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Arronzar-refers to: Falling too much the ship to leeward, which is known as going to the ronza-

hierba piojera o albarraz

Piojera herb or albarraz-it is an annual plant, of the buttercup family, of erect and hairy stems of 1m of height, large leaves, intense blue flowers, fruits in black and rough capsules, with seeds inside that, like all the parts of the plant, are extremely toxic-From these seeds was obtained in the past, a product that was used to combat lice-

abarrado o barrado

barred or barred-it is said of the fabric that presents in its structure a band or list that does not have as much quality as the rest of the piece-


Patientia- is the asteroid discovered by astronomerA. H . Charloisel December 4, 1899-


barí- Amerindian people originally from Colombia, had their habitat in the department of Norte de Santander-

ciruelo cimarrón ababuy

Ababuy-bighorn plum refers to a species of plum, wild shrub, small, thorny, with bright green oval leaves with a strong aroma of almonds, pale flowers, yellow or orange-red fruits, pleasant taste. Generally, it has its habitat in forested regions-


Thebaine-refers to a certain type of toxic alkaloid, extracted from opium-

el río

The Rio- is said to be a constellation located in the cosmic zone of the southern or southern hemisphere-


Scylla- is the asteroid discovered by astronomer J. Palisa on November 8, 1875-


Caetophobias-belonging to the aversion, hatred or fear that certain people present to hair or hairy beings-


Ababolado - Ababolada - refers to the land in cultivation where the ababol predominates, constituting, almost always, a pest for the planted-


Izar- refers to a star whose official name was approved on August 21, 2016, located in the constellation Bootes-


Korinaias-belonging to a Russian river boat of shallow draft, very light, used for transport-

hierba de chucho-caángay

Chucho-Caángay-grass is a species of herbaceous plant, annual, of the family Asteraceae, about 70 cm tall, very toxic, considered a weed, native to South America; It presents opposite leaves, small pink or white flowers of nauseating smell, becoming a weed of the tropical areas of the world-It is used medicinally as an antibacterial or antiarthritic, also, for its essential oils, it is used in cosmetics; is toxic to mammals-

geishas geikos

Geisha Geikos-In the year 1920 there were 80 . 000; today there are only about a thousand, but their fascination remains-In the West they are called geisha, but in Japan they are geikos and at first they were boys-Before, their learning began at age six and today begins at 15-Extremely discreet, dressing a geisha can cost the same or more than buying a house-


bristling-equinado- is said to be a type of vegetable indument covered with rigid or sharp projections, such as bristles, stingers or thorns, forming a surface resembling that of a hedgehog.


Klumpkea- is an asteroid discovered by astronomer B. P . Jekhowsky on January 20, 1925-


Ereutophobias- belonging to the aversion, hatred or fear, presented by certain individualsto blush; aversion to the color red, especially to lights-


Ñihamwos-members of an Amerindian people originally from Colombia, with habitat in Amazonas department-

lampiños o glabros

lampiños or glabros- belonging to a type of vegetable clothing without trichomes or hairs on its surface-


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