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Pedro Gomez

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pacta sunt servanda

Phrase used by bildu and we can to enforce the agreement signed to repeal the entire labour reform.


Maxear tell you when in a video game you have a character and evolve it to the fullest of its level.


ConR stands for Socially Responsible Procurement, being an initiative of the Spanish ONCE to promote social contracting. Such engagements cover areas such as decent work, social inclusion, accessibility measures, equal opportunities etc. .


In valencia sajol is used to refer to a variety of fig, saiol is also used. It seems that sajol is a word shared with Catalan.

texto argumentativo

The argumentative text, as its name suggests, is the text that is used in a brief to argue a particular idea.


Covid-19 is the name that the World Health Organization has assigned to the coronavirus that has emerged in Wuhan and that has the world on the spot today. Covid-19 means Corona ( CO ) Virus ( VI ) and D ( Disease ) which in English means disease and finally the 19 which is the right number for it in order of appearance.


The garillo is a fairly unknown word but that in the world of vineyards is widely used or at least was widely used until recently. The garillo is a small sickle with which the workers of a vineyard extract the bunches of grapes manually. With the emergence of modern machines that extract the grapes automatically the garillo has been stopped and therefore the use of the word gradually disappearsGarillo is also a Spanish surname very settled in the Philippines.

pin parental

Parental pin means giving parents the opportunity to make conscientious objections to certain subjects taught in schools. The issue of gender diversity gives vertigo to certain political classes because they think that explaining the current sexual normality of boy-boy-girl-girl relationships can cause their sons or daughters to become homosexual steers overnight and that therefore you have to spend later on doctors to cure that homosexuality. A shame that in the middle of the twentieth century you think so.

falta de valor

Lack of courage means that he lacks the courage to face any situation that arises. "Cowardly"' is said many times. It also means when something is useless or has no value, for example the Argentine peso, the Venezuelan bolivar.


Mathematician plural . People who are engaged in mathematics


First of all mention that the word gone is not the same as bonete or grog as I have read on other websites. The meaning of gob refers to a garment that they used in the old way to cover up below other garments such as the basquiña or the bodice. From the year 1500 onwards it was stopped using the term gunder to go on to call it sayueloy would begin to extend its use to more humble and campechanos environments. Relevant aspects of the gunder The gunder consisted of a long garment that reached the hips and was made with any kind of detla of the time. The social class of the owner of the gobin was what defined the comfort and the ability to maintain a pleasant temperature with the post. The gunders could have long sleeves, short sleeves or even with buttons or strings to be able to remove or put the sleeves on demand. Origin of the word gonet It is believed that the word gonete has roots in Italy, since in Italian gorma was saya , it is possible that by adopting Spanish the saya the theme derives from sayuelo and hence it ceased to use gunder, although good , that would be to speculate a little.

fuerza histérica

Hysterical force is those out-of-the-ordinary physical reactions that the body is able to develop in extreme emergencies.


Demonstration means carrying out a series of concrete actions to certify that a statement, a fact or a theory are truthful.

a dios pongo por testigo

A phrase that made popular a great film and that means when someone commits to something in a railway and that will meet without any kind of doubt. It is very romantic the phrase but does not guarantee anything.

canelita en rama

Canelita in branch is a term used to indicate that something is very good. It would be interesting to know its etymology.


Inculturizado means that there is no culture or that it has lost because of the environment

dar el pinqui

In the North of Spain used the pinqui or perform the pinkie when a layer of varnish is applied to a freshly slashed wooden floor. It would be curious to find out the etymology of this expression since it is something I do not understand.


In the North of Spain pinki is used to refer to the varnish that is applied to the newly acuchillados soils.


Lacuna is not a spanish word, its portuguese witch meaning is gap when you hurt.

"Hello how is your lacuna today?"


The tecnomagia is a magic that can make vibrate objects or things and also malefic or beneficial spells according to the young League of Justice can be done.


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