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Spanish Open dictionary by Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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It means that it is not said or named but it is understood or assumed.


It means that it is in a way or way that although it is not said or named but is understood or assumed. Quietly or quietly.


Taste that have some fruits between sweet and acidic. It is a characteristic in the taste of some fruits such as peach, soursop or catuche and anon.


It means fake saber-toothed felines. It is the genus of an extinct feline that lived in the Miocene.


It's the same Louisiana quail. They live in numerous flocks.


In Colombia it can mean blunders, notorious mistakes. It also means smeared mud, mud or silt.


You mean bold, brave. Reckless.


It means it's used to make soap. They make foam. In Mexico they call them amoles.


You can also say cholao. It is a kind of fruit salad, typical of Valle del Cauca in Colombia. It has scraped ice, chopped fruits, melon and condensed milk.


Plural de chingoyo . It is one of the names of a plant of the family Asteraceae, it is also called chilca or toñuz. Its scientific name is Pluchea chingoyo. Chilco flowers.


Plural of petal . It is a kind of calendar to monitor and record a woman's menstrual cycle. It is used to calculate ovulation periods.


It means they reassure, they calm, they serenade, they placate. That generate peace and trust.


It is the name given in Panama to a tree that is known by other names such as : Cork, coral, cabresto, collar stick, janeiro, nené, red bunny. Its scientific name is Ormosia macrocalys and it is of the family Fabaceae.


It's a tipulore to repeal. It means to delete, abolish, invalidate, cancel, cancel.


It means bent, picked up. Cramped.


It is a name of woman of Greek origin and means the one who loves freedom.


Diminutive plan. It means project, program, idea, intent. In Colombia plan or plan can also be a flat or flat terrain of little extension. Colloquial way to call it a playful activity.


It means trying, striving, making the effort.


They are elaborate vessels from the dried fruit of the pumpkin tree. Totumas, pumpkins, taparas.


It is a surname of Italian origin. In Chile, it is the surname of a journalist, whose full name is Pío Eduardo Apolo Ravani Vergara (or only Eduardo Ravani).


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