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lidia ines

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Murder. Violate. It's committing a felony,

rajita deliciosa

Beta. Open crack extraction in a miner, with very good law material.


Flipper. A party of very low category, vulgar, ordinary , The local , Assistants , Food , Liquors , Raucous Music, there are no rules of any kind, all with all. . ( Puterio )

esta caucaito

Semi-cooked. Half-cooked. Any food, which is half-cooked, more raw than cooked.


Communicate. When you want to have contact by phone, with someone of our interest, you are asked. Please call us, to know that you are okay, to know about you.

a casa

To the nest. Whoever goes home wants to feel protected. There, there are the arms of your parents.

la dieta del lagarto

Float little, work arto. Eat little, and fornicate arto. ( Much )

el cielo

Imaginary place. Full of light, hope and happiness, all the beautiful and quiet we can imagine, it is there, in that vastness, called Sky.

la segunda

The mistress.

hablar de otra cosa

Take the remove out of something. Not knowing the subject matter to be treated. A delicate subject, a commitment that is not to be fulfilled or admitted, to face, and irresponsibly, to avoid it.


Street prostitute. Women who wait, and look for customers on the street, do not stay in a brothel, Cabaret, recreation, etc.


It does not confiablePersona that it inspires mistrust, threatening attitudes, even fear. Everything about her is to be suspicious.


It is a very intrusive person, metiche, sapa, he believes in everything, without having no idea, interrupts the conversation, hurguetea as drawer, and pot that crosses it, it is attentive to who comes, leaves and passed to other houses, etc.

en nombre de nieta suya

My daughter.

eliu cardozo

You. So and so. You exist. Unique and unrepeatable.

tumbar y capar

Attack, someone unarmed. The male animal they lacean it, tied hands and feet, already lying on the floor, helpless, proceed to castrate him, neuter him, cut him, removed the testicles.


Ordinary. Someone from terrible manners and speech, poorly educated, disoriented, running.


All the same. It is a very heavy person, fome, antipatica unpleasant fan balls, all you looking for negativity.


Lice. Hosted. Transient guests, to sleep outside home. Passengers in a hotel


Slow. A wagon is pulled by 2 two oxen, these charge and plough animals, although they resist weight, and long walks are very slow


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