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Meaning of okupa

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1º_ Inflection of the verb okupar . See verbs/squat . 2º_ It is an apocope of "squatter", "squatter", who occupies a physical place that legally does not belong to him to live, sow, carry out social or cultural activities. The change in "occupant" of the letter /c/ for a /k/ is to differentiate the motive from the usurpation, since it has a political origin that claims the use of all unoccupied premises by society, especially in cities with housing deficit and inhabitants who can not access a home. Although the name is also used by intruders who do not claim the Squat Movement, but settle illegally on land or housing. Ver squat ( english / squatting ) , provo ( Dutch provocerend ) , Situationist International , favela , villa miseria .


What is the meaning of okupa in the Spanish open dictionary

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