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Spanish Open dictionary by Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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Additional booklet that is added to newspapers on special dates. Booklet , brochure . It usually deals with a subject of public interest.


In Colombia it is the acronym or abbreviation of Military Industry. It is the entity responsible for manufacturing, manufacturing, importing and distributing weapons and ammunition in the country. It also issues the documents that protect such equipment and weapons.


In Ancient Greek it means the one that defeats the heroes. It can also be interpreted as mariticide, the one that kills her husband. Name of the third wife of Hercules. Name of an asteroid (157).


Name of a parent color. Surname of Spanish origin . Surname of Argentine footballer who currently plays as a central defender for Boca Juniors. His full name is Faustino Marcos Alberto Rojo. Color is also called colorado. Designation given to militant of a left-wing political party. Name given to a variety of spruce . Name of a Sea that separates the Arabian Peninsula from Africa. Name of several rivers : China River, which flows into Vietnam and is also called Song Hong River; U.S. river flowing through the states of Mississippi, Texas, and Oklahoma, also called Red South and flowing river in the states of Minnesota, North Dakota, and Manitoba (in Canada) to Lake Winnipeg, also referred to as North Red. Name of a song by Colombian J Balvin.


Name of woman of Latin origin. It refers to the plant, its flower, its aroma and its color. As beautiful as the flower. Name of a color. It is a color of purple or purple hue that is considered intermediate between blue and magenta (blue-purple).


Name of a color. Color of steel, elephant skin, ash and cement. As an adjective it means languid, dull, lacking joy, sad, nostalgic. Name of a song by J Balvin.


It is inflection of foreshadowing that it means to give an announcement of something, before it happens, presentiment, omen, hint, intuition. Pointed out or announced (indicated that it would happen in the near future).


Plural of entanglement . It means tangled, revolted, which are disordered or entangled. It also means that they have many celajes, so there are many clouds. Entanglement inflection, which means to entangle, confuse, or revolver. Chaotic, complicated, bristling, twisted. Dense, full of lianas or vines, referring to a forest or the jungle, branches that prevent walking through the forest.


In medicine it is the middle and tubular part of an elongated bone. It can be for example in a phalanx.


In medicine it is the name of an endocrine gland that is located under the corpus callosum of the brain. It is also the name given to the ends of an elongated bone.


It is the name given to the front wing of the caps or caps. Also to the independent wing that is placed on the forehead, tied with a tape or a spring.


It is the name given to the different organs found within the abdominal cavity (it is valid for any type of animal).


Community or multi-owner herds. Corral where this type of herds is kept. Shepherdess of a communal or community flock.


In the Forestry and Agrarian Sciences it is the place where you have eras, plant seeds, produce seedlings and transplant seedlings. Site where seedlings or saplings are produced. By extension place where they sell plants, pots or pots and all the implements and products necessary for a garden or a crop. It is also valid for the place where living beings such as fish, mollusks, etc. are raised or cultivated.


In Colombia it is the name of several municipalities, which belong to the departments of Guajira, Caquetá and Santander. Name of European and Balkan country that has coasts on the Adriatic Sea and its capital is Tirana.


It is the name of a small island country that lies in the Pacific Ocean. It belongs to Oceania. It is made up of several islands and the most important city is Suva.


It is the name of a city and a district in the South of England. Name of a city, a locality and a district located in New South Wales in Australia. This name also has several cities in Canada (Province of New Brunswick), United States in the States of Connecticut and New Hampshire. Name of a region of southern New Zealand, of an extensive plain in that same region and of the chain of mountains that surround it. It means fort or burgh of Kent.


Braso can be an inflection of brazing, which means placing in the heat of the fire or ember. In Colombia there is Brasso, which is a brand of a product that is used to shine oi polish metals (shine).


It is the name of a city in Costa Rica in the Province of Guanacaste. Name of a canton in Costa Rica and a district in the Province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. Name of a mountain range in that same region.


It means relative to the movement of money. Movement of monetary resources between individuals, enterprises or the State. Branch of Economics and Administration that is dedicated to studying the exchange of money or capital. It is used more in the plural (finance).


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