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Meaning of murcio

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


Especially in the Department of Tolima in Colombia, murcio is a way to call the bat, he also told chimbilo or chimbila. Include.


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Diego Garcia Morales

( donkey horseback, mule, donkey, pollino, ass, etc. ) I murcio is one synonym of the former. Used in the middle ages to designate this animal and in addition, was called murciano the individual that was ( above all 41 Gypsies; It made deals, traded, bought, sold, changed, he stole etc. ) with this type of animal. The edict of Charles III, referred precisely to this people who were very little reliable.


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Thief of dreams ( which takes the idea and make it flourish )


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The meaning of murcio is thief. Murciar is Rob, murciar you are thieves and that is why the phrase that in times of Felipe II who said " I don't or murciar, Roma and people of evil live " referring to the murciar not the Murcia poor all have to do.


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Murciar ( from murcio9 TR.GERM. steal, 1st acep.//Murcigallero ( of murcielago ) m. germ. thief that stealing premium night. / / Murciglero. ( of murcielago ). m. germ. Thief that stealing that are durmiendo.// Murcio. ( of murcielago ) m. germ. Grave robbers. 1st AECP. that is why, as I said in my previous is confused, unfortunately for the Murcia Murciar that we steal, I Murcio is thief and murciar you are thieves, by the poor Murcia, as well said nothing they have to do in this bad used coincidence at times by, I believe, through ignorance rather than by offending.


What is the meaning of murcio in the Spanish open dictionary

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