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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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Just a model. It means presenting is one way a single mode or only one way. It is regular or that it always has the same appearance or presentation. It is a term used in meteorology and climatology. Presenting a model like always, that always has the same characteristics. Similar, equal, similar, identical.


The correct term is frizzy. Plural of curled. It means having frizzy, forming crespones, which have loops or undulations. Ensortijada, crisp, curly, wavy, escarolada. When it refers to the waves of the sea, it means sea agitated or better.


Was a great inventor and mathematician Greek, who lived in Alexandria. Despite his numerous creations of devices and mechanisms, it is relatively unknown or ignored. He studied thoroughly natural phenomena and made profound contributions to geometry. The first Barber or professional Barber is considered and invented an adjustable mirror. Among other many thing invented a hydraulis or water organ.


I think that they asking tachypnea. If so, is the one condition respiratory, consisting of increased frequency on the breath. Breathing fast and hectic. It is also possible to try to ask for taikonauta, in this case is the name given to Chinese astronauts or cosmonauts. Chinese space men.


A person who presents a deformation of the hand or not corrected the same fractures. By expansion in Colombia, it is a way of colloquially call a sissy or a gay. It can also mean spendthrift, botarate, tarambana, foolish, wasteful, botarata, botaratas.


The name of the tree that produces apples. Its scientific name is Malus domestica and belongs to the family Rosaceae. It also receives the names of cermeno, pomar, Nick. Name of a port and a neighborhood in Villa Angostura in the Patagonia Argentina. It is a surname of Spanish origin.


It is a variety of drum or drum very sound of medium or small size of African origin. Word of African origin that means drum. In the Cuban orchestras is a term used to encourage the Orchestra and invite them to give much encouragement or heart musical interpretations.


It means that it lasts little time. Passenger, transitional, casual, fleeting, ephemeral. On at the time. It can also mean bad weather at sea, storm, Gale, storm surge and storm.


Mean recess, empty or hollow. Also in Colombia is a way of calling each of the twins or twins (short for twin). Spain is another call to Apple, cermeno or pomar tree.


It is the sexual structure of the fungi imperfecti or order Melanconiales. Lot of a fungus hyphae or Assembly. Conidiophores. The word is derived from Latin (acervulus) and means lot, stacking, group.


In Colombia, it means crazy, of poor judgment, irrational. Also used as a synonym for wasteful, wasteful, botarate or botaratas. You spend money without control.


You spend money without control. Waste likes. In Colombia, it means crazy, of poor judgment, irrational. Also used as a synonym for tarambana, wastefully, botarate or botaratas.


You spend money without control. That you like waste or waste. In Colombia, it means crazy, of poor judgment, irrational. Also used as a synonym for tarambana, wasteful, botarate or botaratas.


Cusha or kennel, in the South of Colombia means old. In Ecuador in the Sierra and among indigenous peoples it means House, home, family. In Argentina it means vulva or vagina. In Guatemala, is a popular fermented and intoxicating drink. Liquor.

deslizaderos o toboganes

They are the same as slides. They are some constructions of smooth and sloping surfaces with edges or protections where you can throw or slide way of fun people. In Colombia is an apparatus of fun in the pools. Slide is a word of Algonquian origin, meaning sled.

kiosko quincallería

In Colombia it is an awning or small shop where they sell costume jewelry. Place where they sell hardware (metal products of low value)


It is the hole or cavity is inserted where the head of the femur in hip. Cavity, the coxal bone or the pelvis. Cavity or hole where the head of the femur is inserted. Bowl, glass or cup shaped.


Outdated way of saying home. Family or group of people living together, very United. House, home. Place, site or place where illuminates the oven, a kitchen or a fireplace. Nursing home, place where care for elderly or needy. Fire, fire, fire.


Diminutive of nene. Toddler, baby.


In Colombia it means enduring hunger, wait a reasonable time after eating with more wishes. Colloquially it is to feel eager (tempt yourself) to acquire something. Crave, want, aspire, aspire, tempt yourself.


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