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ganga ibérica

See also ganga.


Relating to weather, climate or chronological sense.


It has motor, that moves with a motor or a motor vehicle.

laissez faire

Currency of capitalism, although he took her by the fisiocratismo. The entire phrase is "Laissez faire et laissez passer, monde le va de lui même» (leze fer e wee leze, le mond lui mem, goes" let do, Miss, the world goes by itself "). It was used to promote the free market, rejecting the interventions of the State in the economy. Today the concept popularly spread to not intervene in events by apathy, disinterest. See me ne frega.


Supporter of the leseferismo, in economic sense or simply as a philosophy of life.


Thinking that proposes non-intervention in the free course of events, not to mention deities that they monitor them above our will. It comes from the phrase laissez-faire (leze fer "let do"), and is a dogma for the capitalists; in broader sense, also for the indolent. See yemanfutismo, menefreguismo, manficismo.


It is not a Portuguese Saint who fattened by eating acorns. See zamborotudo.


Feminine plural of disseminated.


Plural of dark.


I do not think that it is a male of farota, but perhaps a query to the dictionary in catalan, see draba

betty bought a bit better butter!

It is part of a tongue twister in English.

hay gato encerrado

See enclosed cat.


It should not be Spanish. Calo I think that it is wire, in Italian is bat, turning, turning, but they do not seem to have happened to our language, except as the lunfardo frula. Also see crane, strawberry, sputter. . .

salobr salubre

See brackish, safe.


Plural of father.

encefalopatía espongiforme bovina

See also vacaloca.


Acronym for the information technology.


Plural of pito.


See electrode, electorate. . .

jacques b bley

It is the title of a biography of Jacques Bordas Bley, written by the Spanish Ricardo Blasco Romero, who is not a pseudonym of Antonio Ribera. It was published by Editorial Telstar with ISBN: 978-84-7237-017-3 in 1968.


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