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It is the Slavic version of the male name John of Hebrew and Biblical origin. Originally it was Yohannan and means "Blessed by God", "God's Grace". It is especially used in Bulgarian, Croatian, Spanish and Russian.


It is the stage name of a New York rapper named Jermaine Coleman. Maíno (with tilde) or Mayno was a Spanish painter, named Juan Bautista Maíno. He was a friar and was born in Pastrana.


Marrano augmentative . It means pig or big pork, big pig. Piglet. gochote, pork, marranazo.


It is a surname of Spanish origin. Last name of two former Colombian presidents (Misaél and Andrés). Name of a Spanish municipality . Guadalajara Province.


In Central America is a person who drinks chilate or attends chilatadas. Chilate is a chili and cocoa-based drink served cold. Chilatada is a meeting where you drink chilate.


In Central America is a drink that is served cold. It is made with cocoa, chilli and roasted cornmeal.


Breast plural. Chest or pectoral of birds , By extension breasts or breasts (especially referred to if shown part of them).


The correct term is to lag down, with z . It means staying, falling behind, falling behind, going backwards. Walk at a slower pace than others. It can also mean entertaining, delaying.


It is a type of liana or bejuco that abounds in the Amazon. It is a climbing plant, which has the scientific name Paullinia yoco and belongs to the family Sapindaceae. It is called jungle sap and has medicinal uses.


It means that they cause or generate repression. Let them repress, dwell or harass.


Listeria monocytogenes is a disease that gives to cattle caused by the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes. It is a disease that can be transmitted to humans, but when it occurs it can be fatal. It is transmitted in milk, cheese or meat.

cangas de onís

It is the name of a council in the Principality of Asturias in Spain. It is part of a beautiful Natural Park in Spain (Picos de Europa).


It means caused or originated by man. Made by a human being.


It is the current trend of many mature people between the ages of 40 and 50, who pretend to feel very young and attractive and also act as such. In Colombia it is also common to tell women and cuchikents to men who have this attitude.


The most suitable term in Spanish is aductor . It is the name of three muscles that the human has in the thigh. They can be called long adductor, medium adductor and short adductor. For all, the term adductors is used.


It's a fishing inflection. It means catching, catching. It also refers to a fish that is already dead or out of its natural environment, which is water. Trapped.


Person who does not feel fear, who is not afraid or who does not tremble at anything. Person who is reckless, daring, bold or bold.


In Colombia we say folklorically person of the fourth floor or is a person who lives the forty (between 40 and 49 years). Of the fourth decade or the fourth decade.

patinar el coco

In Colombia it means madness, it is a colloquial locution, to which we have as a synonym to dechave or run the shampoo. It's doing things that aren't ropes or normal.


A chocorazo is a strong blow, usually given with a chócoro. In Santander, Department of Colombia call chócoro to any kitchen utensil (pot, pot, pan, etc. ) . Chicoro augmentative. Also for many it means bald or cocotazo (hit with the knuckles of the fingers on the head).


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