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Meaning of pajuelo

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Here in the south of Spain, Pajuel or pajuelo is said of the foolish person, especially to flirt with women


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You jerk or masturbate. It is also when a man or woman likes to see tube dancing" (even if a Mexican called it "the dance of the pipe" using the literal translation of the name), and not only has followers, but also has specialized schools, professional teachers, certifications and even international competitions (by the way, . .


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Sergio Sosa

In Mexico, in suburban regions, at least on the ranches, pajuelear is striking, with a rope, rope and even schooner,


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last name


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PAJUELO: Year of the dolphin.


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Maria luisa

In my country means that it is a person who walks with a woman and another, not concrete nothing in her love life by without shame. And if is married and is unfaithful also tells pajuelo.


What is the meaning of pajuelo in the Spanish open dictionary

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