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Meaning of fayuela

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It is the name of a sweet, thin cake that is prepared in a frying pan. dessert. Its basic ingredients are wheat flour, sugar and eggs. It can also be the frying that is prepared for flour, blood and onion for the sausage or stuffing. Frisuelu.


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fayuela, f. fried thin, wide and rounded, usually of the same size from the Pan in which it is prepared. It is made with a light flour, milk, eggs paste and a bit of salt and yeast, to which may be added, depending on tastes and recipes, cinnamon, lemon, sugar, or other flavoring. Its preparation is carried out, well whipped once the pasta, extending a little of it ever on a frying pan hot until mass solidifies. Once prepared them fayueles can be taken alone, sugar or any jam covers. They are typical of the festivities, and especially the antroxu.


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