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It is a derogatory friend, but is interpreted as "very friendly, from the same group of close friends, buddy", because the suffix is also for augmentatives.


It is a fish augmentative .


Augmentative of pork (in its various meanings).


Augmentative of gocho (in its various meanings).


Augmentative of good (in several of its meanings), which is used affectionately, and sometimes as good.


1º_ It is a way of calling the harvest worker, especially if it is good or requires little effort, since it comes from guilla ("abundant harvest"). Precisely this characteristic gives rise to the following two meanings. 2º_ Bisoño, with little preparation. While it is a term used among fulleros and gamblers, the origin is rural, because anyone without experience could raise an easy harvest. 3º_ Lazy, unconcerned about work. It comes from the harvester with a simple crop, which does not require more effort or care. 4º_ William's Augmentative Hypocoristic.

niña de la repetición

Except for some specific case, it doesn't make much sense. And if it is part of a larger text it baffles me about "girl", because if it were "boy" it can be a generic like "childhood", since as we know in Spanish the masculine is not really masculine but covers both genders, but the feminine is specific; So he couldn't get out (p. e.g. . ) of a text on the treatment of repeating pupils. Still, I think therein lies the error. Or the trolling, because obviously that is not consultation for dictionary. See repetition, repetition monkey.

abundante en limo a lodo

Of course, anyone who has done crossword puzzles knows that this is the definition "Abundant in silt and mud" for "silt"; in trolley version to put as if it were an incoherent query in this dictionary. Because they know that someone is always going to write something to you before the administrators delete it.

mirarse como hormonas

Either it is another trolling, or it is a gross error of the automatic corrector by the religious phrase "look at each other as brothers".

pedir una charla de funcionarios del dane para ampliar los conocimientos

It's obviously part of a paragraph out of context, copied and pasted here as trolled. See DANE .

desque que vi ser las dos

It is a fragment of text taken down and badly copied, perhaps from La vida de Lazarillo de Tormes y de sus fortunas y adversidades (Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, 1554) where he refers to 2 o'clock in the afternoon. It may be "Since I saw it be two. . . " , or "Desque vi ser dos . . . " . See desque (archaic contraction by "since that", as "after that") .

una persona desbordada

It seemed to me that it could be one of those definitions put in the field of 'synonyms', but I did not find it. Maybe it's just a misplaced query, a fragment of off-hook text and nothing more. See one ("female of item one"), person, overflowing.


1º_ Breaker, breaker, creak. It is of onomatopoeic origin. 2º_ Name with which the inhabitants "southern whites" are known in the USA, which is usually an offensive name although in Georgia or Florida they do not interpret it that way. 3º_ It is the name given to a type of cookies that crunch when biting, usually made without yeast. 4º_ Criminal with knowledge of hacker in computer science, who violates systems to destroy them or steal information, often for extortion purposes. [Note: in the Spanish dictionary there is more data on etymologies. ]


1º_ 'Alma' is a woman's name of Hebrew origin around 1506; 1500; 1502; 1492; (halmá "maiden, young woman"), although there is also a Latin version by almus, a, um ("nourishment"). 2º_ Feminine of almo ("that feeds", "that gives excellence"). 3º_ It is said of what it holds, of the main or motor part of something, of what allows life and feelings within an individual. From Latin anima, ae ("breath, breath, breath, life force"). [From its different interpretations and metonymies the following meanings are created. ] 4º_ Intangible element that living beings have as a spirit; For many religions and philosophies it is eternal, it persists even after death and only human persons have it. 5º_ For the previous one it is a way of saying "life" and also "person", in a poetic or figurative sense. 6º_ Element that incorporated into another gives rigidity or resistance. 7º_ Hollow barrel of the firearm, for being the internal and main part. 8º_ Axis or support of various artifices in architecture, mechanics, luthery, . . .


1º_ Erica is a genus of plants better known as heather, which would be the meaning of the Latin erice , is and the Greek 949; 961; 949; 953; 954; 951; ( ereike ) . 2º_ Feminine of the name Erico , which is almost not used because the Erica or Erika versions are preferred. None has an etymological relationship with the previous one, but come from the Norse eirikr.


1º_ It is a woman's name of Greek and mythological origin. At first it was a descriptive nickname for the third wife of the hero Heracles, who was killed by her by giving her a chiton who believed had a loving gualicho, but in truth was impregnated with Hydra poison with semen and blood of the centaur Neso (puaj). That's why she was called 916; 951; 953; 945; 957; 949; 953; 961; 945; ( Deiáneira ) , formed by 948; 951; 953; 959; 969; ( deioo "to kill, to ravage") 945; 957; 949; 953; 961; 945; (áneira) as a somewhat poetic accusative of 945; 957; 948; 961; 959; 962; ( andros "adult male, husband"); so it can be translated as "mariticide". 2º_ It is the name of a design style for some Corinthian vessels of the lecith type typical of the sixth century BC. C . in ancient Greece.


1º_ Feminine name of Greek origin; of the various mythological characters the most famous Pandora was the first woman, modeled in clay by Hephaestus, and used by Zeus to disperse evils against humanity, which she carried in an amphora. The etymology of 928; 945; 957; 948; 969; 961; 945; ( Pandoora ) is related to "all the gifts" that were granted to him by the gods to seduce and punish the males, since 960; 945; 957; (bread) means "all" and 948; 969; 961; 959; 957; ( dooron ) is "gift, gift". 2º_ 'Pandora' is the name of a village in the state of Ohio (USA). 3º_ 'Mazama pandora' is the name of the American deer temazate. 3º_ 'Pandora' is a genus of butterflies. 4º_ Name of singers, actresses, artistic works, characters of novels, animes, also brand of commercial products.


1º_ Name of a woman that has a masculine version, but that in Spanish is no longer used. Surely it comes from the Latin laurus, which not only names the laurel plant, but also its magical or medicinal attributes and above all honor and triumph, for the Greco-Roman custom of honoring poets, warriors and victorious sportsmen with a laurea ("laurel wreath") on its head. 2º_ It is the name of several geographical places, in Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Cuba, USA, Peru, Russia, Uruguay, . . . 3º_ Cenobio , community of monks . They were originally grouped in caves or hermits, which could explain their Greek origin in 955; 945; 965; 961; 945; ( Laura "passage, corridor" ), perhaps influenced by 955; 945; 959; 962; ( laos "of rock or stone" ) . 4º_ The asteroid ( 467 ) Laura was probably named by its discoverer Maximilian Franz Wolf as a tribute to the character Laura Adorno from the opera La Gioconda ( Amilcare Ponchielli and Arrigo Boito , 1876 ) .


1º_ According to the biblical stories it would be the name of the first woman and second human being created by God, although according to other interpretations, traditions or myths it could be the second female, or the third. It comes from the Hebrew 1495; 1463; 1493; 1464; 1468; 1492; ( Chavvah "giver of life, as mother"). 2º_ For the previous one, and taking into account that for the Catholic religion Eve is holy, it is used as a woman's name with some variants throughout the Christian world, in addition to the Jewish and Muslim. 3º_ Also by the account of Genesis the name is used to qualify a woman guilty of an evil (originally the expulsion from Paradise), or the first of a generation that does not necessarily refer to humans. 4º_ 'EVA' is an acronym for "Air Surveillance Squadron", "Visual Analog Scale", "Virtual Learning Spaces"; and also for other languages that can be found in Spanish texts such as Ethylene Vinyl Acetate ( "ethylene vinyl acetate") ), Extra Vehicular Activity ("extravehicular [spatial] activity") or up to Elektronische Verkehrslotse Fur Autofahrer ("Electronic traffic controller for drivers"). 5º_ Eva is the name of cities in USA, Brazil, Greece, Cuba, Samoa, Congo and Mexico. 6º_ It is also the name of an asteroid, songs, books, films and various characters.


1º_ It is an intermediate color between black and white, without prevalence of other tones. This can be seen in its encoding where it is typically the decimal 128, 128, 128 or hexadecimal 808080, and there are variations with its corresponding name closer to black or white, but always its three RGB values are going to be equal to each other and you will not have red, green or blue contamination. 2º_ Precisely because it is between light and dark, as an adjective it is used to qualify what is not entirely legal, but it is not openly illegal either. See gray area, grey hat . 3º_ In Spanish it is associated with melancholy, sadness, lackluster and graceless. See english/blue . 4º_ It is said of the climate with probability of rain, by the ashy color of the clouds that cover the sun. 5º_ Another name for the squirrel Sciurus griseus and its skin. See petigrís . 6º_ Juan Gris is the pseudonym of the cubist painter José Victoriano González . 7º_ In botanical nomenclature 'Gris' is the abbreviation for Jean Antoine Arthur Grey. 8º_ It is the name of books, poems, songs, characters, games, . . .


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