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Meaning of roldana

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ROLDANA ribbed wheel that allows the circulation of a rope or chain through the soul so that it does not leave it and can slide through it if it is fixed, or with it, in the direction of rotation of it, if it is mobile. I clarify that, in Chile at least, a flat metal wheel used between the head and the nut of a screw is called GOLILLA (because the bolt go) and not roldana (because it does not roll), as Jairo Luis explained.


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Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada



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Jairo Luis

Wheel flat metal with hole through the Centre used to set screw with a nut slipping this on the sheave without damaging the surface of the object to hold


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Roller where ce deslisa rope to remove water in rivers, Lake, stream or water well...


What is the meaning of roldana in the Spanish open dictionary

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