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Meaning of ursusagalamatofilia by furoya

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It is a failed attempt to give a more technical name to the furry fetish; And although it is a joke, we are going to put a context on it. This paraphilia includes not only erotic arousal wearing a stuffed animal doll, but especially cosplaying at least one of the participants in the sexual relationship with an animal costume resembling a furry. And it is true that in philias and lagnias it is not as demanding as in phobias, which must have a Greek etymology, but if the popular version is not going to be used, at least we must maintain coherence to invent a name: 'ursusagalamatofilia' would be a form of agalmatofilia (for 'agalmato', which is "fetish" and 'filia' as "sexual fixation") that as it corresponds is totally of Greek origin; But ursus, i ("bear") is Latin , by . . . "the teddy bear" 128552; . Honestly, I think that not even with 10060;arktoagalmatofilia we can save her, not even by evoking the priestesses 945; 961; 954; 964; 959; 953; ( arktoi ) , who disguised themselves as bears in the temple of Artemis Brauronia, so we better leave it in English.


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What is the meaning of ursusagalamatofilia in the Spanish open dictionary

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