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Colombian peninsula, in the department of Bolivar.


It is the characteristic, the mode or appearance of something; refers more to the way it is perceived than to its essence. See figure , last , form .


Quality of meekness, docility, calm, tranquility.


Mechanical piano, which has built-in an ingenuity for playing parts that were originally written on perforated tapes. In lunfardo is another version of the "pianito", a record sheet where the inked fingers were supported to record the fingerprints of the criminals. The methonymia mentioned in other definitions as 'denture' is because of its similarity to the ivory keyboard, and if it has missing pieces, it would be ebony keys.


Another atomic burrada, typical of someone very ignorant or who knows that his audience is even more gross than him; well, in this case she, because it seems to be the invention of a British journalist named Shane Watson and published it in The Daily Telegraph in London as "the tendency of mature people to behave as if they were younger". The supposed etymology brings it from middle English (mid, mid, middle age) Greek orexia ( 10060;" obsession" ) 57607; . Returning to the real world, mydorexia would be the tendency (it can be pathological) to eat nothing, also the same lack of appetite, perhaps feeding by serum. Obviously comes from Greek, 956; 951; 948; 949; 957; ( measure "none, quantity of zero") or 961; 949; 958; 953; 962; ( orexis "appetite" ) . Here in the neighborhood the invention of the Watson we say in other ways, such as "old man" or "giving the old". See also hemocism, childphobia, nomophobia.


1o_ Participle of the verb fishing . 2nd_ Fish caught, which is out of the water or in captivity. 3o_ In a figurative sense is anything that is caught, understood or intuited. 4th_ Colloquially it is used as an adjective for a naive, foolish person, and is usually as an insult.


Containing 40 times a unit, it is usually used to call the one who is between 40 and 49 years old. It comes from the Latin numbering and is composed of quattuor ( "four" ) the ginta multiplier ( "ten times" ), in its form of adjective quartagenarius . It should be clarified that cuadrus is "box, square" , but it relates to the 4 and when you reach the Spanish can appear that change.


In addition to the given definitions, Perico is the name of a Jewish city, northwest of Argentina. It is also a sexual accessory known as a (probably by the asparagus). In some areas it is synonymous with cocaine. And in other gay ones. As hypocoristic is a diminutive of Peter, and Pedrito is a common name for pet parrots.


It is said of someone who is brave, daring, who takes a risk without taking into account the consequences. It is inherited from the Latin intrepidus ( prefix in_ "no , without" trepidus "fearful, trembling" ) .


Boy, teen. It is used in Ecuador and comes from Quechua huambra, with the same meaning.


Thread ingey, warp with threads. It is also used as sharpening, put below .


Also 'laliorrea', is to speak excessively and uncontrollably; especially in public, when you have an auditorium. It comes from The Greek 955; 945; 955; 953; 945; (laliá , "talk or talk" ) 961; 949; 969; ( "flow" rhéo) . See logorrea .


Veriante of ailurophobia.


1o_ In lunfardo is excrement , zorete , shit, also in its concept of waste or bad fact. It is understood as the product of "go to garcar" . 2o_ First singular person of the present indicative form of garcar .


Vulgar variant of perhuetanus. Chilenism for "dumb."


Name given to a variety of wild pear. From Latin pirus ( "peral" ) .


1o_ Soluble product, diluted . 2o_ By extension of the previous , cut , separation , although more dissolution is used. 3o_ By extension of the previous one, final cut to a problem , resolution .


Originated in the human or in their actions. From Greek 945; 957; 952; 961; 969; 960; 959; 962; ( anthropos "man, in the sense of species") 947; 949; 957; 951; 962; ( "origin, race" genes) .


Ivan is a Slavic version of the name Juan. See juan .


Microdropper Diminutive .


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