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Meaning of pronto

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soon, ta.

(Of thelat.)(promptus).

1. adj. Veloz, fast, light.

2. adj. willing, coupled to the implementation of something.

3. m. Colloq. Sudden decision motivated by a passion or unexpected occurrence. He gave an early, and took the layer to get away from home.

4. m. Colloq. Spectacular and sudden attack of some evil.

5. adv. t. Presto, promptly.

6. adv. t. beforehand at the right time, with time to spare.

first soon.

1. m. Colloq. First boot or movement of the mind.

al soon.

1. loc. Advisor. At the outset or at first sight.


1. loc. Advisor. Hastily, without reflection.

2. loc. Advisor. of repeatability

NTE (? suddenly, without preparation).

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