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Meaning of pomo

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(Of thelat. )( pomum).

1. m. unclip or handle of a door, drawer, etc., of more or less spherical.

2. m. poma (? odoriferous ball).

3. m. jar or small vessel of glass, glass, porcelain or metal, used to contain and preserve spirits and fragrant confections.

4. d. end of the garrison of the sword, which is on the top of the fist and serves to be United and firm sheet.

6. m. Mur. Bouquet of flowers.

7. m. Arg. y Bol. Cylindrical container of flexible material that sold cosmetics, drugs, paintings, etc., of liquid or creamy consistency.

8. m. Arg. y Ur. Toy, usually cylindrical, flexible, that sheds water during Carnival.

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