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Meaning of utm

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1º_ 'UTM' stands for Universal Transverse Mercator ( "[transverse universal coordinate] of Mercator projection") . It is a system that uses cartesian coordinates on a cylindrical projection of the globe to locate a point on the planet. See u . T. M. ( "technical unit of mass" ) . 2º_ In Chile 'UTM' stands for "monthly tax unit", an updatable amount of money that is used as a unit of value for taxes. 3º_ IATA code of Tunica Airport (Mississippi, USA). 4º_ It is also the abbreviation of several universities .


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John Rene Plaut

UTM In Chile: acronyms meaning Monthly Tax Unit, a figure that is used as a parameter to adjust monthly rates and values according to inflation in the period.


What is the meaning of utm in the Spanish open dictionary

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