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Meaning of pargel ojiplatico

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

pargel ojiplatico

It is one of the common names of a marine fish of the Mediterranean. It is also called Pandora or pagel. Its scientific name is Pagellus erythrinus and belongs to the family Sparidae.


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See parguela, ojiplatico.


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Pedro Crespo Refoyo

Ojiplatico. -Neologism that functions as adverb of exclamation mode. Is term composed of two simple words: 'eye' and 'dish'. The two, names. The correct meaning is to indicate that someone has been amazed before a situation or extraordinary news. So that, instead of using a periphrasis adverbial as: "have opened me eyes as two dishes", shrinks in the expression "ojiplatico". OJ - (lexeme)-i, infix plat-(lexeme) - ico, suffix.


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