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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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In Colombia it means care, tenalist, stab, interest, effort, will. It also means buttocks, hips.


Griñe is a Galician language inflection to grive. It means getting ready, enlisting.


Pirocoto is the name of a town in Peru and also the name of a hill. It is in Huaraz Province, Ancash Region.


It was the name given in Ancient Greece to a flour that was obtained from the dare toast (wheat variety).


It is a brand of olive oil in Spain. It is native to Madrilejos, Toledo.


Chassa is a French word, it's chasser inflection, which means hunting or scaring, away, scary.


It means that its original structure or composition has been changed. That has undergone changes or reforms that alter its quality. It means modified, changed, forged, faked, imitated, altered.


In Mexico it means foolish, silly, simple, silly. Who doesn't think or reflect. Foolish.


It's the same as microsomia. is an alteration or defect is the body development that manifests itself with a trunk and shorter-than-normal extremes.


Plural Loaner means agiotistas, lenders, pins . People who live off usury. They benefit from the needs of others, making them onerous loans, at high interest.

falta de sueño

It's the definition of insomnia. Wake up, candle, wake.


It means unveiling, insomnia, lack of sleep. It is also the fact of being awake, vigilant, attentive. Ceremony that takes place on the eve of a great holiday.


Refers to a person who can only communicate in vulgar or bland terms. Inability to use decent language. It can also mean out-of-place, you are not compliant anywhere.


The correct term can be kollas, collas or even coyas. It is the name of an Argentine ania that is distributed in the northwest of the country, in the Provinces of Salta, Jujuy and Catamarca. They also exist in northern Chile. In some parts of Bolivia, the term is used to refer to persons who are born or settled in the highlands.


It is the action of dethiring or disassembling a piece of equipment consisting of several large parts or parts. Remove parts or parts from a computer. Disassemble in stages.


It is one of the common names of a tree, which is also known as arary, calambuco, Maria stick, arary caspi lizard, Santa Maria tree or oil stick. Its scientific name is Calophyllum brasiliense ( or Calophyllum mariae ) and belongs to the family Calophyllaceae.


It means with body or skin armored or protected by a crust or shell. Protected with armor, very hard or costly skin. It was the genus of fossil fish they were also called Cefalaspis.


Breislike plural . They are fish that abound in the Western Mediterranean (Balearic Sea and Alborán Sea). Its scientific name is Pagellus bogaraveo and belongs to the family Sparidae. They have flattened body and thorns in the caudal fin.


Proverbs is the name of one of the Books of the Holy Bible. It belongs to the Old Testament and the Poetic Books group. Maximum, statements or sentences of religious or moral origin. They are usually very old and very popular knowledge.


In Central America is a stable of horses (horses, asses, mares). Stable. It is also a surname in the United States. Last name of an EWTN Channel Presenter, named Catherine Hadro.


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