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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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Name given to the Asturian dialect. It can also mean pejoratively, you don't think, silly, silly.


In Asturian language means sweet, gluttonous, tragón eatlon, which eats a lot, especially sweets or treats.

farrucu ,a

They are terms of the Asturian language that mean conceited ( a ), braggadocio ( a ), vain ( a ), believed ( a ), proud ( a ). Altive ( a ), superb ( a ) .


It is the name of a sweet, thin cake that is prepared in a frying pan. dessert. Its basic ingredients are wheat flour, sugar and eggs. It can also be the frying that is prepared for flour, blood and onion for the sausage or stuffing. Frisuelu.


It's some kind of cabbage.


In Asturian language means junction, splice. Splice action .


They are words of the Asturian language that mean content, contained.


In the Asturian language who receives another ( a ) . This isn't. . . .


In Asturian means objective, end, purpose, goal. Center or white.


Cencerru in Asturian language means cowbell, sheer, bell, bell.


Basque, a in the Asturian language means Basque ( a ) of the Basque country.


Bonatardi or bona tardi in asturian language means good afternoon. Greetings after no more than half a day.


It's an Asturian language term that means brute, stupid, idiotic, stupid.


In Asturian language means good night or good night. Night greeting.


It's a word of the Asturian language. It means cream. Thick layer of fat that forms on top of the milk when boiling.


In Asturian language, it is the set of tools or tools necessary to do a job.


It is an Asturian language word that means now, at this time, already.


It means a lot, enough, quite, abundant. In good quantity.

amariellu ,a

In Asturian language means yellowish ( a ) , yellow ( a ) , pale ( a )


In Asturian language it means tar, galipota, tar. It is also called galipodium. In Asturias, especially in Gijón, it is also a loving and familiar way of referring to red wine.


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