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Meaning of sobolo

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Pronominal form of the third singular person of the perfect past of the verb sobar . Thinking about the definition of Rsandoval, with a very lunfa and misplaced criterion it occurred to me that so could be a bolus reinforcement as a reduction of "boludo", or perhaps a quick pronunciation of "sos". But more than thinking is rambling.


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Emilio v Guzman

It is Word compuestaSoboAccion of 'rub' knead; determines gender neutral Art. SingularSe used as a suffix: swallowing him; sobaLO. . .


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It is a stupid in its maximum expression. Normally macho at end. Larger than an idiot. More guevon account. Usually with studies, forgiveness with title, trade or profession, but a real rate. Your comments are hurtful or entirely non-nutritional.


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