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It is the characteristic of some peoples or social groups to communicate in different languages. This usually happens when forming a country with different ethnicities, where each one contributes its language, or specifically in port or commercial areas, where it is essential to communicate with foreigners. See prefix multi- ( "many , varied" ) , polyglot , pidgin .


In some villages or social groups it is the characteristic of communicating in a single language. It is usually an imposition of governments in places where there is a de facto multilingualism for the diversity of cultures, in order to facilitate education and communication; and often to the detriment of minorities who lose their linguistic identity. See prefix mono- ( "only , only" ) , language ( "language" ) .


Relating to multiorgasmia. It is said of who can feel more than one orgasm in the same sexual relationship. It is a word of Greco-Latin composition formed with the prefix multi- ("many") 959; 961; 947; 945; 969; ( orgao "desire with fury" ) the suffix - 953; 954; 959; 962; ( -ikos "relative to" ) . See multiorgasm .


Relating to anorgasmia. It is said of those who do not feel orgasms or of something that does not produce them. It is a word composed with the Greek voices 945; 957; ( an "without , out" ) 959; 961; 947; 945; 969; ( orgao "desire with fury" ) - 953; 954; 959; 962; ( -ikos "relative to" ) .


It is said of the animal with several differentiated stomachs or a stomach divided into several chambers. From the Greek 960; 959; 955; 965; 962; ( polýs "many, varied" ) 947; 945; 963; 964; 951; 961; ( gaster "stomach" ) 953; 954; 959; 962; ( -ikos "relative to" ) . See monogastric .


It is said of the animal with a simple stomach and low storage capacity, making it more common in omnivores or carnivores. From the Greek 956; 959; 957; 959; ( mono "only, unique" ) 947; 945; 963; 964; 951; 961; ( gaster "stomach" ) 953; 954; 959; 962; ( -ikos "relative to" ) . See polygastric .


1º_ It is another way of calling the soliloquy. From the Greek 956; 959; 957; 959; ( mono "only, unique" ) 955; 959; 947; 959; 962; ( logos "study, treatise, discourse") . 2º_ One-man show, where the whole story is done by a single actor, or also if within a work the actor has an extensive parliament that contains a dramatic block. See stand up.


1º_ Conversation between several people, exchange of opinions. By extension it is also said of the relationship of communicated machines that share data, or even of works that when associated generate new interpretations by coincidences in their themes. From the Greek 948; 953; 945; ( say "between , through" ) 955; 959; 947; 959; 962; ( logos "study, treatise, discourse") . 2º_ It is said especially of the resource in literature, and more in theater, where two or more characters exchange parliaments.


1º_ 'ASU' is the IATA code for Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, in the city of Luque, metropolitan area of Asunción (Paraguay). 2º_ It is an acronym with several developments in Spanish and more languages, in addition to having its own meaning in American languages.


1º_ 'JDP' is the IATA airport and heliport of Paris airport and heliport Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hautes-de-seine department, Île-de-France region, France). 2º_ In Argentina 'JDP' is remembered as a slogan of the Justicialist party for "Justice of the People", which coincided with the initials of its founder, Juan Domingo Perón 128521; .


1º_ Odd number or quantity ("which is not divisible by 2") . See pair . 2º_ It is an ancient form for the adverb of negation no, which by its origin is still seen in Latin locutions. 3º_ 'NON' is the IATA code for Nonouti Airport, in Kiribati (Oceania).


1º_ Deliver, pass something of your own to another. 2º_ 'DAR' is an acronym with several developments, in Spanish it can be "Automatic Distribution of Income", and -p. e.g. - Drug Accountability Record. 3º_ 'DAR' is the IATA code for Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere International Airport ( Dar es Salaam , Tanzania ).


1º_ 'ASM' is an acronym in English with several developments, such as American Society for Microbiology, Air-to-Surface Missile or Automatic Storage Management, but the most used is for available seat miles, a method to calculate the value and profits of an airline based on the seats offered and the distances traveled on their routes. [Note: in Spanish AKO ("seats/kilometers offered") is used, for the issue of units of measurement. ] 2º_ In Spanish it has little use, and almost always local, as in "Asociación Sahara Marroquí" or "Asociación de Senderistas y Montañeros". 3º_ 'ASM' is the IATA code of Asmara International Airport (Eritrea).


As acronym LQA has few developments in Spanish, the first one that occurs to me is "Laboratorio de Química Ambiental"; in English there are more, such as Language quality assurance; internationally it is the postal code of the local council of Luqa (Malta).


1º_ Although it is not used in Spanish, we know this suffix of Japanese social treatment, since it is used to address a male with whom we have a previous trust, or if he is younger than one and we can afford some condescension. The kanji spelling for kun is 21531; , and in the hiragana system is 12367; 12435; . See san ("Japanese honorific suffix"). 2º_ KUN is the IATA code for Kaunas Airport in the city of Karmelava (Lithuania).


It is a form of cultism ("word that comes very close in its writing and / or pronunciation to the etym from which it comes") , but extreme, to the point of complicating itself without needing to ignore some conventions of the language or the ease of pronunciation in transliterations. It is also used to name ridiculous neologisms that try to look cultured, but this would not be an official definition.


It is "creating an extreme liberal policy". It is mainly used in economics, to transform it into a system without state intervention, controlled by the laws of the market. . . and the mercantilists. See ultra-, liberalism, ultraliberalism.


Of extreme conservative tendency, also radicalized in the sense of intolerant with other positions, be they political, religious, educational, . . . It is formed by the prefix ultra-conservative (traditionalist).


Extreme nationalist movement, usually intolerant towards the foreign. See ultra-, nationalism.


1º_ It is said of the activity beyond the slogan or alignment of a political party, but always related to it. See extra-partisanship. 2º_ It is a way of calling extreme militancy, the closure of ignoring or despising everything outside the political party itself. See prefix ultra- .


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