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Meaning of momento

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(Of thelat.)(momentum).

1. m. portion of very short time in relation to another. I saw him a moment this afternoon.

2. m. instantly. Wait a moment.

3. m. more or less long time that singles for any reason. This was the best time of your life. That civil war was the worst moment of the century.

4. m. opportunity, opportunity. In his career he has not come yet his time.

5. m. Any time considered to be current or present. The time international The poets of the time.

6. m. importance, weight, transcendence. Matters of great moment.

7. m. Fís. amount of movement.

time of inertia.

1. m. Mec. Sum of the products resulting from multiplying the mass of each element of a body by the square of its distance from an axis of rotation.

time of a force.

1. m. Mec. Resulting size of the product of the value of a force by its distance from a point of reference.

to each time, or each time..

1. locs. income. At every turn, often continuously.

al time.

1. loc. Advisor. Instantly, without delay, immediately.

de time, o

at the moment.

1. locs. income. by soon.

2. locs. income. For now, at the current time.

of a time to another.

1. loc. Advisor. Soon, without delay.

in a time since.

1. loc. Advisor. In some time.

1. loc. Advisor. Successively and continuously, without intermisión in which it runs or is expected to progressively.

2. loc. Advisor. from one moment to another.

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