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The correct term is Pennisetum. It is the name of a genus of pastures in the family Poaceae. They are known as kikuyo, sericura or peniseto. It's a Latin word, which means feather with bristles.


In Colombia it is one of the common names of a tree. It is also known as caracaro. In Costa Rica it is called Guanacaste and in Panama corotú. . The scientific name is Enterolobium cyclocarpum. It belongs to the fabaceae family.


It is an inflection to tie (imperative mode). It means tie, flirt, link.


You mean I'm fine. It's also a colloquial way to call lady pyjamas. Sleeping garment for lady ,


It's the same as lacquer. A thin fragment that comes off a s rock or laminar. Slice, slice, slice.


It means it has salt. Salty diminutive.


It is a musical instrument consisting of a pumpkin that inside has seeds or grains. Smile. It is also the common name of a tropical plant and its flower. It is also called hive ginger. It is a plant in the family Zingiberaceae. Its scientific name is Zingiber spectabile.


It's an Italian surname. It is an Italian brand of very fine felt hats. There is also a hat with that same name, of the same brand. Name of a 1970 film, with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon.


It is one of the common names of a bird related to ducks and geese. Another name is capcarcaré. Its scientific name is Chauna torquata and belongs to the family Anhimidae. It is typical of South America. The word in Guarani, you mean let's go.


It's a French language word. It means T-shirt, T-shirt, flannel. Clothing to cover the trunk. It is usually soft fabric, lacks buttons.


It means that it is indicated to prevent aging or deterioration. Suitable for maintaining laziness and youth.


It means it's secondary headquarters, which is not the headquarters. Auxiliary headquarters . Venue where the final of a tournament is not played.


Person who supports community development. Person who promotes community action. Also a person who supports and promotes the European Common Market or who promotes the policies of the European Community. It supports the European union.


It is the name of a cyclic, non-ribosomal peptide, produced by a fungus (Tolypocladium inflatum). It is widely used in transplanted patients, to prevent rejection of new organs. Its main function is to reduce the activity of the immune system. Name of an immunosuppressive drug. .


It means concerning Orwell, produced or announced by George Orwell, an English writer. It is essentially everything related to ideas, conditions, policies, situations, doctrines or practices that they see in decline of a society that is just, free and open. Factors that destroy a free and open society. Any factor that eliminates a modern and inclusive society. Totalitarian.


Plural of onfacino . It is an oily drug that is extracted from un ripened olives. It can be used in cosmetology and to treat muscle aches. Etymologically it means that it belongs to the grace.


It is the name of a volatile and colorless product that is obtained by distillation of natural resin. It is also called turpenthine. It is used as a raw material for the production of paints and varnishes. It is also used as insect repellent.


It gives the appearance of a rally. It looks like a rally. Heap, agglomeration, meeting, tumult.


In French it is a colloquial way to refer to the male sex organ. Translate dick, sausage, penis, pee.


Plural of wealth. It refers to all material goods that are owned (money, vehicles, real estate, jewelry, etc.). Opulence, well-being, fortune, luxury, abundance, heritage.


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