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Meaning of keikovideo

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KEIKOVIDEO Analogy to the Vladivideos filmed by Alberto Fuhimori's presidential adviser, Vlasimiro Montesinos, to the people who ccorrompia The keikovideos are a group of videos made by Congressman Moisés Mamani of Fuerza Popular, led by Keiko Fujimori, where Congressmen Kenji Fujimori, Bienvenido Ramírez, Guillermo Bocángel, advisor Alexei Toledo, and others from Kenji's group, , leader of a Fujimori dissident bloc of Popular Force give the opportunity to Congressman Moises Mamani that his projects have privileged access with the Executive in exchange for voting "against" in the second request for presidential vacancy against Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.


What is the meaning of keikovideo in the Spanish open dictionary

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