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Meaning of subetiqueta

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SUBETIQUETTE is a header, subtitle, label, label, that is nested under a top-level label. For example, emails are tagged and can be sublabeled, classified to a higher level of detail, to separate those related to electricity, water, car, etc. expenses. HOW TO CREATE SUBETIQUETTES IN GMAILVERY EASY. To organize your emails into a main category of "invoices" and then use subcategories such as electricity, internet, water, gas is easily proceeded like this: Gmail allows you to create subtags for any label, which effectively puts the emails in these subtags into two categories, making them easy to find. Here's how it works. You must create an initial tag. To do this, you go to Gmail and click the Settings button (the tooth icon) in the upper right corner. From the drop-down menu, select Settings. On the Settings page that appears, click the Tags link at the top of the page. Then move to the Tags section and select Create a new tag. Once the label has been created, you can see it in the left column of the main Gmail view. Hover your mouse over the label and a down arrow icon will appear. Clicking on it displays a new menu. Move down to the bottom, where you'll see Add Sub Tag. By clicking on that option, you will be able to add a new tag. Then click on the option labeled "Nest label under" and select the main label you want to place it on. And that would be it.


What is the meaning of subetiqueta in the Spanish open dictionary

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