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Meaning of setear

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


It is the action of putting rolls or curls on the hair to ripple it. In computer or systems engineering, that is to configure , schedule . It can also be assumed that setear is to consume, grow or harvest mushrooms (edible mushrooms). This latter concept in several Andean countries and of Quechua influence, is also called callamping.


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Do not know how to speak Spanish.


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To sit in rich port is to kill, to shoot to death.


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preset, defined value


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Carlos Cerdas Ch.

Feel an acute and intermittent pain. Source: New dictionary of Costarriquenismos. Author: Miguel Angel Quesada Pacheco.


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Set, does not exist in the Royal Academy of the Spanish language, nor in any dictionary. It is a plalabra brought from 34 English; to set - setting " adapted to the Spanish as: " set - setting - setting " as well as the verbs " to check - to park " among others which are not so educated people rather than used in Spanish: review - Park; These verbs as others are conjugated as combines a verb in Spanish and even substantive take ( check - 41 parking;.


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Benjamin Castro

In terms of audio engineering is: do a sound check. Example: make an acoustic acknowledgment of a recording, review, room inspection.


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Expanding the meaning given in the uni point, also refers to the configuration of a list of actions or tasks that have a schedule or run-time as a parameter


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Jimeno Álvarez

1. Means to establish the correct configuration of a program or hardware
2.-Means that a specific computer user, set a point specific work of this. example: in an oven we set at 100 degrees, with this we mean the team will work at 100 degrees for a particular process.


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