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Cayambi Caranqui Open dictionary by Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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It means village, village, locality, site. In English and Greek mythology Ker was the personification of violent or bloody death. It is equivalent in Roman mythology to Mors or Letus.

camba huasi

It means party at home, joy at home. Name of an Ecuadorian folk song in sanjuanito rhythm. Name of an Ecuadorian Andean musical group.


It means boy, young person, teenager, boy.


Also a type of sweet biscuit in Paraguay.

ñanpi (ñan-pi)

Ñampi is also used. q1May meanwater path, water path, stream. It is also one of the common names given to an edible plant, also called taro, taro, pituca. Its scientific name is Colocasia esculenta and it belongs to the Araceae family.

ñawpa, ñaupa

It is a word that means remote, ancient, past, previous (of the year of upa). Very old .


It is a word that means path, path, path. Where I walk or walk.


It can mean small, low, dwarf. It is also the name of a small hill (Omoto onqo) used as an oratory in the Puna, opposite Qespi Qanchis.


It means dress, costume, suit. Clothing, attire, generally referred to that of women. Clothing, women's clothing.


It is a word of origin in the Cayambi language, which means round, or also seed, grain. Colorado, is one of the common names for a class of mites. They are also called coquito yaya, piojito de cigarra, mojosa, coloradito, isango, chirote, pinolillo, tlazahuate (which in Nahuatl derives from tlalzáhuatl, which means "scabies of the earth"), plows (in Mexico), chivacoas belong to the Trombiculidae family.


Cream. thick substance . Potingue , ointment .


Inchic or better yet inchik, means peanut, legume plant of edible fruit. Its scientific name is Arachis hypogea of the Fabaceae family. In Spanish it is also called peanut, caguate, peanut.


It means stomach, belly, belly. Ruminant's stomach.


It can mean debt, loan, usury. Chulquero is a lender. usurer. Hard, strong, tough.

cholan, chulan

No names used in southern Colombia and ecuador for a tree. In Colombia it is also called chicalá or quillocto. Its scientific name is Tecoma stans and it belongs to the Family Bignoniaceae. It has yellow flowers.


It means El Dorado, City of Gold. Sacred City of the Incas, located in the Amazon. It was almost impossible to reach it, according to legend as it was protected by many natural obstacles, including anacondas, piranhas and rivers of boiling water (Shanay-timpishka). Name of a Peruvian Amazonian river.


Ñahui is also used. It is a word that means eye, buttonhole. It can also mean cleavage or perhaps word of honor.


Name of a locality in Ecuador. It means village of old or old houses. It is also a surname of indigenous origin in Ecuador.

ñucanchi   llacta

It means our land, back to the earth, back to my land or my terroir. It is the name of a typical dance of Ecuador.

chiquinquira (chiquin-quira)

The correct term is Chiquinquirá, with final tilde. It is the name of a Colombian city that belongs to the Department of Boyacá. In the Muisca language it means swampy and cloudy terrain. In Colombia it is a woman's name.


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