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Meaning of sonar la flauta

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sonar la flauta

It means something that you not expected


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Be a stroke of luck, an absolute and unexpected chance. 60; 60;He had not studied anything, I introduced myself to the test to see if it sounded like the flute and, look, I approved 62; 62;. The phrase refers to the story of Iriarte Tomás ( 1750 - 1791 ) entitled 60; 60;The flautist donkey, 62; 62; that tells the story of a donkey that found a flute; believing it food, got into his mouth and, unintentionally, made it sound. Moral says: «no rules of art / borriquitos there / who once succeed / by chance.».


What is the meaning of sonar la flauta in the Spanish open dictionary

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