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izerdi patsetan

in Basque language izerdi Spanish patsetanen sweat


34, coteado ": masculine singular past participle of verb " cotear ".


macehualtiny = macehualtinEl macehualtin were the plebeian social class in the Aztec Empire. During the reign of Moctezuma II ( 1502-1520 ) that were forbidden to serve in the Royal palaces, since this Monarch was expanded the gap between pipiltin ( noble ) and macehualtin.Como Aztec society was in part focused on war - every Aztec male received military training basic from an early age - the only possibility of upward social mobility for macehualtin was through military achievement - especially the taking of captives ( Maltin [Maltin] noun Malli ). After the Spanish conquest, the word nahuatl macehualli was adopted in Spanish colonial macehual, and was used by all the new Spain as a synonym for " commoner 34, " 34 subject; and " 34 native.


Luyana: Variant LUANA


Automatic scrubbers


maluqueto = maluquito ( 41 ugly;


KRESALA DANCE GROUP. Founded in 1968 by the dancer and choreographer Gene Yurre. Pioneer of dance in the development of a new Basque country. 1993-06 is the artistic director Faustino Aranzabal. Tradition as a source of inspiration for creativity, has developed an innovative dance performances, completing more than thirty productive session: Ayres for the theatre, Buba and Bubu, black box of Oteiza, light, intermittent, or however performances Rodchenko, Sokadantzan, Marixe, cradle, Besta Berri. These works, in different formats to the registry to provide a wide range of spectators are aimed at adults and children. He has participated in numerous international festivals of dance, such as Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Finland. It interacts with other artistic disciplines, in collaboration with the creators.


Another way of saying when a person is extremely greedy.


The unrestricted voice appears in the dictionary of Americanisms ( 41 2010; with the following meaning: unrestricted,-ta ( adjective ). It is unconditional; without limits: eg. the left has given its unrestricted support the Decree on Budgets, for use in Costa rica, Panama, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Argentina.


zajorines is incorrectly written, and should be written as "zahorí" being its meaning:
zajorines zajorizahori prural means geomancer, and by extension also means sorcerer ( in Guatemala, a zajorin is an apprentice sorcerer ) I guess, or general person capable to discover all the hidden ( because there is nothing more blind to what is under the ground )


Udala is a district in the town of Mondragon, Guipúzcoa ( Country Vasco ) located 3 kilometres from the city centre. It is a district of rural environment which is located in the foothills of the mountain Udalaitz, becoming a starting point for hikers outputs. In the neighborhood they reside around 50 people ( 41 2011; [citation needed] divided in 14 villages, of which half are in the neighbourhood of Goiko Auzoa and the other half in Beheko Auzoa.


in Bosnian Spanish kupien buy


reprogram {vb} ( also: consolidate, restructure )


Deep expertise in different disciplines or arts person


plural nastis of nastinastiSe used in the colloquial expression nasti of plasti, indicating that he is emphatically rejected a proposal: on the go with them at the party told me that nasti of plasti.

musculo complementario

Muscle that is involved in the same action of another.


NekiMediante wrist a bracelet can help to increase the safety of children when they are away from home, providing security to the parents


plural of patojopatojo,-ja adj-s. You have the legs or feet twisted and mimics the duck on the way.


Carazo is a town and a municipio1 located in the province of Burgos, in the autonomous community of Castilla y León (Spain ) region of demand, judicial district of Salas de los Infantes, head of the City Council of his name. It has a population of 43 inhabitants ( INE 2008 41. Its economy is based on agriculture, livestock and rural tourism. The path of great route GR-82 runs through the town.


pentyl is incorrectly written, and should be written as "PenTile" being its meaning:
pentyl = PenTileThe PenTile Matrix is a configuration of sub-pixels that differs from more traditional in a number of ways RGB pixels. Sub-pixels on a screen PenTile can act as a part of many logical pixels, and often contain white pure sub-pixels. The effect of this is that the PenTile screens can settle for less real subpixels for a given resolution and can be perceived as brighter also. In spite of this, the screens using the PenTile configuration are often ridiculed by the press and consumers be diffuse in comparison to the same resolution of core samples that use a more traditional RGB subpixel matrix.


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