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Spanish Open dictionary by Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

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buen día

Expression used as a greeting during daylight hours ( from 6 : 00AM to 6 : 00PM . For the evening hours the expressions "good night" and "good night" are used.


Considerable amount of money.


It is a wireless telephone in which communication is established by electromagnetic waves.


Kennel. 1- Woman whose job is to collect abandoned or stray dogs. 2- Place intended to enclose dogs. 3- Institution responsible for collecting abandoned or lost dogs. 4- Wand that is used to scare or scare away dogs.

ciudad de panamá

Panama City is the name of the capital of the Republic of Panama, a country in Central America. As a historical fact, Panama was a department of Colombia until 1903.


Telmex, is a multinational telecommunications company, headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico.


Caribou. 1- Wild reindeer of Canada. 2- It was the name of a Colombian company that was dedicated to the manufacture of jeans and other clothing.


And also Guatemalan, are the demonyms of people born in Guatemala, a country in Central America.

reproductor de dvd

It is an electronic device that is capable of playing the contents of a DVD and a CD (video, photos, audio, etc.). ) . In English it is translated: DVD player.


A VCR, also called a VCR and videocassette, was a small electronic device capable of recording and playing back audio and video. It usually featured a videocassette drive.

tragarse un sapo

It is an expression widely used in Argentina, Spain, Colombia and other countries, and refers to the fact of having to endure or accept a very unpleasant situation or circumstance that generates annoyance and anger.


Scolding (and scolding). Person who scolds a lot or who usually scolds.


The dental bur is a metal instrument used in dentistry to cut, polish and carve tooth surfaces, and to remove and remove decay.

mujer orquesta

1- A woman orchestra is, like a man orchestra, that woman who carries several musical instruments attached to different parts of her body and who can play them all at the same time. 2- Woman who performs several activities, and who performs two or more of them at the same time.


A set of buttons on a garment.


Balconazo (masculine noun). 1- Speech delivered by a personality from a balcony, especially the one delivered by the President of the Republic from the balcony of the presidential palace. 2- . Shock or blow that something or someone gives against a balcony.

maldita sea

The expression damn it! it is used in some regions of Colombia, denoting anger.


Man who has a lot of beard.

el rabo de la mula

In colloquial language, "the tail of the mule" is an imaginary place that is quite distant and sometimes difficult to access.

terna arbitral

It is the set of the three referees who are responsible for directing a football match. The arbitration list consists of two line judges and the central referee; the first two use communication equipment and two small flags called banners, and the central uses a yellow card, a red card and a whistle, and now with the evolution of technology, also uses intercoms and hearing aids to communicate with the two linesmen, with the fourth referee and with the people in charge of the VAR.


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