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acne-refers to the expression : skin condition characterized by the existence of pustules frequently located on the face.


abdidics-refers to the expression: you re-indie honorific


pezpita-refers to the expression : insectivorous bird, small, passearian, nests in the rocky and similar natural walls, gray, white belly, wings and black tail and has as particular it announce to man the arrival of cold weather-


Gluskabi-refers to the expression : Creator God, legendary figure of the Wabanaki Peoples, whose name means "man who came from nowhere"-


acclimatization-refers to the expression : physiological and behavioral adjustments that living organisms suffer to adapt from a given soil and climate to different ones.


adamantinos-belonging to the expression : that it is similar, similar or similar to diamond-


rush-refers to the expression : sudden start of the bull on the deception created by the bullfighter; demonstrates the bravura of the animal-


this-fan-refers to the expression: paint on burnished gold reliefs to the methim-

pato bravío

bravio duck-refers to the expression : type of podicipediform bird, typical of the wetlands of Europe, Africa and Australia-


Barnumbir-refers to the expression : Goddess within the culture of the Yolngu tribe, which represents the planet Venus, which announces the light of the new day-


belonging to the expression : action of behaving like a lady-

águila leontocéfala

leontocephalic eagle refers to the expression : to be fantastic with an eagle's body and a lion's head.


acirology-refers to the expression : lack of ownership in the use of the words-


acitara-refers to the expression : parament or ornament of a chair of a stand or of mounting-


albatross-refers to the expression : large seabird that can live about sixty years, the wingspan are the largest than those of any live bird,


apensérid-refers to the expression : ganoid fish characterized by having a long body and a head simile quadrangular prism-


cypresses- belonging to the expression : one of the names by which cypress is known


ablactamos-refers to the expression: we suppress the lactation of children with a complementary diet


soften-refers to the expression: they put something on for some reason


snow-like aguza-refers to the expression : insectivorous bird, small, passehora, nests in the rocky walls and natural similar, gray, white belly, wings and black tail and has as particularity announce to man the arrival of cold weather-


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