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media cartilla

In Mexico it is a reduced way to call the "half military primer", a document related to National Military Service.

delta seco

In geography it is a delta or alluvial fan, formed by sediments dragged by a stream of water that loses its strength in a flat terrain, without flowing into the sea. See dry.

bicho de luz

It is a popular and self-describing name for various bioluminescent insects such as the coyuyo or the firefly.

olla popular

It is called 'popular pot' to the preparation of a stew or stew in a public place and in large quantity, to serve people who can not afford their food, and also to make their situation visible.

gusano del cerdo

One first thinks that it is Trichinella spiralis (from trichinosis), but it's actually a way of calling various parasites, such as Ascaris suum or Taenia solium, which invade humans who feed on infected pork.

nombre de fantasía

It is a commercial or promotional name for a company or product, which does not necessarily have to match or resemble the company name or legal name.


It may be a mistake for estovar ("to sauté") or one of its inflections, such as verbs/estovan, also by the feminine noun Estevana.


Hopefully it is a mistake by the vulgarism hypio ("hipido") or by the hiccups themselves. Although it could also be by gravel, equestrian, hippie or jipi, and even by inflections of hipar , hurt, . . .


It may be a mistake by cangalla, or perhaps by a pronominal inflection of loading, perhaps a mistake by a feminine of something relative to Gargallo (Teruel, Spain), although for that there is already gargallino.


It is not Spanish, perhaps an error by negror ("blackness"), or Nedrou (Moyen-Cavally Region, Ivory Coast), or Nedrow (New York State, USA), although it is most likely a typing error by Nestor.


It is in error, perhaps a vulgarism, by meona (plant), or also by the feminine of meón ("who urinates a lot or very often").


Taking into account that shortly before this consultation another one appeared for "matron", it is possible that it is a trolling imitating some diminutive also from mother (for the Latin mater), which also suggests that it may be a vulgar variant of license plate that is used in . . . somewhere. Apart from the rambling, it can be an error by metric, marica, rattle. . .


Pronominal form for an inflection of the verb to fear. See verbs/temé .


Pronominal form for an inflection of the verb to pray. See verbs/orá , le ("third person singular pronoun").


In Spanish it would only be a pronominal inflection of the verb aspar . See verbs/aspá , the ("feminine pronoun of third person singular").


Pronominal form for an inflection of the verb to listen . See verbs/listen, me ("first person singular pronoun").


Pronominal form for an inflection of the verb buzz . See verbs/zumbá .


Pronominal form for an inflection of the verb to update . See verbs/updates, te ("second-person singular pronoun").


Concerning missiles, especially ballistic missiles.


Relating to the atmosphere and the phenomena that occur in it.


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