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Meaning of irresponsabilidad

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juan miguel de los santos sugilio


It is an act of not doing things on time or do not comply with it when it is due and not to surrender to the moment a task or work


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Sebastián Suárez

irresponsibility is neglecting our obligations for actions that appear on one smaller scale objective.


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not cumpler with tasks and arriving late at the school


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It is a reflex and unconscious Act that has its origin in the physiology of the ancient paleocerebro.


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-Is not do what it promises, including excusing the compromise with the allegation does not have time or have other obligations to fulfill what is offered.


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Raquel Alvarez de Adraz

Irresponsibility is also to do the work to others, try to respond to tasks that we have not been assigned, or responsibilities of others.


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non-compliance with the duties etc. putting against family members, etc.


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Jessica Florez

Failure to comply with our duties, put aside our commitment and break down our promises.


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The irresponsibility as action carries with it the non-compliance with an act or assumed duty on a voluntary or compulsory basis, but in each case, involves the development of a task or work that promises us a certain function expected or determined after agreement.


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Lucas Gutiérrez

irresponsibility is the action that carries with it the non-compliance with an act or obligation


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julia lucia gowdy

It is the responsibility anti-value, this anti-value consists in not having an obligation to answer for their acts



The irresposabilidad is the unwillingness of called abulia, because who gets carried away by the indifference and gives no response of his being to life it has blocked his will and causes the irresponsibility and reflection of laziness, lack of interest, abrurrimiento, acts by slug emotional routine with few established patterns and trucks, including reaches the cynicism and the comodida caused by his irresponsabiliad.


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