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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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It was the name of one of Hera's priestesses in Greek mythology. She was the daughter of Ínaco and Melia and was one of Zeus' maidens. Name of one of Jupiter's largest moons or satellites (the third in size). Name of an asteroid. Name of a Netflix sci-fi film, released two years ago (January 18, 2019). Among the Maori, name of the creator god of the universe.


In Basque it means skewer, flag, lid. Pointed or chuzo wood rod with slices of sliced meats.


This is called all kinds of makeup or cosmetics that serve to disguise wrinkles and age. They are usually creams with a lot of collagen.


It is an appliance used for frying. It's an oil-saving device.


It means relative to Hamlet, related to Hamlet. It is used to designate your own questioning, doubt, disjunctive. Dilemma. Situation in which there are two options and one of them must be chosen.


The correct term is to eng'eerar. It can have two meanings: dye or dye the hair blond (lighten the hair) or also put the hen to powder the eggs.

me too

They are English language words that mean me too (or better yet to me too). It is a viral movement and tendency to report sexual abuse and harassment ( hashtag). With this movement have been processed many film directors, presenters, personalities and actors, reflecting the lows of many of them.

porcion crural del diafragma

In Medicine it is a cross muscle structure of the chest diaphragm, which forms the aortic hyate and esophageal hiatus. It is a sphincter and helps prevent reflux.

justicia meridiana

Meridian justice is the same as impartial, no biases. Well-applied justice. True justice.


It means inclination, misguided guidance on some matter. It's usually a flawed interpretation to favor someone.


Character of Greek mythology. She was a Cretan nympha, daughter of King Meliseo. Name of Zeus' caregiver in her childhood. Name of one of Jupiter's moons or satellites. Name of an asteroid. It was also the name of an ancient Greek city, which was located in Misia.


Name given to a eunuch priest of Cibeles . It dances in leaps and in an un pleasant way.


In Mexico he is a white person with blond hair. Monkey, catire, blond.


In the Eastern Plains of Colombia and Venezuela, he refers to a person with white tees, light eyes and blond hair. Monkey, blond, guy.


In the Eastern Plains of Colombia and Venezuela, it is the way to call a woman of white robe, light eyes and blond hair. Mona, blonde, girl.


It means skin, especially from the face or face.

darle cuero

In Colombia it means punishing, beating with a leash or a money. By extension strongly criticize .

segunda residencia

It means alternate house or rest house. House for vacationing or spending seasons. House to live old age or retirement time.


A person who contributes to a cause, making a contribution or donation, usually in cash. Taxpayer, donor.


It is a surname of English origin. Last name of English military. Last name of a catcher in major league baseball. called JKevin Pasley. Name of two U.S. towns located in Missouri and North Carolina,


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