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It is a word of French origin, which is used to designate a color. It is equivalent to a cream or light brown color. It's the natural color of sheep's wool. Beis is accepted.


Person who is dedicated to tattooing.


It's one of the common names of a very venomous Australian snake. It's the most toxic venom of the world's terrestrial snakes. They belong to the genus Oxyuranus and the family Elapidae . Lately a kind of taipán snake was discovered in New Guinea.


It's a turning point. It means display , indicate , determine , point , mark , allude , designate . It means to highlight , specify one among several for some special reason or by a feature.


It is a word of Italian origin that means stylus, pointed. It is a generic name to a type of long, pointed heel used in ladies' shoes.


It is a very small type of white weapon, used in Ancient Rome. Very small dagger. Small dagger.


Person who kills others on request. Person who uses knives to kill. Killer who commits his crimes using sicca. Murderer, thug. Currently it is called a hitman to every thug, without considering the type of weapon you use.


It means pure, clean, neat, clean, delicate, precious. It can also mean cult, distinguished, fine, polished, elegant. Inflection to refine, which means purify, debug. Clean.


It's an English surname. Last name of an English dentist named Charles Thomas Stent, who pioneered dental implants and prosthetic manufacturing. Its surname also gives the name to a device in the form of a tube or intravascular mesh widely used in Medicine to solve problems of obstruction in veins or arteries (also used in other ducts such as the urethra). In this case, you can also use the term estent . Currently it is manufactured from various materials.


In Medicine is a thin and elongated tube-shaped device, which can be inserted into a vein, a duct or tissue, and is used to inject drugs with the serum, to drain fluids or to facilitate the entry of other medical instruments. There is a multiplicity of catheter types (cardiac, urinary, pleural, venous, etc. ) . In some cases it is also called probe ( Axis . : Foley probe ) .


In Medicine, it is the name of a relatively simple surgical procedure, which consists of introducing into a cavity, duct or vein a long, thin tube (catheter). It may have different uses depending on the organ where it is used. A catheter, also often called a catheter. The most common are cardiac or urinary.


It means that it cannot be fed or nourished, it cannot be provided, or it cannot be maintained. That it is impossible to preserve, provide or sustain. You can't afford or pay for it.


It means native to Zapatoca. Related to or resident in Zapatoca. Zapatoca is the name of a Colombian municipality in the Department of Santander.


It means official that in a past time he served as mayor, who is no longer mayor. Mayor a long time ago, from a previous period.


In Pharmacology, it is the name of a drug, used as a strong painkiller. Commercially it is also achieved with the names tramal, Adolonta, Durela.


It is the common name of a type of kestrel or falcon. It is typical of the Northern Hemisphere, it is found in Europe and North America. Its scientific name is Falco columbarius and belongs to the Falconidae family.


Plural of guata . Material that is used as a filling, which is made up of unwoven textile fibers.

abrocharse el cinturón

In Colombia the expression "fastening your belt" means saving, incurring only the expenses that are extremely necessary. Enter a period of austerity. Sobriety, abstinence, moderation.


It is a term of the Guarani language. It means strange, foreign, stranger. On the other hand. Gringo.


It's a surname in South Africa. There is also Th'le. The surname is of German origin. Last name of a South African mixed-breed leader named James M. Thaele. He studied at the University of Lincoln, Pennsylvania, in the United States. Tatiana Thaele is a famous flutist and Is a German mathematician, professor at the RUHR, Universitat de Bochum.


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