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It is a name of woman of Hebrew origin and means daughter of wealth. It is a variant of Bathsheba. Betshua, Betshua or Betushua can also be used.


It is a name of woman of Hebrew origin and means daughter of wealth. It is a variant of Bathsheba. You can also use Betshua, Betsa or Betsua.


It's an increparose inflection. It means to rebuke harshly, rebuke harshly. Warn, correct, scold.

carne ñervuda

In Colombia it means meat of very poor quality. Meat containing a lot of tendon and a lot of cartilage. Ervo. Chilango.


In Colombia it is the colloquial way of calling the couriers of the offices. Brokers. Athletes who are engaged in the sport of skating.


In Colombia it means praise, to name with much appreciation or with much predilection. Praise, appreciate, apologise, praise, clap, weight, enclose, flatter. It also means dedicating yourself fully to doing something. Dedicate yourself with hard and with every effort to execute something.


It means devil, devil, elf. It's a spirit of evil, evil.


It means relative to lucifer, the devil or the devil. Demonic, diabolical.


It was one of the names of one of the giants of Greek mythology. He was the son of Zeus and Elara. He was also called Ticio.


In Greek mythology she was a daughter of the titans Cleo and Febe. Also known as Latvian or "forgotten". She was the goddess of the night and was along with Zeus parents of Apollo and Artemis.


It means relative or related to lucifer, the devil or the devil. Diabolical, demonic. Type of phosphorescent light that shines especially in the dark. Luminescence, fluorescence, bioluminescence. Natural light effect caused by oxidation of luciferase. Name of an Argentine horror film, directed by Gonzalo Calzada.


In Colombia it means custom, please, service. I order or request another to perform a task. It also means package that is mailed, remittance. In the time of the Colony was a type of tax or tax that was paid with physical work.


Apan is the name of a Mexican town and also a municipality. Both remain in the State of Hidalgo. The word is of Nahuatl origin and means over water or in water. Apan is also the name of a higher education institution that depends on the University of The State of Hidalgo.


At the Cali Fair is a special event in which the city's salsa schools compete. It is done on Avenida Roosvelt de Cali. The dancers of the popular classes are given priority and prominence and was created with the intention of partly replacing the privileged class cavalcade as an inaugural event.


It is the name of a bank in Brazil, now considered to be the largest in Latin America. It has branches in several American countries (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and the United States), in Europe (London, Luxembourg) and in Asia (Hong Kong, Japan). In Colombia he acquired Helm Bank. In Guarani language it means coming stone, stone that rolls or arrives. It is the name of a border river between Bolivia and Argentina. It is also the name of a Brazilian municipality in the State of Rio Grande do Norte.


They are mechanisms by way to sprockets that allow turning only to one side and locking the wheel to the other. They usually have a trigger that slows down. An example is the toothed wheels of a watch.


Plural of cloud. In Colombian peasant slang means high cloudiness, sky cloaked or covered in clouds. It may also refer to the opacity that occurs in the eyes and affect vision. Pterygios, cataracts.


It's a word that's becoming popular. It means to open , open , start , make opening . It is used to differentiate the concept of opening which means to break, slash, rip, split, fraction.


It means it can't be placated or calmed. That cannot be contained or smoothed. Strict, severe, rigid, rigorous, inflexible, hard. It can also mean bloodthirsty, vindictive, hard, ruthless.


It means waiting time. It is a time that in Christian churches and especially Catholic churches precedes Christmas. It is made up of the last 4 Sundays before the nativity (one month).


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