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Meaning of yeruti

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Jimeno Álvarez


Legend of the Yeruticuentan than on the left bank of the Creek, very near the "Step 34 Pesoa; lived a family whose daughter was going to get married, but the religious ceremony was carried out in the city of Corrientes and there was no way to cross the Creek without long bride dress ran no risk of getting dirty. By that time it was under construction on "Pesoa 34 bridge; whose main contractor, upon learning of the situation, offered to save them in the short term, by closing the coverage from the floor of the last section and suggested waiting.The couple accepted the proposition and a few days later materialized event, conceding to the silken and his entourage the priority of the use of the new work.After the ceremony and back to the House, has already begun the party. It was then, when the boyfriend, love of the emotionality of the environment, proposed bride a silent leak to the bridge-"We have opened it - said - it really is a privilege that God has granted us through its constructor. " Added: "It is worth to pay a tribute. We are going up to the bridge and there, the two solos, dance on the new floor, since the music reaches beyond 34. The bride happy and fun, accepted.They came to the bridge and to the beat of a chamamé arriving clearly began to dance. Not repaired, however, the bridge still did not have the protective railing, so much that the couple engaged in the sensitivity of turns, not warned that he was close to the edge. In one of its twists, young lost foot and dragged his wife into the void, and both disappeared into the depths of the current.They say that in the morning landed on one of the pillars a White Dove, a yeruti, who had never appeared there. Also the evening he returned to settle on the same pillar, from where he issued his typical singing.Residents and fishermen of the area claim that during full moon nights usually see yeruti, white like a bride on the same pile, and is the soul of the bride who Weeps without resignation and repeatedly called her boyfriend lost.


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