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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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vendedora de chance

Woman in Colombia sells El Chance, a game of chance that consists of trying to guess what will be the winning numbers of a lottery. Play daily and with different lotteries.

creerse más de lo que realmente es

It's the definition of vain, petulant, believed. Boastful.


Histrionic plural. It means it's theatrical or dramatic. It also means that they reflect emotional instability. Histrion qualities. It has the ability to reflect different types of emotions.


It means that it is possible to be tame, trained or tamed.


It means that within its qualities is not elasticity. It cannot be extended or deformed. It has no elasticity or cannot be stretched. Rigid, stiff, uncompromising, non-deformable. In Physics is a type of shock : it is a type of shock in which kinetic energy is not preserved.


It means there is presence of pus or matter in the urine. It is a symptom that reflects a severe kidney infection.


Relative to friends. In Catalan it means friend and in friendly French.


It is the name in Asturian, of a medicinal plant, also called carqueixa. It receives in the Iberian Peninsula other names : lavacuncas , carquesa , carquesa , carquesia , chamosquina , craqueja , engordatoro , torogordo . Its scientific name is Genista tridentata and belongs to the fabaceae family.


Inflection to evade or evade . It means running away, running away, running away. Get away, run away, get away.


It means coal beasts. is the castilianization of the term Antracotheriidae, which is the name of a family of extinct ungulated mammals that lived in the Oligocene. They were similar to the current rhinos and hippos.


The word means ancient African wolf. It was a genus of mammals that existed in the Miocene and Pliocene in Africa. It was a kind of hybrid in appearance between the wild dog and the bear. It was carnivorous.


It means ancestor of rabbits. It is a genus of extinct mammals that lived in the Miocene. They are considered the ancestors of rabbits, hares and pikas.


It means with ornaments on the body or on the teeth. It was a genus of carnivorous mammals called Oligocene and Miocene bear-dogs.


It means that it belongs to the family Abderitidae. That they prodec, they look or are from Abdera. It is the name of a family of extinct marsupials who lived in the Miocene. They looked like the current possums.


It means ancient sperm whale or sperm whale ancestor. It was the name of an extinct cetacean similar to sperm whale and lived in the Miocene.


It means with short sepals. It's a certain kind of flower. It is also a genus of lizards that have a small leathery scale above the mouth, which allows them to rummage for food. They belong to the Agamidae family.


It means big snake or gigantic snake (great). He is a mythical African being who is believed to have attracted elephants to his cave to devour them.


In Biology it means second mouth. It is a phylous of animals that during their embryonic development first form the anus and the mouth has a secondary development.


It looks like Faustino, who is like Faustino. Colloquially it means miuntial. gigantic, great disproportionate.


It means compressing or crushing something with your feet. Step, leave your mark. It can also mean humiliating or despising.


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