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An acridium or better acrydid, is an insect that belongs to the family Acrididae. They are also known as lobsters, tucures, grasshoppers or chapulines. They have chewing mouth apparatus, so they are characteristic leaf eaters. They can be considered pest for agriculture.


It is one of the names that receives a tree in Brazil It is also known as urunday, urunde, crawled, pichaí, aroeir-o, aderno. Its scientific name is Astronium balansae. Synonyms Astronium fraxinifolium or Myracrodruon balansae . It belongs to the family Anacardiaceae. It's of appreciated wood.


It's an English language term that means buying, shopping.


It's a way to call paper currency. In Colombia it is synonymous with silver, money, cash, resources. In some countries they also call a ticket, ticket, ticket or ticket.


Characters who instill respect and represent authority. Officials of a high office or of a very important representative nature. High-ranking personalities. Representatives, representatives, officials, characters, personalities, figures, figurines.


It is also called durion or durio. It is the name of some trees of the family Malvaceae and its fruits. The scientific name of the most representative is Durio zibethinus . In fact there are about 30 species that belong to the genus Durio, which in Malay language means "of fruits with thorns". He is considered in Southeast Asia as the King of Fruits. Its fruits are edible and very desired despite the bad smell (to rotten onion).


It is a term derived from the English language (Brake-brake). This word is intended to express : braking, sta curbing, braking.


The name of a young flamenco dancer, from the Los lozadas Group. In Asturian language the word means cut, cut.


Plural of gallantry . It means details and behaviors of fine elegance. Gentleties, kindnesses, courtesies, displays of generosity.


In Colombia it is a bit of a total awkwardness. Brutality, idiocy, nonsense, nonsense.

akodon oenos

Akodon means punctuated or pointed teeth. It is the genus name of small pajonal or grassy mice, typical of Argentina. It belongs to the Cricetidae family. The epithet oenos, means wine, wine or vineyard. The Akodon oenos summary is the scientific mouse name of the vineyards and translates "pointy-toothed mouse from the vineyard".

akodon lorenzinii

It means mouse or rodent with pointed teeth dedicated to Lorenzini (a Biologist Mastozoologist). It was a kind of little grassy mouse that was already extinct.

akodon tartareus

It is another species of pajonal mouse of the genus Akodon, which means pointed teeth. They are typical of the pajonales of Patagonia Argentina.

akodon polopi

It is a relatively new species of pajonal mouse or Argentine grassland. Akodón means pointed teeth and polopi, which is the epithet, means dedicated to Polop (Jaime José Polop), a researcher at the University of Rio Cuarto in Argentina.

akodon glaucinus

It means small rodent with bright pointed teeth, which shines. It is another of the species of mouse of Argentine grasslands, recently described.


At the educational level it is the acronym of the Latin American Studies Association. It is an entity that promotes communication and interaction between academics and intellectuals in the region. There is the term Lhasa, with h intermediate. Lhasa is a breed of dogs of small size. Lhasa is the name of the Forbidden City, the Capital of Tibet.


It means that it lacks dignity or merit. It means inadequate, undeserved, unfair. It is synonymous with abject, innoble, infamous, vile, ruinous, opprobious, humiliating, wicked.

rebus sic stantibus

I adhere to defined by Furoya. A translation of the Latin phrase can also be considered as "as long as things remain the same". In law there is the complete Latin phrase "pacta sunt servanda rebus sic stantibus" whose meaning is "pacts must be fulfilled, as long as things remain so ( or equal to ). This means that as long as the initial conditions of a covenant or contract do not change, they will always have valid, everything must remain the same (intact), does not deserve additions, changes or others and remain mandatory by the parties involved.


It is the celebration of recognition of equality, protection and rights of black people, with African ancestors but born in Colombia. By law it was designated that it be held on May 21st. Quality and pride of being black, with African roots but very Colombian soul. Quality of the Colombian black, of African ancestors.

annus horribilis

It is similar to the Latin phrase "Annus Terribilis". It is a way of designating in Latin the disastrous or preferred years to forget about tragic events in ever since the history of a country or the world. It means "Horrible Year", "Terrible Year", by catastrophic year extension or chaotic year. One of this years was for England 1666, year in which plagues and fires occurred in London. For Native American communities it could be for example 1492. when the conquerors arrived. For our future it could be 2020, because of the pandemic we currently live in.


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