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Meaning of pocionos

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Most likely, it is in error by the plural of potion .


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Magic potions are drinks that serve to heal, to bewitch, or to poison. It is the wizards, the sorcerers, and the witches, who prepare the potions, and for this they employ magic along with the mixture of certain substances. : ) Some synonyms, words or similar expressions may be 40, potion 41, 40, drink 41, 40, drug 41,


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POTIONS pl . of POTION, broth with magical or supernatural attributes. Formerly it was a medicinal liquid or a poison that was given in a dose of 4 to 6 ounces (73 . 4 to 110 . 1 grs ) and that was taken by spoonfuls.


What is the meaning of pocionos in the Spanish open dictionary

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