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Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

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The taximeter is an electronic device that taxis and other rental vehicles are provided, which marks the distance traveled and the value to be charged.


In Colombia, CC ( C . C . ) is the abbreviation of citizenship card, which corresponds to identity card or identity document.


Known: It is said of what is already known.


Tantrum. ( masculine noun ) 1- Bulla , algarabía , tropelín . 2- In Cuba, unpleasant smell that the goats give off.

ladrones según rodolfo hernández

The person he consulted may have been referring to Rodolfo Hernández, who participated in the electoral contest for the presidency of Colombia a few months ago. Mr. Hernandez, candidate at the time, was characterized by using the adjectives "thieves, "bandits", "shames", etc. to refer to other representatives of the political class without giving names.

de para

A De Para card is a small card that accompanies a gift or a present that is given to someone who is on a birthday, mainly. On this card are printed the words From: For : , the first indicates the name of the person who makes the gift, and the second indicates the name of the person to whom the gift is addressed.


Parquet is a very popular board game in Colombia and other countries in the Americas; it is played with two dice and sixteen chips in some cases or twenty-four chips in other cases, and two, three, four, five and even six competitors can face each other.


Unworkable ( adj . ) 1- That it has no possibility of being carried out. 2- It refers to something that cannot be done. 3- Refers to something or someone who cannot be certified or qualified. 4- It refers to that pregnancy in which the baby has no chance of surviving after birth due to some malformation or any other cause.


"Fiona", is the name given to the storm that is hitting some Caribbean countries such as Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, among others.


In Venezuela they call camellón to a wide road and of great extension in rural areas.


Cherry: 1- Fruit tree that produces the cherry. 2- Toninho Cerezo, is a former Brazilian footballer who served as a midfielder. He played for Club Atlético Mineiro, among other teams.


Guadalajara de Buga, better known as Buga, is a city in Colombia, located in the department of Valle del Cauca. It has an approximate population of 200. 000 inhabitants .


Energizing. ( adj . ) Which provides energy to the body.


Gay (pronounced guei) . 1- It is an English word that in Spanish translates: homosexual. It applies especially to that man who is sexually inclined towards individuals of the same sex.

sol de plata

The Nuevo Sol, colloquially called until a few years ago Sol de Plata, and today simply Sol, is the monetary unit of Peru. Its symbol is S/


Tortilla. ( feminine noun ) Food made with beaten eggs and other ingredients such as tomato, onion, chives, oil, etc.

tortilla de huevo con pollo

It is an omelette to which shredded chicken has been added.


Rat poison. ( masculine noun ) A substance that contains a powerful poison and is used to exterminate rats and mice.


Totuma : ( feminine noun ) 1- Fruit of totumo . 2- Vessel made with the fruit of the totumo.


Mental : Belonging or relative to the mind.


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