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Meaning of pichicatero

Mauricio (Santiago, Chile) Image
Mauricio (Santiago, Chile)


A person addicted to drugs. Example: "At that party meeting pure pichicateros they were."


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Stingy person Example: "You're not pichicatero, pay now!" Synonyms: Elbow nbsp; Mean, miser


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Alejandro Bakir Rojas (Cochabamba, Bolivia)

Means "PICHI hard" (erect penis) since chewing coca leaf gives good results for sex. The word tien orig in BOLIVIA.Used to point to drug traffickers or PICHICATA is the drug itself. Example: "This man has Fortune because it is PICHICATERO. He was imprisoned by bear PICHICATA"


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Colombia wants to tell measured, had, stingy, miserly, apprehension, ruin, miserable, roñoso, sordid.


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Used pichicata, especially to take drugs by injection. See: Pichicata.


What is the meaning of pichicatero in the Spanish open dictionary

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