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aconas- tribe of Amerindians that inhabit the shores of Lake Comprido, in the state of Alagoas, in Brazil-

arapahoes, aparajos

Arapahoes, aparajos—members of an indigenous Amerindian people who had their habitat in the Great Plains of the U.S. UU-

abbevillienses o abevillenses

abbevillienses or abevillenses - belonging to the demonym of the people born in Abbeville, city of France, located in the department of the Somme-


Hibiscus-abelmosco- refers to a malvaceous plant, aromatic, ornamental, with large and serrated leaves, hairy stem, red flowers. typical of some areas of Egypt and India-

abellotada, abellotado

acorned, abellotado-refers to any object that has a figure similar or similar to the acorn, fruit of the holm oak and oak, oval, pointed and semi-hard shell-


Indication- This is the name given to the appeal or summons made to convene a conciliar or synodal assembly.

cascales adormideras

Opium poppy cascales-belonging to an annual papaveraceous plant, medicinal, with white or pale pink flowers, shiny steely leaves, fruit in capsules from which opium, morphine and other alkaloids are extracted-

abarroteros o abaceros

grocers or steelmakers - belonging to the person who works in a trade offering packaged or sold foods by weight, such as dairy products, breads or preserves-


Hela- is the asteroid discovered by astronomer J. Helffrich on June 5, 1910-


armed- belonging to a type of vegetable indument that has stingers, sharp prominences from epidermal tissue-


Ceraskia- is the asteroid discovered by the astronomer. F . Wolf on April 18, 1915-

arribajes o arribadas

arrivals or arrivals-belonging to the action and effect of arriving, obligatory or forced arrival of a ship to a port, which was neither the destination nor the stopover, for any unforeseen cause.

albarraz - alabarraz

Albarraz - Alabarraz-It is an annual plant, of the family of the Ranunculaceae, of erect and hairy stems of 1m of height, large leaves, intense blue flowers, fruits in black and rough capsules, with seeds inside that, like all the parts of the plant, are extremely toxic-From these seeds was obtained formerly, a product that was used to combat lice-


Abarraganas-gives a fabric the appearance and other qualities of barragán, very strong and consistent wool fabric-


Kilia- is the asteroid discovered by the astronomer. Carnera on April 21, 1901-


calima-Amerindian people originally from Colombia, had its habitat in the department ofValle del Cauca-the vocablocalimaes used in the study of the American Ethnic Groups-


Chocomico-ababuy- refers to a kind of plum, wild shrub, small, thorny, with bright green oval leaves with a strong aroma of almonds, pale flowers, yellow or orange-red fruits, pleasant flavor. Generally, it has its habitat in forested regions-

uvas de perro

dog grapes- It is a herbaceous plant species of the Caprifoliaceae family, native to southern and central Europe and Southeast Asia. generic name Sambucus ebulus, which could reach 2 to 5m in height, erect stems, usually without branches, with opposite leaves of dark green color and strong smell, white or pink flowers, with a small, dark and very toxic fruit; It is used in medicine for its cardiotonic, sudorific, diuretic and laxative properties.


Hercules- it is said of a constellation located in the cosmic zone Northern Hemisphere or Boreal-


Phaedra- is the asteroid discovered by astronomer J. C . Watson on September 2, 1877-


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