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It is not Spanish, and if it is not an acronym you will have to consult in English, French, and some others that escape me.


It is not Spanish, at least not current Spanish. It can be a mistake by the plural of degradable or that of unpleasant .


It must be a mistake by the referral female.


If it is not some poetic license as beautiful waitress, it is the feminine of beautiful misspelled.


See nezahualcóyotl .


It seems like a mistake, perhaps because of hypocalcaemia.


Error by tabysing . See tata dios, mantis, santateresa , mamboretá .


It must be a mistake for the female burnished. See burnishing.


Snack error .


Error by raging, aragon, or perhaps by an inflection of any of these verbs : plaguing, shutting down, scratching, amagar, swallowing, dredging, . . .


Error by the plural female of horrendous .


Anthropogenic error.


She came here as supposed anonymity of 'eupneica' (and, yes, also in feminine). See eupneico , eupnea , dispnea or dyspnoea .


Small sculpture of a voluptuous lady that was exhibited in taverns to indicate that there was also a brothel. The origin is in a mythological, demon that takes the form of a beautiful woman to seduce and thus corrupt the monks, although they can choose any male for other purposes, such as extracting their vital energy during orgasm or something from their semen to recycle it as a Incubus. In Latin it is called succubus, sub- ( "down, below" ) cubare ( "lying down" ) as it lay down to receive the male.


According to medieval European legends (although it has equivalents all over the world) it is an evil entity like a demon, usually shaped like a human male that seduces (when it does not violate) women in a position to procreate. The purpose would be to get a son to inherit some of his characteristics. Several myths ensure that the incubus was before a succubus, since the demons have no semen and must first extract it from a man with deception and then inseminate a woman; that's why she can recognize the demon by feeling her cum cold. The etymology is Latin, incubus is formed by the prefix in- ( "in , inside , in this case can be understood as over or above" ) cubare ( "lying" ) .


Catch fish, for food or by sport. In a broad sense it is to catch, understand or guess something. From Latin piscis ( piskis "fish" ) .


Move from one place to another, carry something. Carry. From Latin levare ( "load, lift" ) .


In Central America it is stunned or stunned. Or maybe it's a mistake to abound.


This verb was used a lot in the lunfardo until the mid-20th century, and then it was forgotten. It means angry or angry, becoming noticeable; although it also extended to more specific cases of anger such as jealousy or envy. It comes from the Genoese strillá ("chillar" ), which is of Latin origin, as stryridular.


It has several meanings, such as changing or trocar from where it comes from working, or also from a typical Peruvian dish, or from a Pakistani city, . . . See shambar , chambear .


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