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Meaning of yuyos

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It is said of a pushy person, or that really bothers


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

In Colombia are herbs or serve as a condiment. Used in southern Colombia and Ecuador. Plural of yuyo.


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Manuel Penichet P

Is a word that has several meanings.In quechua language means any grass or weeds.Is a seaweed also called cochayuyo.It is also one infusion of either tea or coffee.


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Antonio Gallardo Rodriguez

In Malaga, Spain yuyo means fear


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HERBS-in Argentina, popular name are designated very employed in the peasant Pharmacopoeia, medicinal herbs.


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YUYO.-in Chile, Arugula. WEEDS-Plural of yuyo.


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YUYO.-in Argentina and Chile, yerbajo, useless grass. WEEDS-Plural of yuyo.


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YUYO.-in Costa Rica, bladder or blister that forms between the toes to walkers and causing itching similar to the of the chilblains. WEEDS-Plural of yuyo.


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