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Meaning of puchero by ergo sifuentes geronimo

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ergo sifuentes geronimo


In some regions of the Peruvian Highlands, the stew was a sort of symbol of indigenous discrimination. A feast of landowners: select dishes with meats were destined for the loved ones of the landlords or private.All of these were arranged in privileged with tables and seating location.While the Indian servants had to do so in the courtyards, a little away and on the ground.They are served in mates ( kind of dishes from a hard squash ) a BREW or parboiled with wastes from meat that they added cabbage, cabbage and carrots and had to eat it by hand because they did not provide them cutlery.Today is a prized dish and has also changed a little.There are good meat: hen or chicken, beef, sheep and pig and is accompanied with steamed rice.


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