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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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It is the name of a marine fish of the family Labrisomidae. It is also known as blenia.


It means mole duck or very small-eyed duck. It was the name of some fossil ducks found in Hawaii.


It is the name of a genus of birds that belongs to the family Musophagidae. They are known as turacos, wandering birds or banana eaters. All species are African, have colorful ridges and vivid colors.


It means with protectors on the legs. With cnémides or greaves on the ridges. It is a genus of geckos. They belong to the Family Gekkonidae.


It means crocodile lizard. It was a kind of prehistoric reptile that existed in North America and Europe in the Late Cretaceous. They looked a lot like the current gharials.


It is the name of a genus of birds that belongs to the family Muscicapidae. They are known as nightingales, flycatchers or flycatchers.


In Colombia it means deciding, launching, taking risks.


It means circular or round mouth. It is a class of fish that lack a jaw, such as lampreys. Agnato fish.


It is the name given to fish that only migrate in freshwater. Fish that run down rivers. It runs through the rivers. An example is common trout.


Nickname of Argentine singer Mario D'Alessandro, of the Almendra quartet.


Canine plural . Specialized teeth for tearing carnivorous animals. We also call them fangs. Relative to dogs or dogs. Teeth that are separated by the incisors.


It is a branch of political science dedicated to the study of peace, study of treaties or peace processes. Science, study or treaty of peace. Conflict Resolution .


It means born, resident or related to North Korea.


It is a social science dedicated to the study of war and social conflicts.


It means hard or tanned skin. In Colombia it is a well-known surname, especially footballers. It also means ugly woman. Animal skin, skin subjected to tanning.


Name of one of the roads or roads used by the ancient Romans in Gaul.


Also called Birebistas, Burebistas or Berebistas, he was the first king to round up Getas and Dacians in Danube lands.


It means next, close or similar to The Legatus (a genus of birds of the Tyrannidae family. They are known as suirirríes, musketeers, flycatchers, flies. They belong to the Tyrannidae family.

hagamonos pasito

Let's get rid of the tilde. In Colombia it is a colloquial expression that invites conciliation or peace. It means "let's not attack each other", "don't attack me and neither will I." It may also sound like a "don't provoke me" threat or "treat me carefully."


It means sentry or guard wearing a helmet. It is a genus of reptiles in the family Agamidae. They only exist in Indian island territories.


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