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Meaning of prespectiva

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The word perspective (no perspective) has several meanings. It is the aspect that have seen remote objects. Is a technique to represent in two dimensions, on a surface flat, the objects of three dimensions. Also is the development of an event seen as likely. Example: have a good perspective for her old age. In sense figurative, meaning the appearance or representation misleading of a thing. Means also, a point of view. Example: view historical, perspective air. It is called a large Avenue in a straight line in perspective.


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Correct foresight: 41 1; It refers to the futuro.2 ) set of analyses and studies in order to explore and predict the future of a particular matter.


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prespective is incorrectly written, and should be written as "perspective" being its meaning:
This word is complex semantics. To oversimplify we can define it as the point of view from which one sees and understands the real. This point of view is always subjective, i.e., of a subject that has your personal circumstances. Perspective analysis dealt our philosopher Ortega y Gasset, died in 1955, autoexiliado among others in Argentina until 1945, by signing a manifesto in favour of the Spanish Republic at the beginning of the civil war of 36. His thinking is considered raciovitalista and perspectivist.


What is the meaning of prespectiva in the Spanish open dictionary

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