referring to Temistocles . 2- Affectionate way of calling or referring to Temildo .


Bartolo : 1- Unusual male proper name . 2- Apocope of Bartholomew, this in turn is a biblical name derived from the word "bartolmai" meaning : son of Tolomeo .


1- A meat bite is a dish that consists of pieces of meat accompanied by cassava, patacón, cooked potatoes or French fries. 2- Mixed picada, is the one that carries two types of meat : beef and chicken meat. 3- three-phase chopped, is the one containing three types of meat : beef, chicken and pork.


Codiscos is a Colombian record company. Along with CBS (now Sony Music) and Fuentes Discs is one of the old ones in Colombia.


Relative or related to carnival.


It is an English word that in Spanish translates : it is searched .


Loquera : ( s . F. ) Insanity, lack of judgment.


1- The Ferrari is a sports car manufactured by the automotive company of the same name, which was founded by racing driver Enzo Ferrari. 2- Ferrari, is a surname of Italian origin.


Enzo is a male proper name of Germanic origin; it can be found in some countries such as Italy, Uruguay and Paraguay.


Simone Perrotta is an Italian former footballer of English origin. He worked as a midfielder.


Recuero : 1- Arriero or man in whose charge is the recua . 2- Last name of Spanish origin .


Carnival is an English word that translates in Spanish : carnival.


Micho : Voice used to call the cat .


Vallenet : (appeared written v'llenet ) It was a vallenata music group founded in 1999 and active until 2002.


Fucking : 1- It is a widely used adjective in popular jargon in Argentina, where they apply it to anything. Example: "The fucking car doesn't want to start" . 2- Man engaged in prostitution.


It is the diminutive of hijueputa, sometimes used in the form of a chanza.


Body : 1- English word which in Spanish translates : body . 2- Women's undergarment that covers the trunk and is fastened by the crotch region.


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