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Meaning of huella

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(Of hollar).

1. d. signal that leaves the foot of man or of the animal on the Earth through which passes.

2. f. action of hollar.

3. f. level of the step or rung in which sits the foot.

4. d. signal that has left a sheet or form of printing in the paper or anything else that is printing.

5. f. trail, Hallmark, vestige that leaves someone or something. U m. in pl. They were not even traces of the disaster.

6. f. deep and lasting impression. The reading of the author left mark on his spirit.

7. f. indication, reference, allusion. The documents consulted are not trace of that fact.

8. f. Am. MER. and IAS. Road by the more or less frequent passage of persons, animals or vehicles.

9. f. Arg. y Ur. Campero dance of loose couple and moderately soft and cadenced, step whose coplas in rash accompanied by guitar.

footprint fingerprint.

1. f. to the footprint.

1. loc. Advisor. to lag behind.

follow the footprints of someone.

1. loc. verb. Follow their example, imitate it.

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