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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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It means it is the result of man's work. Artifice, work, art. It may also mean that it is not natural or original, that it has been modified, altered or modified. Which isn't real. Crafted, built, imitated, counterfeit, synthetic, fictional, fake.


It means having visions or hallucinations caused by some hallucinogenic substance or by the effects of fever or disease. Deirar, hallucinate, become disturbed, fantasize, illusion or illusion. In Colombia we also say dissension.


In Peru it is the name of a Province belonging to the Department of Ancach. It is also the name of a District and a city. Amerindian people of that region.


It is a type of construction usually intended for housing and made with logs of rolled wood. Wooden house. Hut.


It is a football video game series that develops and distributes a company called Konani. It stands for Pro Evolution Soccer.


In Colombia and especially in the area of Urabá, it is to fish with spoon, which is an element whose hook looks like a sardine. It is used to catch large fish that eat sardines or small fish (for example to catch shads).


It is to gather many similar or similar elements in a small space. Pinch, stack, gather, gather.


Way of calling in Catalan the Philists or Borbonists, followers or supporters of the King of Spain or the Monarchy and therefore contrary to the independenceists of Catalonia.


In Medicine is a laboratory test or test that allows to know the amount of Sodium present in the blood, along with other electrolytes such as Potassium, Chlorides or Bicarbonates. Blood electrolyte analysis, blood ion analysis.


In Colombia it means gathering many elements in a small space. Pinch, get together, pile up, get together, crowd.

que se el pingullo

In several Andean countries, it is a small knotless bamboo flute, used by the indigenous people of southern Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

hacer teatro

In Colombia it means cheating, pretending, pretending, pretending, acting with hypocrisy.


The correct term is hypocrisy, with tilde. It is acting in an overlapping or fake dining way. To appear a feeling that is not felt or that is contrary to the real. False in actions or words. False, phry, farce, simulation.


It means bristled, heised, prickly, flechuda (usually referred to a hair). It also means rough, huraña, sullen, hard.


Holy that is considered to protect a region. Person or saint who protects, protects or defends. Protector, defender. Holy church owner or guild of man.


It means little boy. Very young school. Infant, child who studies in preschool.


It means very high, elevated, grandiose, glorious, unsurpassed, divine, heavenly, eminent.


They are involuntary and almost imperceptible contractions of the muscles. They can be generated by drug or stimulant use for long periods or by Magnesium deficiency. Small muscle spasms.


The term must bear tilde (paradoxically). You mean strangely, oppositely or unexpectedly. It runs or presents in a contrary to the expected way.


It means contradiction. Something that happens or presents itself contrary to expected. Contrary to logic or natural . Contrasentencing, itising.


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