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It is one of the common names of a plant of edible roots. It is also known as mauka, chago, miso, yuquilla or bull arracacha. Its scientific name is Mirabilis expansa and belongs to the family Nyctaginaceae. It is mostly consumed in the high-Academic areas of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

aethomus bocagei

The correct term is Aethomys bocagei . It is the name of a small rodent, which is only found in Congo and Angola. It is a kind of scrub or savannah mouse.


It means daughter of a hidalgo, daughter of someone very important. Person of alcurnia, aristocrat and abolengo. High cot.


He is one of the pseudonyms of a Barcelona graffiti artist. His name is Sergio Hidalgo Paredes. It is also well known as "Sixe" Walls or SixeArt.


Increased belly. It means big belly, panzota.


It is a Galician language word meaning cheeks, cheekbones, cheeks. Synonym : Fazulas .

al zoco

In the language of the street of Colombia means very fast, at full speed, fast, quickly.


It was one of the French names of a tributary river of the Danube. He was also known as Tisza, Theisse or Teysse. It is said that at his shore death Attila. In America it is one of the names that receives a plant known as bore, malanga or ocumo. It belongs to the family Araceae. Its scientific name is Xanthosoma sagittifolium. It's from edible roots.


It means fake, it simulates, it looks (parrot) . It is the name of a genus of birds belonging to the family Psittaculidae. They are known as loris. There are only two species. the shadowy lorikan, scientifically named Pseudeos fuscata, which lives in some New Guinean mangroves and the cardinal lorikan or Pseudeos cardinalis, which remains only in the Solomon Islands and Bismark.


It means equal legs, with identical legs. It is the name of a genus of turtles (the smallest in the world), which belong to the family Testudinidae. They are only found in Namibia and South Africa. They are also called padlopers or Cape turtles. They are of the most trafficked species as pets, but they do not support captivity.


In Botany is a foliaceous organ that comes out in the peduncle of a flower. It is intended to protect it. Modified sheets are considered .


It means flat snake, flat belly, like the floor. The term is forged from the names of homalo (floor, flat) and ophis (ofidio, snake). It is the name of a genus of snakes that belongs to the family Homalopsidae . They are only found in Borneo and there are only 2 species.


It means dedicated to John Edwards Holbrook, a herpetologist. From Holbrook. Holbrook Lizard. It is the name of a genus of lizards belonging to the family Phrynosomatidae . They are known as spiny lizards and are only found in North and Central America. A special feature is that they possess "a third eye", pineal eye or parietal eye.


In Colombia it means that it has ball shape, spherical shape. In Argentina means silly, stupid.


It means false ibis , similar or similar to an ibis. It is the name of a genus of birds, which belongs to the family Threskiornithinae. There are only 3 species and they are found only in Southeast Asia.


It means single finger (equal fingers). It is the name of a genus of night lizards or geckos belonging to the family Eublepharidae.


It means fake falcon, which looks like a falcon, similar to a falcon. It is the name of a genus of birds in the family Accipitridae. There are only 3 species. They are known as hake, busardos or hawks. They are found from Mexico to Peru.


Name of Nero's second wife. It was also known as Popea Sabina the Minor. Name of Nero's daughter-in-law, also called Popea Sabina the Major.


It is a cosmetic product, usually a shampoo or soap that aims to eliminate dandruff.


It means on the back anyway. It is a type of gecko, which belongs to the family Phyllodactylidae. They are only found in South America.


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