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Meaning of proceso de desligitimacion by Jimeno Álvarez

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Jimeno Álvarez

proceso de desligitimacion

process of favor is incorrectly written and it should be written as "delegitimation" being its meaning:
favor = Deslegitimacionla delegitimisation of the State makes reference that failure that the State provide the required basic services that it needs, but to cover alsoperformed in concrete first we shred the meaning of each element that integrates it.It means de-legitimisation as loss of power, strength or veracity that is about undeterminado object.And when speaking of State referred to the political organization of a country, i.e., the power structure that gets particular territory and population, therefore these elements previously mentioned such as the power, territory and nation make up what is the State and therefore this is either identified with each of those.


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