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daño colateral

It is an expression used during the Vietnam War by the Americans as a euphemism for "civilian casualties or material losses resulting from military action that did not target them." He became popular during the Persian Gulf War, for his repetition in newspaper reports. Today it extends to any harm caused by an action that was directed to another end, especially if contempt for harm to innocents is obvious. It comes from the English collateral damage , and it is because collateral ( "next, next to" ) has for that language a meaning of "secondary, consequence of the main".

código qr

Optical method for storing high contrast encoded information (typically black or white marks) similar to the barcode, but two-dimensional. It is an open source technology, although the patent belongs to the company Denso Wave. The name comes from the English Quick Response code.

zona de confort

The situation or environment in which an individual feels comfortable and safe is called a "comfort zone". This in many cases causes changes to be avoided so as not to lose that security, resulting in stagnation in personal, professional, affective development.

mala pécora

1o_ It is an expression used exclusively towards a woman, such as "stray sheep", by decay, disobedient, vicious. 2nd_ Surely by the above meaning, it is also "promiscuous, prostitute"; although there is an origin that tells about the herds, where the sheep seek even the coated males to be assembled and that gave them fame of libertines 128527; . See bad , pécora ( "sheep" ), pecorina .

bomba de relojería

It is another - tighter - way to call the "time bomb" or "explosive device with a timer-controlled delay." It also has a sense figurative about the "situation that is going to end violently in a matter of time".

marca de distribuidor

It is the correct name of the so-called "white mark", which retailers use for products manufactured by third parties and sold with their own unique brand.

línea blanca

It is the name given to the line of household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, kitchens; that at some point were made enamelled white.

zona gris

It is an expression from "white or white zone" in the sense of "clear, clean, legal" and "black, or black area" as "dark, cloudy, illegal". A 'grey zone' would be in the middle, without being totally good or totally bad.

cazador de eclipses

It is so called the one who travels to the different localities of the world where every eclipse is best seen, when it occurs. See hunter.

encuentro cercano

As an expression, a "close encounter" is used to qualify a contact with some type of foreign entity associated with the UFO phenomenon. In principle its creator Josef Allen Hynek classified it in : First Type , for the sighting of objects less than 150 meters; Second Type , when the object leaves recognizable marks of its passage; and Third Type, when an animated presence is observed. Then more types and subtypes were added for more specific cases. The name is a translation of English close encounter . View Blue Book ( US Project ) .

semiautónomo, na

See semi-autonomous, semi-autonomous, auto-, -nomía, na.

diarístico, ca

See diaristic, ca.

autorreflexivo, va

The truth that self-reflective is not incorporated into the English dictionary, but is used in psychology or philosophical meditation; not in optics. And va can have several meanings.

sesentero, ra

See sesentero , RA .

germano, na

See German ( "German" ), na .

hidrobiológico, ca

See hydrobiological , ca .

tránsfobo, a

See tránsfobo , a .

labajeño, ña

See labajeño , ña .

revengano, na

See ravengano , na.


It is not really a specialization of architecture, but I suppose the name is formed correctly for an architect who makes developments for homes on the water (lakes, rivers) ; although it sounds a lot like promotional neologism. See palafito


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