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Andres Alberto Molina Coutiño

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Gangoso : It is said of a person that when speaking either by congenital temporal nasal obstruction, he speaks with nasal resonance.


Firulais : It is the most common name used in Mexico to name a dog. Firulais has its origins in the English word FREE OF LICE THAT "which means flea-free". and was widely used in the middle of the last century by the US authorities, who asked Mexican agricultural workers to have their pretty companions pass by the border perfectly clean, flea-free.


Spanglish : It is called Spanglish all the English words of origin that with the constant spindle tends to deform its pronunciation. Examples such as : Push English Push push "push" Park park "park". truck jog and "truck" Etc.


Corrupt : In ancient times they discovered a beginning, that all things and situations decompose from center to circumference therefore it is believed that corrupting means "breaking from its center" breaking from the heart. Simply put no one corrupts anyone, corruption comes from the center of the heart. Because bad thoughts come out of the heart. Jesus the Christ


Pipirisnai : It is a deformed expression of the English "people is nice" that according to an urban legend was born in the early 70s when Mexicans who crossed the border to work in the United States raised their quality of life. These were named "pipirisnai" which in the English language means "good people".


Teporocho : In the 70's in Mexico the film "chin chin el teporocho" was filmed from that film this term was popular with an alcoholic. The origin of the word goes back to previous years when it is believed that a person in Mexico City sold herbal tea with alcohol for 10 cents, when his neighbor realized the success that this business had, put one in front of but cheaper, herbal tea with alcohol at 8 cents and that is why in Mexico teporocho is synonymous with alcoholic.


syndemic when two or more diseases interact in such a way that they cause greater harm than the mere sum of these two diseases. refers to synergistic health problems that affect a population's health in its social and economic contexts


Fagophilia : Eating disorder manifested by an unmeasured desire to eat without taking into account the quality of what some synonyms, words or similar expressions can be frugality temperance


Tropofology : It is the art of knowing how to combine food according to its compatibility, taking into account the nutrient class and PH level, to optimize digestion and better take advantage of its energy value

autofagia celular

Cellular autophagy : The discovery of Japanese biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, is called cell autophagy, and the ability of cells to regenerate itself through the overnight fasting of this process is it calls it cellular autophagy (eating yourself) which consists of recycling at the cellular level that has the body of all cells that die, reused them for their survival.


Wretched: Devoid of grace, it is someone who has fallen from divine grace and is left to the misfortune of his existence and the adversity of his own acts so that by means of the Crucible he recognizes again his creator and returns to his bosom.


Stupid: The word is in the thick plural comes from the same family of the word; Stupor, narcotic, stupefied, stupefaction. They are thick in the mind, they are stunned, they fail to see clearly, they do not hear or see with objectivity. They are people who store a lot of information and become great intellectuals but lacking in culture


Fifi: With the French invasion in Mexico brought with them customs, fashion and language that the Mexicans were adopted over time, people who imitated this lifestyle were called Fifi as synonymous with effeminate (in the correct sense of the word), Eng Laughed in comparison to the common people who were of rude manners and customs, the Fifi was identified by clothing to fashion and appearing riches.


Huachicol: Drink alcohol you adulterous, currently refers to other substances such as diesel and gasoline. This word is believed that it comes from the nahualt.


Huachicolero: Person or persons engaged in theft of fuel, gasoline, in Mexico. Word of Náhuatl origin that gave its origin when alcoholic beverages adulteraban.


Psychology: (Psyche) soul (logos) Word, Carl jung is that best defined by psychology as the "unconscious collective" the soul is the hard drive of every human being, where all the information about our ancestors. Currently the science you to put another name "The book of the instructions of life". Few individuals can penetrate into the maze of the torque soul decipher millions of codes that make us act in a way that we don't understand, so we could meet that aphorism of the Greeks: "Know yourself and know the gods and the universe"; . . .


Tamper: This word comes into spindle when the flocks in ancient Spain was common, a tamper was the responsible for administering the flocks, places intended for the grazing of animals and to mash some beans in a mortar. They were considered uneducated people of the vulgar, unlearned. These people had a language rustic and vulgar this word over time began to be used as a synonym for fool, talking nonsense.


Baraka: In Hebrew baraka mean kneeling, in latin it translates as the Act of blessing. The Hebrews in antiquity knelt to receive (baraka) God's blessings through the Patriarchs, which received the blessing is put on her knees and giving the blessing placed his hand on the head pronouncing words from God that would mark l to life he received it.


Disaster: The prefix "des" means to put two in against position and "Spay" means star or star. The movements of the stars with the catastrophes they formerly associated. This word is also used to tell a person who is a disaster


Patriarch: The word is composed of the Greek boats which means father and Ark, which means old. He was the main figure used by Jews to organize their clans, this place was occupied by the eldest son of the Patriarch when this was missing. When the twelve tribes of Israel born each tribe had a Patriarch who represented it.


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