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Nombre puesto por los conquistadores españoles al pueblo rarámuri (hrarámuri "de los pies ligeros") que habitan en la Sierra Madre Occidental de México.


1º_ Especie de taparrabos usado por indígenas tarahumara en América del Norte. 2º_ En la región de Sonora (México) es el pañal de bebé, y seguramente proviene del anterior.


Aunque supongo que también se acepta, lo correcto es zapeta.




A way to call the foreskin or glans. It is an analogy with feminized caperol surely by hood or hood influence.

lavado de cazuela

Ironic euphemism for intimate hygiene of anus or vagina. Extreme the resource, it is a very colloquial way to call oral sex on the vulva or anus. See cunilingus, cunnilingus, anilingus, bidet .


How to like for questioning or exclamation. The case is usually interpreted by the signs surrounding the adverb, but in the situation that these are not written the accent is the way to recognize its use, and also its tone in case of declamation.


1st_ Mode Adverb . Indicates the shape or way of . It is also used for comparison. It comes from the Latin quomodo ("the way in which"). 2. _ First singular person of the present indicative of the verbo comer . 3o_ Italian city, in Lombardy, administrative capital of the province of the same name.

como o cómo

See how, how and in case you also eat.

trae torta bajo el brazo

When a baby is born it is said that it "brings bread under the arm" if it has asecure sustenance. This version gives a twist to the phrase when it brings more than bread or when you doubt whether it will be well maintained, but you want if you don't bring bread, bring something else.

rifarse por la banda

It is understood as "playing by friends", "risking for the group", "surrendering for your own".


I hoped that this query would be answered from Ecuador, because you will surely have more detail of its nineteenth-century history. "El Cosmopollino" is an ironic nickname given by Ecuadorian President Gabriel García Moreno to his political rival Juan María Montalvo Fiallos, in a dedication of his Bilingual Sonnet (in Spanish with some Italian, almost cocoliche). The taunt comes from the name of the magazine El Cosmopolita published by Montalvo, where he attacked García Moreno hard, as well as writing essays and bucolic stories such as the one who parodies the sonnet.


Shoes with a sole that allows slipping on a surface, and may have bearings or a blade ( p . E.g. for ice.) It comes from the French patte ("paw") and skate (patin "thick sole shoe") was the one used to move in the snow. In lunfardo is a way to call the prostitute who 'kicks' ( "walks") the street.


Inspection by sweep, step-by-step inspection made with electronic instruments. It can be applied on a printed paper capturing its surface point by point to store the information on another medium (such as in photocopiers), or also on a body to recognize its interior from a monitor (as in ultrasound ultrasound ultrasounds), ent others. It is an Anglicism by to scan (your skan "scrutinize, scrutinize" ) . View Scanner .


Squeamish, soft subject, affected manners, obsessively elegant and fashionable. Actually the characteristics of a fifi are the consequences of being a family maintained, which solves all your needs. The voice is another typical example of automatism and reduplication so common in French, since the full sentence is Fifils' sa Mére ( "[ne]nene de summed" ) .


Italian tomato and meat sauce, usually accompanies pastas. The name has Genoese origin, where it is known as t'cco ( di carne ) because it was prepared with whole boiled meat, then added the tomato that gave it its characteristic color, and in Argentina the meat is almost neither used, and is prepared with more vegetables and spices , more than a tomato sauce.


1st_ Adjective that qualifies for something reviewed, verified, accepted . When marked on a ballot, ballot or graphic form the drawing for check can be in the form of seen x2714; , circle 11093; or cross in blades 10006; depending on the system used. It is an Anglicism by to check ("check, try") . 2o_ Participle of the verb chequear .


It is part of an idiolect that made popular in Spain the actor Gregorio Sánchez Fernández with his character Chiquito de la Calzada to name "a guy" , "the uncle" , "the type" , "the quia" , and that later remained in the usual vocabulary of the peninsula. The definition of Anonymous is a very personal interpretation of the term, which they say (half seriously, half joking) comes from the Swedish fstrohm (fistro "friend") ; but since it later became a multipurpose mulet, maybe he's right.

teologia homerica

I suppose you can say something about the homeric theology, but of 10060;theology 10060;homerica only that is misspelled . See theology, homer, Homer.

a mansarba

Error by a mansalva , see mansalva by origin .


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