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Meaning of premio

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(Of thelat.)(praemium).

1. m. reward, award or compensation is given by some merit or service.

2. m. back too much, amount to be added to the price or value through compensation or incentive.

3. m. increased value given to some coins or the course of international change.

4. m. Each of the lots drawn in the national lottery.

5. m. reward awarded in raffles, lotteries or


award of consolation.

1. m. reward granted in sweepstakes, contests or competitions who does not get the Prize home.

2. m. small favor that is intended to comfort has been dashed their hopes.

award extraordinary.

1. m highest rating that can be granted in a formal graduation.

award Gordo.

1. m. Colloq. Batch or greater public lottery Prize , and especially for the Christmas.

a award.

1. loc. Advisor. With interest or revenue.

? V.

rod of award

What is the meaning of premio in the Spanish open dictionary

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