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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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ruletero, ra

Person fond of the game of roulette. Ludopath who plays roulette. Person of the casino, in charge of the roulette. Name of a song composed by Dámaso Pérez Prado.


It means fear of big or giant things, larger than under normal conditions. It is one of the least recurrent phobias and does not refer to objects that are naturally large, such as an airplane, a building or a whale.


Some time ago it was a device that was used to transmit news or messages in written way. There was a transmitter and receiver. It consisted of a keyboard and the messages transmitted were called the same Tteletype, telex, teleprint or telegram. The apparatus was also called a telex, teleprinter or telegraph. It is now in disuse due to the great advance of communications.


Name of a star in the constellation Perseus . In Chinese astronomy it is known as "Celestial Ship" (Tien Chuen). It is also often referred to as Eta Persei, 15 Perseus or HD 17506.


They have a tendency to increase. Proud, vain, they tend to get bigger.


Name of a tile in the checkers game. In Zulu language it means artist or artists. Name of a song by Njengomkakhe (artist of African origin).


Letter-bomb or carbomba is an explosive device used by terrorists and presented in the form of an envelope, which explodes when opened. In Colombia it was used to attack German Vargas Lleras.


In Colombia it is the name of a fruit and the plant that produces it. It is also known as cardón guajiro. It is of the family Cactaceae and its scientific name is Stenocereus griseus. The plant is made up of elongated pencas and therefore its scientific name that means candle or candle. It is similar to the pitahaya but the inner part of its fruit is red. It develops in very dry climates (Xerophytic). It is cultivated especially by the indigenous people of the Wayú ethnic group.


It means magic wand or baton. bar. Short and thin rod used by magicians. In German it means wall, wall, partition, wall.


Augmentative equipment . Big team, team made up of big stars.


It means that it stands out, that it shines. Glittering, dazzling, luminous, resplendent, bright. It produces glare, shine or glow.


It means brightness, radiance.


It means brightness, light, splendor, luminosity or scintillation.


It means mixing or combining several religious creeds. Conciliation between various religious doctrines.


It means that they agree, that they reconcile or agree to tolerate and accept each other. That it is the result of mediation or conciliation.


It means confirming outright . Make sure that there is absolutely no doubt. reaffirm. Corroborate , ratify .


Inflection of bounding . It means to encrify, delimit, circumscribe, limit, prohibit, fix. It can also mean saying, pronouncing, annotating, pointing, apostilling.


It is the same as tayuela. It is a stool or small three-legged seat.


It means cutting into slices or slices. In Colombia it is also to get tip to a pencil.


It means infecting, infesting, infecting, contaminating, inoculating, transmitting, gluing. Transmit an infection .


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