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Meaning of sota

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez Image
Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


Tenth Club of the Spanish deck (10), equivalent to a prince. As a prefix, you mean under.


furoya Image

Card of the Spanish deck with the figure of a page or infant and has the value of 10. Although I do not convince the etymology, it seems to come directly or indirectly from the Latin subtus adverb (below), because of the three figures is the lowest value and hierarchy. According to some interpretations of the Tarot La Sota (and especially that of gold) can be a woman; And another meaning is just that of whore, tramp she, Libertine, who may be influenced by the sexual ambiguity of the image (in some places is also used to say Puto, and from there could leave the female form with its alternative meaning). Or perhaps the influence comes from the Torah, where his paronym ' Sotá ' is an adulteress. To complicate things, when the card of Jack is next to the horse in a trick hand are told Perica and Parakeet, which are two ways to call gays. See also the sayings and sayings to be the jack, to see the paws to the Jack, dropped a jack.


FEDE Image

SOTA: Murcia, cutters in footwear factories.


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Patricia Martinez

Dropped a 34 sota; Took off 10 years!of age


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