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Meaning of satoshi

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Within the realm of cryptocurrencies a satoshi is the hundredth of a bitcoin, its minimum subunit. The name is a tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto (Japanese: 12469; 12488; 12471; 125'' 12490; 12459; 12514; 12488; ) , the creator (or creators) of the blockchain cryptographic protocol on which that virtual currency was created. While the nickname may be a real name, it is supposed to be taken from kanji 32865; ( satoyi or satoru "related to wisdom, intelligence" ) , 20013; ( naká " while . . . , origin of something durable" ) and 26412; ( motorcycle or jon "book, script, work") .


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Satoshi is a japanese name and means person who sees things clearly. It can be used by male or female. It is also used as a woman's name and means "Beautiful Moon".


What is the meaning of satoshi in the Spanish open dictionary

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