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Spanish Open dictionary by Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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It means dizzy, amazed, silly, parallel, Blockheads, stunned, confused, destabilised.


It means relating to the palate. Vault of the oral cavity. Also concerning to Palace: is Court, court noble, Royal Court, Palace family environment of the King. The name of the Vatican Guard (Guardia Palatina).


Series of caritas which reflect the State of mind of who sends a text message by mobile.


Part of the garment that covers a limb. It can be shirt sleeve (covers the arm), sleeve Pant (covers the leg). In Colombia is a variety of handle elongated and flattened. It is product of grafts and is rather tasteless. In Colombia also we say manga to a flat, elongated and covered area of grass. Flat terrain, potrero, llano. It is also the name of the track of the llanero indigenous sport of Coleus (Coleus Manga). In nautical, manga is the measure of a boat that runs from port to starboard and that determines the maximum width of a ship.


It is a French word (there is no tilde) and a Gallicism. Mean Paris or Paris. Le Parisien is the name of a French regional newspaper and cabaret is a kind of sponge cake stuffed with sweet.


It is a name of woman of Greek origin and means "the one who loves peace". It has many variants: Irene, Irena, Irenne, Rena, Rina. Name of famous Russian model known as Irina Shayk, his real name is Irina Valérievna Shaijlislámova and was married to Cristiano Ronaldo.


Diminutive of passes. Liquor or sweet made with raisins, either plums or grapes.


It can be placed on a pool table or a stream small or a type of rope used in navigation. In Colombia is also a way of referring the continuous passage of people. Inflection of pass (crossing, traverse). Continuous flow.


A person suffering from flatulence, in colloquial language.


It is a name of French origin male and means which thinks and gives good advice. The name of one of the leaders of the first crusade. Was Prince of Galilee and Príncipe regente de Antioquía.


It means becoming violent, put bravo, bad temper, go into fury. Embravecer is.


In medicine is the term to define the abnormal increase of the size of lymph nodes, which is usually accompanied by changes in consistency.


Copaifera officinalis, rosewood oil.

adelaida de orleans

Adelaide of Orléans was a Princess of the blood in France, sister and Adviser of King Luis Philip I of France. Adelaide of Orléans lived for several years with his mother in Barcelona.


Is the name of a city and a province in Peru; the city is the capital of the province of the same name. It is in the Region of Moquegua. There is also a river of the same name in the same region.


In antiquity was the term that the Greeks in Cilicia, Solos and other colonies of Anatolia, used to refer to foreigners, foreigners, people from another region.


Kestrel in some parts of Colombia is a common name for a bird also called garrapatero (Groove-billed ani, family Cuculidae). In Europe and especially in Spain, say Kestrel to a bird of prey small family of Falcons (Falco tinnunculus, Family Falconidae). In America it tells Kestrel to halconcillo, a small bird of prey. It is also called colorado halconcito or La (Falco sparverius).


It is the same as debris and ruins of a building. The demolition of a building or construction waste. There are the fragments of plaster, yeson, gason, or aljezon, which are used to make walls.


Animal that gesta their fertilized eggs inside their body and they stop their fully developed living offspring. Some sharks, some snakes, and rays are ovoviviparous.


In theatre, it is the same as pointer. A person who helps the actors of the theatre or the opera, according to parts of the text. Each and every one of the customary rules which govern a cabildo or ecclesiastical chapter.


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