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baggala o baghla

baggala or baghla-old vessel of Arab origin that was used for centuries in the Indian Ocean-


acculturation-is thus called the process by which one people, in direct and permanent contact with another, transforms some of their cultural patterns, either spontaneously or imposed, resisted or accepted, according to the various forms of link established between the societies concerned-


biogases-belonging to combustible gas obtained from wastewater and organic agro-energy waste from biomass-


catalase-belonging to the enzyme with the power to catalyze the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water-

agnóstica, co-

agnostic, co-refers to the person who does not believe in God, but neither affirms nor denies his existence, since he sees no reason to be a believer or to be an atheist

tener la fiesta en paz

have the party in peace-expression used to avoid an argument or anger


harassed-accused lawmakers of reforms to the planned regime


aquacytes-amarizasthe seaplane normally, despite the strong storm-


Cetus-refers to a constellation located in the cosmic areaEquatorial-


Io-this is the asteroid discovered by C. H. F. Peters on September 19, 1865-


abactors-People engaged in abigeate or quadrism

balística terminal

terminal-discipline ballistics that studies the effects of projectile impact on the target.

galaxias de ratones

Mouse Galaxies-refers to a galaxy located in the constellation Coma Berenices-


warning-refers to the steam warship, small and very light, to carry, from the authority, sheets, orders, etc.


he was luring - he violently dispersed the enemy of usurped territory

exégeta exegeta

exegeta- refers to , 1) Commentator of the great writers, mainly during the Alexandrian era. - 2 ) Commentator of sacred texts . -


abalizadizas-belonging to the area that is easily abalizable


Abellón - Abelio - refers to the name given by the inhabitants of Aquilea, Gaul and Ilyria, to the god Apollo-

adormidera bobolones

golden tree, medicinal, white or pale pink flowers, bright steely leaves, fruit in capsules from which opium, morphine and other alkaloids are extracted,

baghla, bagala

baghla , bagala-old vessel of Arab origin that was used for centuries in the Indian Ocean-


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