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soñe que salían chiripas de una cartera marrón yo la sacudia

Para empezar, no estamos en el Diccionario de Sueños, y para el de Español hay dos palabras con errores de ortografía y falta al menos una coma. Por lo del significado, es muy obvio: sentís culpa por engañar a tu pareja. La cartera marrón sos vos, donde guardás el teléfono con los mensajes incriminatorios, que por ser tan sucios te la llenan de cucarachas. Como no querés deshacerte de quien genera el cargo de conciencia en el mundo real, entonces sacudís tu cartera en sueños.


It seems to be a mistake for babieca.


Error from glycogenesis .


Glycogenolysis error.


Must be a mistake per subversive.


Claranente is another misspelled word, and if it is from Spanish and I have to guess I lean for 'hallole' (find ).


It's contraflow with a changed letter.


It can be a leased error. See the pronominal form repent .


Will it be the female of 10060;antitechnical? 128513; Well written as 'antitechnical' can be a neologism within a phrase where it opposes the technical, but outside of those cases, it does not exist (and less without accent, even if some invent definitions).


Perhaps a mistake by destackor, destemming, or lots of more words.


It should be polling with a changed letter.

esta difícil

Another synonym, of the bad query '10060;this little canijo', which for a matter of sympathy also has its misspelling. See ingearound, difficult.


Of course 10060;wiseness does not exist, it is an imagined anonymity for another invention like 10060;ignoflexia, and the site generates a "serious" query with this. See wise, action.

oponerse también es alocarse

Another nonsense as a synonym, this time to stoch.

devaluado jirón harapo

Another collection of misseparated synonyms and converted into consultation, now for wink.

perfección belleza

See perfection, beauty.

acreditado incorrupto

See accredited, uncorrupted.

hagamonos pasito

See Let's Do (Do), Step .

alajamiento construccion

The two words are wrong, it should be flattering and construction. For more etymological detail see alhaja .

consultor politico

It may not be understood by misspelling. See consultant, politician.


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