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Meaning of lorito senegalés by John Rene Plaut

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John Rene Plaut

lorito senegalés

SENEGALESE PARROT Poicephalus senegalus . Bird of the family of psittaceas (parrots). The adult reaches 25 cms. It has green plumage, except on the chest, which is yellow. It is found native in Senegal, Gambia, and Guinea as far south as Mali. He is attached to the human being and contractes a unique and special relationship with his caregiver. Its purchase value is about 500. There are two types of Senegalese parrot depending on their area of origin: Those living in Ivory Coast, Ghana and western Nigeria are known as Poicephalus senegalus versteri. Those living in eastern and northeastern Nigeria, southern Chad and northern Cameroon are called Poicephalus senegalus mesotypus. Some synonyms, words or similar expressions may be parrot you you, you you, parrot of senegal


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