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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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Name of a blind man from Jericho who was healed by Jesus. He was the son of Timaeus.


Type of simple construction that was located on the side of the roads that could be used as a temporary shelter or as a warehouse or warehouse of products. Awning where the products of the harvest are provisionally accumulated. Troja . Name of Colombian municipality that belongs to the Department of Cauca .


A native of the Department of Casanare, in Colombia, whose capital is Yopal. Relative to Casanare, which may refer to the Department or the Colombian River. Pija .


It is a vulgarism used in various parts of Colombia. Common mistake by retahíla . It means long sequence of events or chain of events. List of words, which are recited as a prayer. Prayer, series, string, sequence, list, litany, rosary.


It is a compound word of the English language that means cane, stick, lever or bar of amusement. It is a command element that is used for video games. It is made up of the words joy which means game, toy or fun and stick which means stick or cane.


It is the name given to a large mass of ice that breaks off from a polar cap and floats adrift in cold seas. Translate ice mountain.


It is a term in the English language and refers to a person who pretends or appears to be another. Aspire to be, aspiring, suitor. That imitates, imitator. Contraction of want to be. Name of a song by the Spice Girls.


It is a surname. The surname of an American actor, singer, and musician whose full name is John Joseph Travolta.


Cyrene can also be used. Name of a female character from Greek Mythology. She was a Thessalide (nymph thessaly), daughter of Hypsus, king of the pencils in the Perrebiay region of Clydiape. He had a sister named Alcea. It was also the name of an ancient Greek city that was located in present-day Libya in the Jebel Akhdar Valley. It was part of a region where there were five colonial cities and was called Cyrenaica. Name of an asteroid (


It is the term used in Chinese to call the chrysanthemum leaves.


The correct term is scoundrel. In Colombia it means Scoundrel, brazenness, dishonesty, disloyalty, canallada, bribonada, rogue, mischievous. Nerve. Hrcho or attitude that reflects little decency, honorability, honesty, leatad or pundonor.


It means decorum, dignity, honor, pride, conscience, modesty, shame. Berraquera, bravery, gallantry. Feeling by which we demand from ourselves the maximum dedication and the maximum effort to obtain the achievements, without decaying in the process.


It means follower with much effort or greater admiration. Follower in the highest degree. Super fan, super fan, super follower.


It can mean reporter or report (news that is made from the site of the event). Short news . The word has English origin.


It can refer to the person who belittles or demerits another. That tries to ignore or make invisible someone, their attributes or achievements. That despises or demerits.


It is more indicated cocholín , with tilde . In Colombia in an affectionate or affective way it translates chubby. Diminutive of cocho . In Peru it also means old man (diminutive of cocho, which is old).

tiranuelo coronado

In Colombia it is a very common and colorful bird. Its scientific name is Tyrannulus elatus (meaning upright or haughty tyrant). It is also called crowned flycatcher, yellow-crowned flycatcher, tyrant or yellow-crowned flycatcher. It belongs to the family Tyrannidae and the genus Tyrannulus.


It is the superlative of ugly. It means very ugly, horrible. ugly to the highest degree. Horrifying.


In Catalan it means chalet or tower. It is a single-family building that shares land with a farm, garden, patio or lot, which represent a good unbuilt surface.

pez gordo

In Colombia it usually refers to a main offender. A criminal of greater influence or authority within a gang or gang. Leader of the mafia.


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