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Gallinazo in the Peru, is a Black Vulture, hen-like dimensions, scavenger bird of america central and South America. Acquired different names in other countries such as: Aura, Vulture, chimango Caracara, Vulture, buzzard, etc. There are very used phrases such as: "Gallinazo sings in puna " referring to the difficulty of the black to suit the height, or "Spend gunpowder in gallinazo " that it means an effort to very poor results.


In Peruvian cuisine is called cilantro herb that Central America is known as Cilantro. It is the same species, (Coriandrum Sativum ) and is used for creating the famous rice with chicken, dried beef, lamb or the Northern goat, also used as a dressing of almost all the soups and broths of this extensive and delicious cuisine.


The urban passenger transport in Lima is a cosmos apart, has its own rules, traditions, legends and heroes, goals, expectations and even its own language. In this world " 34 shrimp; It is the acme of skill and the self-assurance to drive the vehicle, maximizing the income though so you have to run everything what is known as respect for the people, rules of civility and courtesy, etc. Shrimp is the seasoned driver than " camaronea " colleagues, i.e. makes you what you correponde to others, making use of mañosería arts.


Remnants of seeds of chili in territories between Peru and Bolivia with 7000 years old have been found. In the Inca Empire his quechua name was utzu and the Arawak axí comes its present name. Chile the South American country will probably have to do with the American denomination and Mexico. The factor common to all varieties is capsaicin which is spicy element.


In some regions of the Peruvian Highlands, the stew was a sort of symbol of indigenous discrimination. A feast of landowners: select dishes with meats were destined for the loved ones of the landlords or private.All of these were arranged in privileged with tables and seating location.While the Indian servants had to do so in the courtyards, a little away and on the ground.They are served in mates ( kind of dishes from a hard squash ) a BREW or parboiled with wastes from meat that they added cabbage, cabbage and carrots and had to eat it by hand because they did not provide them cutlery.Today is a prized dish and has also changed a little.There are good meat: hen or chicken, beef, sheep and pig and is accompanied with steamed rice.


In the Peru Spanish: marrano pig, pork, pork and cuche ( 41 quechua origin; they mean the same thing to saber:1.-even-toed the ungulate (Sus scrofa domestic ) 2-person lax, messy, dirty.In the vulgar use is also used to weigh the prominent female legs - that good pig!


In addition to being the noun origin Quechua, which refers to the edible fruit of the avocado, in the Peru with " roche " It is its synonym, defines the emotional state of embarrassment caused by actions to pass unnoticed or by actions of others, which feels embarrassed. "No me paltees " It is often heard.


It seems very strange that, still not involved any Peruvian, because in the Peru almost there another synonym for the seed of the large and small fruits called PIPs in the latter case.Also so designate preparations that give to drink to their victims prostitutes known as " peperas " that you take drugs to occasional customers to strip them of their belongings of value.These actions often lead to death of the victim by bad dosage.


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